Ex-mla neglected pilgrimage centres in samba gas in dogs


People give the public representative due credit for constructing a two lane grand road from Jammu to Utterbehni and onwards that has eased the problem of pilgrims as well as locals which they were b games unblocked facing otherwise. Earlier the distance from Purmandal to Jammu was covered in two hours but after the renovation of road and making it double lane it takes 30 minutes gas evolution reaction to reach Jammu said, Rashpaul Singh of Purmandal area.

However, some people are even not satisfied with the construction of new road by raising its level. They accused the Government of putting them to problems as their houses were lower to road level and failure of constructing a drain on both sides of road has added to woes of the people residing along the road as entire water enters their houses in rainy season.

In Purmanadal people complained that there are no proper facilities in the Hospital which has shortage of the doctors. The hospital building is being constructed with the efforts gas key bolt carrier of MLA but there are no facilities, said Garu Ram of Purmandal. Earlier there was Ultrasound facility in the Hospital but now it is not available. In case of delivery the patient is referred to GMC then what is the fun of having Hospital at Purmandal, he questioned.

Even in case of a snake bite the patient is referred to Jammu and some times he dies on way to hospital, he added. Moreover, no proper attention was paid for development of Devika which static electricity in water is called the Gupt Ganga (silent Ganga) as per Puranas. During rain it is difficult to visit to main Shiv temple of Purmandal which is on other side of Devika. A bridge was constructed without giving mind to construct a road link to reach the temple. This way a huge money was grade 6 science electricity test wasted by constructing the bridge and no body was held accountable for the same, he added.

During rainy season pilgrims have to wait for hours together to cross Devika when water level recedes. The Purmandal market is stinking and heaps of garbage lying scattered every where. The people even complained problem of drinking water and power cuts as well as lack of transport facilities. Even no CCTV cameras have been installed though it is a pilgrimage centre and there can be any electricity hero names security risk especially during the time of mela.

In Deon, Samba people said no worth mentioning work was done in the area during last three years. Girdhari Lal, Panch Gurgani Panchayat said Pacholi gas and supply locations area faces problem of electricity and there are no street lights. The electricity is supplied through two single lines and local pond in the area is in bad condition. There is no passenger shed, he added.

People, while showing electricity and magnetism ppt concern over transport problem in the entire area said that two buses should ply from Samba to Panjtirthi, Jammu via Utterbehni, Purmandal, Kanachadkal, Bajalta, Sidhra and then to Panjtirthi and two should ply in opposite directions. Moreover, there is no proper connectivity to District Headquarter Samba, they added.

However, the people in entire Samba district did not show their dissatisfaction with the performance of ex MLA. Jang Bahadur of Samba gas utility bill said 550 houses were constructed under PMAY in the rural belt of the constituency by the ex MLA and Rs 100 crore were spent on PMGSY and CRF roads. Some have been constructed while work on others is going on, he added.

He said Purmandal road and Rs 12 crore Utterbehni bridge is under construction. Besides, work on Rs 30 crore Samba -Goaran road is going on. The work on Rs 11 crore Goran to Soran road is also going on. In addition Rs 3.25 crore Nad to Kaloha road is under construction. Building of Samba College was upgraded and Rs 7.5 crore building project i gas shares for Samba Hospital was got sanctioned. Moreover, in Samba Hospital X-Ray machines and CT Scan machine were also installed.

The residents of Supwal also acknowledged the working of former MLA and said that the power crisis which they were facing earlier were over come after his efforts as he got installed five mva transformers at Talot and Sathy Nud Receiving Stations due to which the load sharing was proper. The gas mask tattoo foundation of these two receiving stations was laid in 2004 but transformers were not installed till 2014, he added electricity electricity goodness.

He said widening of Samba border road was done and Utterbehni -Purmandal road was constructed at an estimated cost of 18 crore. Work on Utterbehni bridge to be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 12 crore is in progress. In addition to it 10 PMGSY roads were constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 70 crore. Work on one Receiving Station in Utterbehni is in progress.

He said transformers were upgraded and system of power supply has improved in the constituency gas and bloating after miscarriage to a great extent and the power supply almost if 24×7. He said besides schools were upgraded, degree college was given to Purmandal, while lot of work was also done in health sector including identification of land for ANMT School, three new projects in PHE and sanctioning of Rs four core for Indoor Stadium and upgradation of Degree College Samba.