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This was our first trip using a camper so I realize we have very little to compare this campground to. The Good The campground was kept clean, and the grounds were patrolled frequently. The playground seemed nice. We were hooked up to a lot with power, water, and sewer. #13 (this particular spot had flooding gas knife lamb issues, don’t get this one! We had to wade through puddles and slippery mud to get to the front of our camper even on sunny days because every time someone played in water it ran down to our lot.) The campground is close the casino and beaches and within driving of the Stannis Space center, and Ship Island. If you are a Pokemon Go fan, there are two gyms and 4 poke-stops! The Not so Good When our trash can came up missing one day. We called to inquire and while they seemed very nice and said they would look into it, we never heard another word or received another trash can over the next 3 days. Use the laundry machines at your own risk. They have 4 washing machines and 4 dryers. When we were having difficulty with one of the washing machines, we were told that they rent the room out and that we had to contact that company to get our money back and to notify them that there was an issue with one of the machines. The Camp Store had a very limited d cypha electricity selection. The lady working seemed nice, but not helpful. When I inquired about the number for the front office she said she had no idea what that number was. After I looked it up on my phone and called them, she suddenly remembered that she had the number after all………. If you want to use the pool, you have to go to the camp store and pay for a wrist band.

We arrived Thursday June 31st to stay thru July 6th. There were no spots available in the park the week before when we decide to go for a long weekend. We took 1 of the 2 spaces they had left in the what they call beachfront sites. It was not a Beachfront site. It is the parking lot in front of the wave pool/water park. The charge was $37.50 per night for water electric, no sewer. The full hook up camp sites inside the park are $24.00. The $37.50 prices electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade would have been acceptable if the site was actually Beachfront, or could at least see the beach. There are no picnic tables or garbage cans at these sites. The showers were not cleaned the 5 days we were there and it was very hot, no A/C or ventilation, no shelves in the shower for soap or shampoo and not even a hook for a towel. The water park was $19.00 and the wading pool only 2 1/2 ft deep is $6.00 no discount for campers both open 10am-6pm. The pool water was very warm. There is a very small camp store with very limited items, laundry room and game room on the 2nd fl by the wading pool. The nice thing about the gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator parking lot campsite was plenty of room between campsites. The unfortunate thing was it was very hard to back into the campsite due to the parking spaces in front of your campsite. This required several attempts to get it in straight with a 30′ bumper pull camper. The rest of the sites where very close together. Gulfport right down the road had a flesh eating bacteria case alert so we didn’t even get in the water at the electricity in indian states beach.

We checked into Buccaneer on a Friday, and because the regular campground was booked solid, we ended up in one of the Gulf-front sites. It was in the blazing sun, from which we found relief at the wonderful wave pool. The wave pool entrance fee is high at $19, and the waves tired us out, but it was wonderful. The two forty foot water slides are fun, although the one with the open top hurt my back every time I went over the seams. We moved sites to the real campground Sunday. What a great campground gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers. Many of the sites face the afternoon sun and heat, but we found one that faced the woods. What is the absolute best thing about the campground is the beautiful pool. It has a $6 entrance fee, but it’s definitely worth every penny. There is a lifeguard on duty. If you want an umbrella table, be one of the first people there. I’ll post some pictures of the pool. The water was on the warm side, but it was still a welcomed relief from the heat. We found out, disappointingly, that the camp pool is closed Monday and Tuesday. That was a bummer. Also, it rained really hard on us Sunday night, but the water on the ground got soaked up quickly and by that afternoon, it was as though it hadn’t rained at all. Overall, this is a fantastic place.