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We descended into the deep blue lead by our experienced Divemaster and guides, at about 28m we slowed our decent and waited searching the electricity was invented deep blue and suddenly shadows appeared and a massive school of Hammerhead sharks of all sizes emerged below us…graceful and majestic we observed them and they us….experiential situation that completely cured me of my fear of sharks. KoroSun Dive are the ultimate professionals using excellent gear and a wicked powerful and safe east entry/exit dive boat. I also stayed in the two bedroom accommodation recommended which was clean, a/c, full kitchen and ensuite bathrooms with an option for maid service. They also facilitated the rental of a vehicle and offered to undertake me as an apprentice for the Dive Master course. The delivery of the course was very professional including manuals, DVDs, Study guides and reviews. The local divemaster and KoroSun dive was helpful with both theory and practical questions. All in all Koro Sun Dive made my experience in Savusavu memorable and all of this in the wake of Cyclone Winston…and we had to get the boat back into the water, out of the coconut tree:)) thank you for a magnificent experience and i will be back for many more.

Prior to going to Fiji, I wrote to KoroSun Dive about doing a few dives with them and received back very friendly correspondence, with helpful information about ferry schedules and accommodations. They also assured me: …our diving is way cheaper than Taveuni!!! But this did not prove to be true, at least for the four dives I did. When I contacted them npower electricity meter reading about their free pick-up at my accommodations, they informed me that they did not pick up there. However I later discovered that they were picking up another diver at Gecko Lodge, and my place was only another few minutes down the same road. When I asked them later why they couldn’t just go a few more minutes to pick me up, they said, No, it’s way further than that. I timed it in a taxi the following day and it took four minutes. In any case, I was told to meet them at Copra Shed in the city at 8:15am. Be there on time, I was warned. Not trusting the local buses, which ran only once an hour, I left at 7am, had breakfast in town, and was waiting at 8:15am at Copra Shed. Janine arrived almost a half hour late, greeted me with Get in, as she opened the door to the van. No smile, no hello gaston y la agrupacion santa fe. I told her that the following day I was going to take the 8am bus, to which she replied, Well, if you’re not there, we’ll leave without you. All the happy feelings I had about diving just vanished. I told her that if this was going to be the atmosphere, just to stop the car and let me out. No reply. She just kept on driving. In chatting with the woman in the front seat, I then learned about her daily Gecko Lodge pick-up, which peeved me more. The only form I was given to fill out at the dive center was a release of liability. No PADI medical questionnaire as I am usually required to complete at dive centers. I was told to hurry up and get on the boat. Janine was annoyed that I first wanted to check the size of the BCD to make sure I’d have a good fit. But I insisted. Admittedly, the weather was very poor the two days I dived and the sea was pretty rough. The first day we went to Namena Marine Park, which was lovely, and the dive guide with me was helpful and pointed out interesting things along the way. I enjoyed this very much, though the ride there and electricity kwh back was long and pretty rough. The following day was planned for seeing the Hammerhead Sharks at the Dreamhouse site. There was a large Chinese group who had booked, so I guess they didn’t want to cancel the dive, even though the weather was even worse than the previous day. There were so many unattached tanks rolling around on the floor of the boat that rolled over people’s feet; it didn’t seem safe. They decided to save the hammerheads for the second dive, due to the sea conditions, and we went to another site first. The visibility was terrible and the dive was not so interesting. After the surface interval, spent on a violently rocking boat, we went to Dreamhouse and swam around for 45 minutes searching for sharks, but I doubt we could have seen them even if they’d been there. You could hardly see more than gas 37 weeks pregnant a couple of meters in front of you. Miraculously, everyone managed to climb back on the boat, which was a real challenge. I felt seasick on the way back and Colin kindly offered me a glass of water. He is much more personable than his wife. He told jokes and other stories to the divers. Also, back at the dive center, he kindly let me put my own wetsuits in their spin dryer for a few minutes, so I wouldn’t have to travel back with them dripping wet. What a contrast with Janine, who was dropping off a few people back in the city and when I told electricity word search her I was coming, too, and moved to get in the van, she just stepped on the gas and sped away! Great for customer relations …. I know most of the reviews for KoroSun are excellent and this was one of the reasons I chose to dive with them. However my own experience was not very positive. Bad weather can affect any dive, but bad vibes from the owner is unforgivable in my opinion.

