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We do this every year, take a family vacation. This year it was Kenya and Tanzania on an African Safari. I did my research through Tripadvisor and we chose Go Kenya gas in oil briggs and stratton engine for our safari. This vacation by a large margin has been the best. If you’re sitting on sidelines and wondering to where to go for your next vacation then I highly recommend an African Safari through Kenya and Tanzania. We were there for nine days, beginning and ending our journey in Nairobi,Kenya. Tony was our tour guide in Kenya and Emmanuel was our tour guide in Tanzania. We visited 5 parks, Amboseli, ngorongoro crater,Serengeti Masai Mara and lake Nakuru. Masai Mara in Kenya is the best. We lived in fenced tent in Ashnil Mara camp inside the park, which turned out be very convenient because the animals were not too far from the camp. I will give you list of the lodges at the end of my write up. All lodges were excellent in their own environment. After Masai Mara it’s worth seeing ngorongoro crater even though you have to go to Tanzania. It’s beautiful. Third on the list is Amboseli. It is like picture card from the movie Out Of Africa. If you decide to go to Lake Nakuru, then definitely make it a point to go to the equator which is 28 km from the lake Nakuru. Go Kenya excellently planned the trip and Tony our tour guide was just great. Go Kenya contracts out the Tanzanian portion of the trip. There are scores of companies doing the safari, some of the other vehicles advertised Wi-Fi, leather seats, but I can’t vouch for their service as I simply don’t know. One disadvantage with Go Kenya was their vehicles are not air conditioned. It is not very hot in Kenya during July but it is inhaling the exhaust gases from other vehicles which is troublesome. The roads between cities are paved tar but the roads that branch of to the parks are made of loose gravel and hard rock and they travel at speeds of 50 km/her. The vehicle rattles and shakes and this is for hours at a time. Take at least 100 of $1.00 bills to tip from the bell boy to the waiters. A couple of dollars goes a long way. You do not have to convert currencies. US dollars are accepted every where. Amboseli: Ol Tukai lodge Ngorongoro : Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge Serengeti: Mbalageti Safari lodge Masai Mara: Ashnil Mara camp Lake Nakuru: Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Clare from Go Kenya was exceptional. We wanted to go from Diani to the Mara for just a 2 day safari and Go Kenya took care of everything. Clare answered all our questions prior to our visit and kept us informed during our visit including when thngs changed at the last minute. Go Kenya were able to get us a flight from Ukunda to the Keekarok instead of Mombasa which significantly shortened the journey allowing for more safari time. The driver and flight were right on time and we arrived in the Mara where we had the chance to get close to lion, leopard, cheetah, hippo, croc, buffalo, warthog, giraffe, elephant and much morre gas station in spanish. The migration had begin to arrive and we saw the wildebeast crosiing the Mara. A fantatsic day, a lifetime ambition completed. We got to Nairobi and realised we were missing some luggage, our flight wasn’t due until early the next day so we called Clare to see if she could help. Much to our relief Clare not only helped but joined us at the airport where she found us a driver willing to go to the lodge in the Mara, retrieve our luggage and bring it to the airport. Giving up her own time Clare stayed with us until the early hours of the morning ensuring that we got our luggage before our flight. She even bought our family food and sure enough, after 8 hours of driving our luggage arrived in time for the flight. Go Kenya worked so hard to resolve our problems and we ‘re very grateful to Clare, as well as Lenny. Go Kenya did a great job and Clare went above and beyond. Thank you all.

