Everyday black love a celebration of something that dares to exist in spite of the challenges it faces. z gas ensenada telefono


Have you ever been in the middle of learning a lesson and had a moment of “oohhhh 😲ok, that’s what that meant”? Communication in marriage can be very tricky and it sometimes takes several occurrences of the same situation to realize that you have been doing it all wrong? I’m trying to teach myself that making myself heard isn’t the most important part of communication. gas density of air I know that sounds so crazy, because what is the point of communicating if you can’t get the other person to hear what you’re saying? Yes, it’s important that we are able to convey our feelings and thoughts to our partners, but I’ve found that the most beautiful thing about learning to effectively communicate with my husband is realizing that it is okay to disagree with things that he says, ideas he has, choices he makes. The compliment to this though comes with the willingness to explain why I disagree. This sounds like the simplest concept when I write it down, but I cannot tell you how many times “I don’t want to talk about it anymore” has been my go to response to something I don’t agree with. Last Friday morning, however, I had a breakthrough. We’d been getting ready for work and chit chatting, while doing so my hubby mentioned an idea that he had. Now I’m going to be honest, I am NOT a morning person and sometimes he tries to have serious conversations with me in the morning and that just ain’t fair.😒 That morning though I was feeling good, it was Friday and payday so hey, why not?! He explained his idea and I’m sure he could feel my immediate hesitation to it. I didn’t agree and I told him that. A few minutes went by and I went to him with an explanation of my disagreement with his idea. After me explaining he said okay and let it go 😲. He continued getting dressed and about 5 minutes later he walked into our bedroom and said “Babe, I really appreciate what you just did. You listened to my idea, you expressed that you didn’t agree and you told me why”. –moment of silence for my pride please- I immediately felt so guilty for all of the times in our 10 year relationship where I simply shot down an idea he might have brought to me and refused to give proper reasoning for doing so.

Said’s an excellent communicator, he’s always been. He’s rational, he chooses his words wisely, he’s optimistic, and he knows when it’s time to walk away. gas vs electric heat Me, I’m Jamaican 😩😩. Need I say more? “I’m right! I heard you, you’re not listening to me! That doesn’t make any sense! I don’t wanna talk about this anymore!” – just a few of my favorite phrases when I start to hear things I don’t like to hear. But in this moment on this rainy Friday morning it clicked and that all fell away. Just an extra step in respecting his opinion enough to dignify my opposition to it with a detailed response, took a moment that would too often in the past end with us fighting and turned it into a lesson learned.

I’d never before seen this as a respect issue. I haven’t felt the need to go into details explaining why I don’t agree with things that “don’t make sense to ME”. But it is a respect issue, and our loved ones deserve at least enough respect to talk about something they feel strongly about. So from now on before I throw the wrench of “I don’t want to talk about it anymore” into a conversation, I will consider if I am being respectful to him and how that would make me feel.

My husband and I try to keep the conversation of finances at the forefront, always. We are aware of the statistics that say out of every two married couples one of them will eventually be divorced, and their finances will likely be to blame. We also know that we aren’t immune to this fact. Having open dialogue about money has helped us to develop a healthier relationship with it. We’ve been able to, through conversation and sharing resources, educate each other about leveraging our debt so that it may work for us instead of against us. electricity production in the us Yes, we still have debt (student loans are the devil) and we are not yet as financially free as we dream of being, but we have control. We’re honest with ourselves and each other about where our finances lie AND we follow a strict budget. In my opinion, those are three of the biggest keys to having a healthy financial relationship, especially the part where you follow a budget.

Too often do we find ourselves in the predicament of living beyond our means. We unfortunately fall victim to overextending ourselves so that we may own things that we think make us look cool, when in fact the affordability doesn’t match our income. This often becomes a habit that can spiral out of control if we don’t get a handle on it. This is the hardest part, ALWAYS: getting a handle on your bad habit. gas prices going up in nj The most comfortable financial spot to be in, in my opinion, for any working class person is living slightly below your means. Budgeting so that you are able to pay your bills, have fun, and SAVE is key to a peace of mind with finances. This method of budgeting allows for savings to develop and for you to enjoy life without being dependent on the next pay check.

