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We just returned from a four night stay at Isla Marisol. From the minute you arrive you are warmly greeted and feel right at home. The island is beautiful and very serene. Our rooms were rustic (as expected) and had everything that you need. We opted to have AC at night. Our group of four- sisters plus one went snorkeling each day. The reefs are fantastic and there’s so much to see!! I love all of the fish and sea life but was enamored by the type and abundance of coral- brain, rods, fans, etc. We felt that the snorkel boat guides allowed us ample time on the reef and pointed out some things that we might have missed. We saw indigo+barred hamlets, parrot fish, damsels, queen, gray, and french angel fish, lion fish, rays, a large nurse shark, flamingo tongue, box fish, trumpet fish, schools of tang…the list goes on. The food is takes on a local Belizian flavor, is very good and we were glad to have fresh fish on the menu. There is a nice variety and you have something new for each meal. We requested to have some fresh coconuts and they were opened and put on our porch- very good. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and the friendly staff made added to our great time on the island. We would certainly want a return trip!!

This was the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation of my life! It felt like we were invited to stay on a private island where everyone knows you and treats you like you’re part of the family rather than just their customer. It did not feel like a typical vacation in which you have to deal with formalities such as checking in at an office to get room keys and booking excursions, etc. If we wanted to go diving or fishing we could just make plans with the instructors and guides in the dining hall because they ate their meals with us like friends. We chose this resort to get certified for open water diving. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to be certified because the reef is absolutely gorgeous and our instructor Zoe was fantastic! She prioritized safety which made us very comfortable. When my girlfriend got nervous the first time under water, Zoe was able to quickly calm her down and confidently helped my girlfriend regain her composure. I could tell Zoe was a very experienced teacher and I really appreciated how well she followed the training material and adapted the dives to focus on strengthening our weaknesses. Many great wall dive sites are minutes away and we were the only boat at every dive site. On one boat ride we were joined with a pod of dolphins swimming along with the boat! We saw what seemed like hundreds of species of colorful fish, some of which seemed to be glowing. We saw nurse sharks, spiny lobsters, lionfish, rays, moray eels, and a gigantic grouper. The meals served here were fantastic. They served a different meal every time so we never ate the same thing twice. Meals included fresh seafood such as lobster and barracuda and local Belizian dishes which were all hand made right there. After every meal we were offered seconds. My girlfriend’s lactose intolerance was accommodated at every meal even if they had to make a separate dish just for her. The web site is accurate when they describe it as not the most luxurious resort but these things are mostly due to the island’s remote location. Hot water for showers lasts only a few minutes and air conditioning has to be requested (we didn’t even need it) because of scarce water and electricity. Every cabana had an indoor bathroom with flushing toilets and showers though, which was appreciated after we stopped by a neighboring island resort and saw they used outhouse facilities (we took a boat ride to some farther dive sites and rested in between dives on the other island). The minor inconveniences of being on a remote island are far outweighed by the ridiculous beauty of the underwater reef and the pure relaxation that comes from not having a cell signal or noisy road nearby. We did have WiFi in the dining hall if we needed it and we did have electricity in the rooms to charge stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend this place for a relaxing dive vacation.