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It was the most horrendous experience of our lives. The cab which was booked for 8 am did not show up and then they sent another one which arrived 5 1/2 hours after the original time and the driver continuously lied to us that he was 1/2 hour away and although the trip was paid for upfront the driver than wanted money for diesel. Gozo has not been responsive and whenever we asked to speak to a supervisor gas arkansas we were put on hold for 15 mins at a time and then cut off. Tried 2 days after the event to reach them and they told us that the supervisor does not start work until 12 pm. No one is able to help to try and get a refund of the trip which we never got to do due to the long delay. Their staff continuously lied to us that the cab was there and when challenged said it was not coming and they were organising another cab. The driver took us back to our drop off city Pune as we could not go anywhere due to the delay and when we asked him to wait for us while we grabbed something to eat he refused and left us there. We had to incur extra expense to get a cab home after that. The company and their employees are all very unprofessional and they should not be allowed to continue their business as all they are doing is cheating customers and since the payment has been made upfront they don’t want la gas leak to entertain any form of compensation for the inconvenience faced or the extra costs incurred by the client for calling them 100s of time and the extra taxi costs as the driver never dropped us to our final destination. I would boycott this company and would ask everyone to stay clear of them. Very bad experience overall and something that we will never forget quickly,

I want to begin by giving some framework for myself so you can better understand where I am coming from. I am a 29-year-old Canadian woman who is a graduate student doing research in India. I have traveled to over 35 countries over the last 10 years. I am not a stranger to stressful situations, different cultures, and changing travel plans. My trip with Gozo cabs is hands down the worst experience travel experience I have had. Our cab was over 90 minutes late. He stopped answering his phone calls and the only way I could get an update on where he was through calling the call centre. He left my mother and myself sitting outside a busy Delhi train station alone on a Friday night for 90 minutes while surrounding men hassled us. When he finally did arrive his car was in terrible shape. There were no seat belts (and this vehicle is supposed to be for highway driving) and the back seat was detached from the base so we were constantly sliding toward the floor. 40 minutes into the drive he decided to pull over at a truck stop f gas regulations ireland. It is the drivers job to drive. We were two women alone at a truck stop outside of Delhi at night and he expected us to get out of the vehicle. I did not feel safe and only after some pushing did he allow us to stay in the car. Furthermore, we were already 90 minutes behind schedule and now he wanted to stop. Absolutely unacceptable. We understood if he needed a bathroom break and we told him he needed to be back in 5 minutes. He was gone for over 15, again we were not going to get out of the car to find him as we did not know where we were, it was dark, and we didn’t feel safe. We hired a taxi because we needed to get to Agra quickly, he drove 20-40 km under the speed limit the entire time, except for when electricity 1800s we explained that our hotel was going to close and could he please drive the speed limit. He would then speed up to 130 km/hr for 2-3 minutes before slowing back down to 60-80 km/hr. While he was driving he was falling asleep at the wheel. I had to yell at him to wake up multiple times as the car slowly veered in one direction or another while he nodded off. Once we reached Agra he had no idea where to go. He told me to use my GPS which I informed him doesn’t work. I told him to call the hotel for directions and gave him the number as my phone was nearly out of credit. He had to call multiple times, and sped through Agra erratically, making wrong turns and driving extremely carelessly. Once we reached the hotel we were so relieved to be there safely and we just wanted to get out and get to bed. He then got out of the car and demanded money for the phone calls he had to make to get to the hotel. We said absolutely not. He followed us into the hotel and badgered us while we checked in and would not leave electricity orlando without us giving him money. We refused and managed to get up to the room under the watchful eye of hotel security. I do not know what your policy is on drivers but a taxi driver looking for his customers to provide GPS is unacceptable. A taxi driver looking to be repaid for a phone call he has to make for directions is unacceptable. A driver falling asleep, making unplanned stops, and driving erratically is unacceptable. If he incurred costs that should be the company’s responsibility to reimburse him. The fact that he followed us into our hotel and demanded money is unacceptable. We paid for a service and he didn’t do his job, plain and simple. I felt unsafe throughout the night, I felt unsafe in the morning as we weren’t sure if he would be waiting at the hotel. I am disgusted with the entire experience.

Booked Gozo for delhi to mussorie. driver was not aware of gate no 2 delhi rly station and spent 20 mins to reach to us. Day had started on a bad note. On inquiring how many hours will it take to reach the destination he replied 4 hrs. I surprisingly asked gozo mentioned 8 hrs approx and we realized he was instructed npower gas price per unit from his company to take us to Haridwar instead of Mussoorie. If at all i had not inquired the travel time we would have reached haridwar i guess. Starting from railway station this driver gentleman would hold his cell phone on steering wheel to check the road directions and 2 times we were about to dash the passing vehicles and meet an accident when i told him to stop the car and not use the phone. Then to add to the trouble he drove us almost 20 kms within the city to search cng petrol pump and wasted more than 1 hour before the journey actually began. Do you fill your tank after picking up the customer or you should have planned well in advance when you know you have a long journey in the morning GOZO? We were told by GOZO to be rest assured about the driver as he would be experienced to drive bp gas prices on the ghats and they frequently ply between these routes. Do you have any idea he was the first timer to mussoorie ??? do you play with peoples lives this way? better shut fooling business before you screw up yourself. TRAVEL TIME FROM DELHI TO MUSSOORIE 9.30 AM TO 7.00 PM