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Recommended by a family member who has been in Bagni di Lucca a few times. It is located in a very small little village of Benabbio on a very, narrow, mountain winding road that some drivers go to fast on, so drive defensively!!! Very small, quaint village once you get to the top and this restaurant is on the corner on your left as you come into the village. Go early (we went around 7-7:30pm when it opened) to avoid any crowds as Italian locals eat dinner late. We were greeted by owners and directed upstairs to main seating area which had about 8 tables with various seating configurations. Please note the server and cook/owners, do NOT speak any English (at least the night we were there), fortunately, person we were with spoke a little bit of Italian and we finally made it through the ordering process after about a half hour. Bring Google translator!! First course was a choice between mushrooms/pasta, rabbit/pasta,tortellini filled with spinach/cheese and meat sauce. All of these selections were excellent in serving size and flavors! Second course was the meat, a full plate of meat unless you order a vegetarian plate. Ordered the proscuitto (ham) and it was a full plate of just circles of the ham, lots of meat,especially after the delicious pasta starter plate. Meat was very good but a large serving after the pasta plate made it difficult to finish it. Had a delicious dessert afterwards with a 3-chocolate & pineapple tart that was outstanding a very rich, we split one 3 ways but sooo good! Ended with some limoncello aperitif drinks. We were all very full but the flavors were so delicious and fresh. Not for small appetites! Great deal at 25 Euros each (May, 2018) for this family style, freshly prepared Italian meal. Worth the drive up the mountain!

Our trip to Italy continued in Benabbio where we rented an Airbnb for two nights. This restaurant was recommended by our host. Part of our Italian vacation is visiting relatives on my mother’s side of the family and she always would talk about "cuccina genuina" which means original cooking. This is the heart of Italian cooking. This place embodies the Tuscan region of Italy through its food. Not the easiest place to get to but worth the trip. Kind service and genuine home cooked food. You won’t get a written menu. Instead you will hear what is the freshest food available for that day and it will all be representative of Tuscany as they know nothing else. The house wine falls into the same category. It is served in a pitcher, not a bottle. There is still variety in the daily offerings and no one should have a problem selecting something they will like but when in Benabbio, go with what is recommended and expand your pallet if you haven’t had what is offered that day. Rabbit, wild boar and other flavors await you in this mainstay of the region and they are all served with love. My wife is gluten free and we assumed that an establishment this far off the beaten path would not have very much for her to choose from. Instead, they had the best gluten free pasta she had ever had and this allowed her to try one of the ragu offerings available for the day. This is not a tourist location. If you visit this restaurant, the effort to get here will confirm that. This is genuine Italian cuisine.