In May, I gave up on my dream of traveling to Africa. I had researched tours for months and I simply could not i feel electricity in my body come up with an option that worked for me. I did not want to camp. I had very specific places I wanted to see and most of the organized tours would have one or two of those places, but not all of them. My budget did not allow for a flying tour and I was not able to drive by myself. And then, just when I had given up hope, I found a reivew GoKenya Safari on the Kenya travel advisor site. I continued to research and saw that this company had many wonderful reviews, I went to their website and found that their prices were within my reach so I decided to contact them. I contacted the company by email and exchanged information with Robert. He answered all my questions promptly and by the time we had finished our first conversation, I knew I was going to take a chance and go to Kenya and Tanzania with this company, and I am so glad I did. We put together a tour that allowed us to visit both countries from July 11-July 24. Everything I asked for was accomplished and then some. When we arrived in Nairobi we were met at the airport by Tony. He would be our driver through the first part of our Kenya trip. Tony was knowledgeable about the Nairobi area. He took us to a shopping mall to get supplies to take to the Little Rock School and safely navigated us through the Kiberra slum area to visit the school. He took us to lunch and recognizing how tired we were, he got us back to our hotel at Fairview Hotel. The next day he picked us up and we visited the suburb of Karen where we went to the giraffe center, the elephant orphanage, and Nairobi National Park. Every single thing listed on our schedule was accomplished. We saw our first rhinos and gas up asheville so much wildlife at Nairobi park it is well worth the visit. The following day, Tony took us to Massai Mara where we had arranged to stay in a tented camp at Ashnil. We visited this park for three nights. Tony even snuck in a visit and boat ride to Lake Navasha for us which was not a part of our original agenda, but which he said would be something we should not miss and he was right. Tony was a fantastic driver. He was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and an expert at finding wildlife and getting us great photos. We enjoyed his company and felt very well taken care of in his care. To share how well Tony and Robert cared for us, I will share that at some point on my trip from Cleveland to Nairobi, I lost my yellow fever card. I was in an absolute panic as I knew I could not get into Tanzania without the card and I was terrified that I had ruined my trip. Robert worked with my husband to get new card sent to Nairobi to his offices and then arranged for Tony to pick it up at a bus station at the border. The extra effort they put into getting my card to me just exemplifies how much this company wanted us to enjoy our experience. I am so grateful for the extra effort they put into helping us correct my mistake. Next, we traveled to the Serengeti. Tony, helped us make a transition across the border where our second driver, Tiba was waiting for us. Tiba was just great. We enjoyed our time with him very much. He was funny and caring and a very conscientious driver over some very rough roads. He took us first to the Serengeti where we were staying at KiraWira lodge. Having been to the Mara where animals surrounded us in the thousands, the Serengeti seemed pretty empty. However, Tiba went out of his way to help us find lots of animals driving 12 hours one day inside the park to get us to a place of the migration. Tony and Tiba had very different safari styles which really complimented c gastronomie traiteur avis our trip. Tony was fast. Find the animal get the photo and get on to the next one. We got lots of photos and saw a large variety of animals that way. Tiba found the animals turned off the car and lingered. Since we had already seen so many animals it was a nice change to really just watch them and experience them for 30 or 40 minutes k gas oroville. I enjoyed his patience for letting me just get to know the animals. Tiba worked hard to make sure we got to see a leopard. We had seen one with Tony, but it had been down in a creekbed hard to photograph. Tiba found a leopard in a tree and let me take pictures for a while. Tiba wanted to see my photos to be sure I was getting good ones, lol. Later, Tiba took us on to Olduvai Gorge and Ngorongoro Crater. We stayed at the Serena lodge there. I really enjoyed Tiba’s sense of humor and kindness. Once we finished at Ngoronogoro Crater, we crossed back into Kenya and there we met our third guide, and I feel terrible as I have forgotten his name, but he gave us an amazing tour of Amboseli. He had a great love for the elephants and is even a foster parent to one of the orphans in Nairobi. I enjoyed that when I was watching and photographing animals, he allowed me so much time and that he also pulled out his own camera to take photos as well. All in all, we felt safe, had a good time with our guides, saw exactly the sites we wanted to stay, had accommodations that fit our personality and budget, enjoyed our family time, had a professional experience, and would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who is seeking an affordable and private African safari experience. Thank you Go Kenya Safari for making our dreams come true!!!