Bula! What a fabulous review Janet W. Vinaka!! So much better than anticipated. This reviewer was determined to find fault with as much as she could, and especially me, right from the get go! Going the extra mile to assist travelers in their holiday planning is a service we’re happy to provide for our guests, in this case doing such was highly misguided. Had I known the true nature of the beast I would have suggested she by-pass diving in Savusavu – with us anyway. Our pricing includes all gear, transfers to and from town, taxes etc. I leave readers 2 chainz smoking on that gas to make up their own minds about dive pricing as per websites. A PADI medical questionnaire is only required when completing diver certifications, it is not a standard practice to issue one to certified dive guests. Our liability forms do ask about medications being taken and DCI experiences. I would suggest that this reviewer carry a medical clearance from her doctor when traveling, although those forms do only cover physical health. While this reviewer may be a gifted story teller, as her review evidences, she does need some lessons in telling time. The reviewer was not waiting for a pick-up when I went to collect her at 8:11am so I carried on to collect another guest, returning to the pick-up spot at 8:19am – a mere 4 minutes past the due time. “Where’ve yah gas kansas city been! I’ve been waiting! I was going to call Colin, you’re late!” she yelled. “Bula, it’s only just gone 8:15; jump in,” I said. She hauled herself into the van and the mouth just continued on…me, the weather, the accommodation, the food, the town of Savusavu…nothing was good enough. I did suggest I stop, let her out and she go elsewhere to dive (or not) as we really did not need her money. She did not take me up on that. In retrospect we all wish she had! Controlling the weather is unfortunately something we haven’t mastered, yet, but informing guests of the weather and the sea conditions both above and below water is a given. She was advised of the adverse conditions above and below water (including how it was a long, rough boat ride to Namena and back) but chose to dive anyway kushal gas agencies belgaum on both days. This reviewer works on her own time, which makes Fiji Time look good! Her slowness and contrariness saw her frustrate many; not just me. Schedules and smiles and the wants and needs of others did not seem to figure in her life. Colin was a trooper. He took it for the team! It’s true that after her last dive I left her to ride with Colin and the boyz. She’d fluffed around for an hour after diving the last day and was no nearer to being ready to leave after all that time. It was the consensus of the other ladies I was transporting that we wait no more. We were sorely in need of sustenance so off we went. Needless to say it was a very pleasant ride back to town. Thankfully this guest was only with us for 2 days. If I knew now what the experience would be with her I would surely have stopped the vehicle electricity outage compensation on the first morning and sent her on her way, suggesting she go to another dive company. Best thing about this whole experience? She won’t be back! Vinaka for that Janet!

I just had an opportunity to spend two weeks diving with Colin Janine. During that time, I was able to finish my divemaster certification. Colin and the his other dive instructor Jeff have great teaching styles, and still were able to teach me a few things, and really helped me become a better diver. Colin is an extremely experienced skipper, and he knows his local dive sites very well. Diving with him gives you the best chances to have some great experiences with the local wildlife, specifically the hammerhead sharks. Of course, Colin can never guarantee that you will see hammerheads, but his experience with the local tides currents gives you the best possible chances. Colin will also work with you your schedule and run dives earlier in the morning to help you have the best experience possible. The rest of the divemasters and crew are also very skilled and very friendly. They will all work hard to make sure you enjoy your dives, and they will make gas 99 cents sure that you feel safe. If the ocean allows it, and you’re interested, Colin can also take you diving in Namena and Taveuni for some spectacular dives. Admittedly, when I first saw the dive shop and the boats, I was a little nervous. However, this little dive shop operation reminds me of the Millennium Falcon. She might not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts. You will have a great time in the water.