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Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your nice assessment of our Sundarbans 2N 3DTour; it hurts to get an AVERAGE RATING FROM ANY SINGLE GUEST, and needs a thorough introspection on our part as we strive to provide the best experience to ALL our guests. Having said so, we also need to inspect what went wrong, what was promised ON OUR PART, what that particular guest DEMANDED and DID NOT electricity 80s song GET. Sir you had taken the 2N 3D GROUP TOUR starting on the 23rd Dec, ending on the 25th Dec, 2017, a period when Sundarban recorded the maximum number of tours and footfalls. The itinerary sent to you CLEARLY mentioned the watchtowers to be covered as: Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Dobanki. Visit to Jharkhali was SPECIFICALLY mentioned as OPTIONAL DEPENDING UPON INDIA BEACONS CHOICE gas unlimited houston (Not on the choice of the guest). Your group started on the 23rd Dec and you visited Sajnekhali on 23rd Dec itself. On 24th December you started early and covered the watchtowers of Sudhanyakhali and Dobanki. So ALL THE THREE watchtowers which were mentioned to be shown MANDATORILY were covered on day one and the second day ITSELF as on the last day, i.e 25th Dec, there was every possibility of you not being able to get down at any of the watchtowers due to excessive crowd and picnic goers. Therefore, we presume, there was no deficiency in showing you the three watchtowers which were promised to be shown v gas station. Your complain is that the Jharkhali watchtower was not visited as it was OPTIONAL DEPENDING UPON INDIA BEACON’S CHOICE. Sir, Jharkhali is a sort of picnic spot and on 25th Dec, it turns into a place of utter chaos wherein it becomes difficult to place the boat on the jetty, leave aside getting down and visiting the Tiger electricity usage in the us Rehabilitation Centre. We did not visit Jharkhali because of the above mentioned reason. In fact you would appreciate that you were taken to the Sundarban Tiger Reserve even on the third day and you did the island tour covering Sarakkhali 1, the BonoBibi Bharani as well as Sarakkhali 2. So your point is RIGHT that we did not visit Jharkhali on YOUR tour, but a GENERAL COMMENT THAT WE KEEP gas in back shoulder WATCHTOWERS IN (OPTION) IT WILL NEVER BE VISITED IS NOT CORRECT. Your second Assertion: They never disclose Food Catering details in Itinerary..Here is where the cost cutting comes into play..! Simple desi non-veg package..with Item repetation. Guests have always given thumbs up to our food. I am sorry that we could not live up to your expectations inspite of serving you with two varieties of seasonal sabzi and two varieties of fishes on all days and desserts during lunch and chicken at dinner. I cannot understand where you found item repetition. Yes the Papad and Salad were definitely a repetition. Your third Assertion: Resort was good, avoid staying in Boat as the upper deck will be shared by all..n u can enjoy footsteps noise full day long..! Very gas x reviews ratings true Sir, a wooden boat with a wooden ceiling would definitely make some noise for those staying in the room. People who stay in the boat rooms stay mainly for the experience. And, by the way, for the records, NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR FAMILY STAYED gas leak ON THE BOAT ROOMS on any of the nights!!! Both the rooms on the boat were occupied by Mr. Amod Mishra and family who has also submitted a review (amodmishra05) of his experience on TripAdvisor. Sir, your comment is definitely not based on a firsthand experience of the boat room stay experience as you had no business entering the rooms occupied by another family. Your Fourth Assertion: No manager/owner to complain during entire trip..obvious after advance 100% payment..The govt. Reg. guide will only accompany for the entire trip no use complaining him or feedback..! Sir, I beg to differ from this assertion of yours. I Sandeep Chourasia offered you types of electricity pdf breakfast at Kolkata at the time of starting the bus and Avijit, our representative accompanied you on the bus till Godhkhali. I followed you in my personal Maruti Eeco till Godhkhali, boarded the boat M B India Beacons, introduced our Govt Recognised guide to the group and our Manager Uttam. On the boat M.B India Beacons, the entire crew led by Uttam was there to serve you. In the resort, there was Mr. Swapan Mondal, our manager. We had our representatives who are all permanent staff of INDIA BEACONS SOJOURN on both the boat as well as at the resort. So there was always someone on the boat and the resort from India Beacons to accompany you and serve electricity 4th grade worksheet you, or for the matter to listen to your complaints. It’s just that you did not understand who the Manager was. Sir, a person’s expectation is perceived by his conduct. You were the first to jump on the bus and occupy the front seats, hop on to the boat M.B India Beacons first and occupy the side seats and also be the ones to request for First Floor Rooms in the resort (Which we obliged). In fact, so high were your expectations, that without requiring or seeking anyone’s permission nor thinking gas prices going up 2016 of the consequences, you and your family members were the ones to shift from the boat M.B India Beacons (On which your permission for the Sundarbans tour was provided by the Forest Department) on to our other boat M.B Parasmoni which was BOOKED EXCLUSIVELY by another family and ordered the food to be served on the boat M.B Parasmoni. I hope you remember you had BOTH THE FIRST AND SECOND DAY’S LUNCH on M.B Parasmoni and not on M.B India Beacons. Not only that, you electricity in indian states had to be politely reminded by the boatman of M.B Parasmoni on Day 2 to leave the boat as it was booked exclusively by another family. Still you did not budge … and continued with the trip on M.B Parasmoni … right ??? Sir, we have NO answer for guests who say “Yeh Dil Maange more”. Alas, some things do not go the way GUESTS desire and ultimately they complain against the tour operator FOR NOT PROVIDING what was promised. As a Child, we had read the Aesop’s Fable of “The Miller, his son and his donkey”, where the moral of the story was that you cannot satisfy everyone every time. The same applies here too and we may have failed to satisfy you hyper expectations, while electricity physics test satisfying the others on the group. Sir, give us a second chance, do an EXCLUSIVE TRIP with India Beacons and we would definitely try to make amends and give you no chance of complaining…… Au revoir

Service: Great – 5 stars 4 gas planets Room: Good but considering that it is located in such a far flung place – its 5 star Location amenities: 4 star Liked most – a. Overall professional approach b. On-time activities c. Good spread of food throughout the day – both veg and non-veg d. Comfortable lodging arrangements e. Great hosts Disliked most – Nothing really – we’d definitely use the services again and recommend others too. Our 3 day family trip to Sundarbans was great. And it was a wonderful Christmas break for all. The cruise experience was mesmerizing and the food served on the boat truly served us the taste of West Bengal, which we had wished for from inside of our hearts. And the most important thing which pleased us a lot was the wonderful service provided for the comfort of elderly people travelling in the group. The g gas lol resort though in a rustic place, was again great. Truly speaking, the rooms were lavish and totally satisfied us. A resort in such a place, of course with no geysers in the bathrooms, the service yet again amazed us: we got buckets of hot water sharp at 6 by the service boys. Similarly, the service at the boat was good. Talking about the best part of the whole tour was the entire boat trip with a superb guide. Frankly, there was not a single flaw which could be pointed out at except for just one thing: the gas after eating food served during the snacks time was limited.