Excel tecc students design and prepare to build new skate park in eastlake electricity billy elliot lyrics


“The kids are going to come here and put it all together on site next year if everything goes properly,” said Stevens, who hopes the park will be completed next spring. “We are going to build over the winter months in sections and then we have plans in place to get the sections over there to the lot where they will be assembled.”

“We been saying we need to work together with the schools and everyone and with (Eastlake Council members) John (Meyers) and Dave’s (Spotton) help, we made that happen,” Morley said. “We are going to continue to work with them. This is a great opportunity for the kids. The North High kids, the kids through Mayfield and the CADD have been a great collaborative, like what we have been trying to do with the city working with surrounding cities and working with the schools. In the end, everyone wins.”

There will be about 75 students from the Northern Career Institute welding program working on this project next year, Elsing said. This is in addition to the 25 students from Excel TECC CADD program whose engineering technology actually created the designs.

“We hear oftentimes when we meet with our business advisory groups for the Willoughby-Eastlake School District is that we are trying to get some skilled workers for Lake County and the surrounding communities,” Elsing said. “Now, what a great opportunity to have these kids showcase what they are learning in their programs and careers tech by partnering with the city to showcase their talents.”

“We are very excited to work on this project and get out there and set it up and give to the community,” said Ron Carbone, a junior in the welding program. “This will teach us teamwork without as much guidance from the teacher, along with being outside working instead of in the shop all day.”

“I think it’s really cool because its something bigger than a grade,” said Matt Rajko, who will be a senior in the fall. “We are actually putting something out there that people can use and it’s about being able to help the community out and provide things.”

“The students did a lot of research,” Spotton said. “ They came over here to the site and went to other skate parks and to Ray’s Mountainbike Park in Cleveland and talked to the managers there and surveyed what they have. So the space is pretty much what they want to ride on, with not much input from the adults.”

“Instead of the city officials saying what we want, we are doing what the kids who will utilize this tell us they want,” he said. “I don’t know about the other two (Meyers and Spotton), but I don’t really know a whole lot about skate parks and bike ramps or any of that, so, that’s one of the big things for the city is that we got kids involved from this community to build something they want.”

The school district and the city are looking for community members or businesses that would like to be a part of the project and help offset the cost with donations or sponsorship opportunities, especially if the Block Grant is not approved. Anyone interested in helping can call Morley at Eastlake City Hall at 440-951-1416.