• Come up with a DETAILED budget: over the years our budget has evolved from simply writing the numbers in a book to now being a spreadsheet that balances itself when numbers are plugged into it. Nothing complicated, but detailed and extremely effective (I am happy to share a template). We’ve found that writing the numbers down has given us an obligation to them. The biggest point to making your budget work is making it realistic. Being specific about all of your expenses will give you a true sense of where you are financially (we budget everything, down to our apple storage subscription which is $1.99/month)

• Last, and MOST IMPORTANT, set aside an allowance for yourself. You work extremely hard, so it is only fair that at the end of it all you can set aside some money that is yours to do whatever you would like with. Now I don’t mean you take what is left over once everything is paid, that’s slightly different. Whether it’s $50 or $200, making sure that a set amount just for you is INCLUDED in your budget is important to not feeling like a slave to your bills.

SELF EVALUATION, I think, is one of the most important self care items. hp gas online refill booking status Sitting down and taking a good long look at who we are and how it affects our relationships is very necessary for our emotional health and growth. The most important of all our relationships are the ones we have with ourselves. So, can you live with you just as you are? Are there changes to be made? Do we hold others accountable for not loving a self we aren’t even sure we love just yet?

I’m no expert but I believe there is added value in a relationship where both parties are comfortable with themselves first. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen relationships where two people build each other up, that is completely possible, but is the exception to the rule. gas density No one is perfect and there will always be something, but I believe that people who have fallen in love with themselves first are then easier to fall in love with.

I am guilty of holding people responsible for being happy with a me I was not happy with. I didn’t understand the error in that at the time. I was broken and trying to fill in my gaps with bits and pieces from other broken souls. My realization of this brokenness came from experience and maturity. Being sick of experiencing unhealthy relationships and having the maturity to acknowledge a problem within myself, and then dealing with it head on has been instrumental for me. I am far from perfect, but I am easy to love. Being able to say that and genuinely believe it is a feat for me. Can you say that? Would you be be willing to be your friend? Would you marry you? Do you believe it? Are you the thing that’s standing in the way of healthy relationships? What better time than now to start making those changes? Who deserves that more than you?

“Ronta and I met in 2008 during our freshman year of college. I was initially attracted to him because of his charm and his charismatic smile.We were friends first and eventually started dating a few years later in 2011. I knew I wanted to marry him when my dad got sick. 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect He taught me how to be strong and have faith through that tough time. We got married in 2014, and have since shared so many great memories together. One of my favorite would be our honeymoon in St. Lucia. We did so many difference activities and got to spend some quality time together. That time with him was just another confirmation that I made the right decision.

One thing I admire the most about him is that he works super hard to take care of us. His integrity, his work ethic and his drive to support us are very much appreciated. I know I don’t tell him like I should ,but I am so proud of how successful his business is, and I look up to his grind. My baby is a hustler. He makes it so easy for me to be myself, which I think is a great asset to our relationship.

We made a vow to God and each other that we would stick together for better or for worst, and that has continued to be the force to holds us together. electricity nightcore lyrics We love each other deeply, he is my best friend and we are constantly aware of how each other would feel or think about a situation. No matter how big or small we always make decisions together. We have goals of advancing in our careers and hopefully we’ll have a baby girl in the future that we’ll name Salayah.

I think seeing black love is important because it gives people hope that it can still happen. I love LOVE (black, white, interracial) but seeing black love empowers me because I feel like we are put in a category that says we don’t get married, and we’re just “baby mama’s” and “babydaddy’s”. When I see a black couple I feel so liberated that they fought past what society thinks of black people and black relationships.” – Siedah Richardson