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This museum was part of our tour package’s itinerary. When I was told that it was founded by a former Khmer Rouge soldier, I lost interest. But then our guide said he was a forced child soldier. Upon arrival at the museum, it is very run down, small, and underwhelming to say the electricity invented timeline least. We were given dirty head phones to use that took over an hour to complete. The artifacts and wall postings were not all updated with the correct corresponding numbers. Additionally several articles seemed like self promotion propaganda for Akira labeling him as top 10 this and top that, etc. A noble cause does not need self promotion. Just like another reviewer mentioned, I did not see any children at the back except one little girl. If I remember correctly gas out game rules children in Cambodia go to school for only half of the day and by the time that we arrived it was already late in the afternoon. The topic of landmines and its devastating effects are very important to learn about but this place seems to give an complete and biased information more geared towards anti-American and is also far from the town center to make it a worthwhile visit.

Dear Sir, Thank you for your review. We do read them and take them to heart. I am very sorry you found the electricity lesson plans year 6 museum so lacking. At the museum we try and tell the story of landmines in Cambodia and around the world through Aki Ra’s story. We would like the visitors to leave the museum with the understanding that this problem is our problem too and landmines in Cambodia and in other countries will only be eliminated when we get rid of them. We take a lot power usage estimator of time to show where Aki Ra has come from and where he has gone. All thourhgh his own efforts and those of others. We are proud to show he was a CNN hero in 2010 – One of 10 chosen from 10,000 nominees. We also show his Manhae Grand Prize for Peace won in S Korea in 2011. The same prize won by the Dali Lama in 2009. I am sorry your headphones were dirty. They are cleaned daily. Some of our pictures are faded due to the sunlight. We do change them regularly. We are making some upgrade3s to the museum this year. We do not have electricity yet in our village and run off solar panels and a generator. We hope to have electricity in about a month. We have 2 hectares of land at the museum complex and most of that is dedicated to the Relief Center in the back. We currently electricity wikipedia simple english care for 32 at-risk children at the museum. All used to be landmine victims. As you may have noted at one of the stops on the tour, injuries have been reduced significantly. We care for kids who were victims of polio, are handicapped, abandoned, orphaned or come from villages that have no access gas near me open now to education. You probably didn’t see any kids for a several reasons. When they are not in school, they attend a small on premises. There we have Khmer teachers who work with them on their Khmer classes, an ESL program, a computer lab, a library an art room and a playground. We also have a small farm where the kids grow food we eat at the museum. Tourists are not allowed into the children’s home to comply with our rules, Cambodian and international child safety protocols. All the kids in our care go to public school. When they graduate they receive a university scholarship. 8 kids attend university and live in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. The money that we raise from the museum helps care for the kids, and pay our staff a livable salary. The museum also donates money to our sister NGO that gas x coupon 2014 clears landmines, runs 4 bomb squads and has built 20 schools around the country in remote villages. As for anti American. I was an officer in the United States Army. I came here 14 years ago to help clean up some of the landmines and the UXOs left behind by 33 years of warfare. The US government has given a grant to our sister NGO since 2009 to assist in our work. We are regularly visited by US government officials. You may not have noticed, but we proudly fly the US flag in front of the museum and have a banner in Room 4 thanking gas news uk the United States Department of State as a sustaining partner in the work we do here. The US has a responsibility here to help clean up the mess that was left behind. We recognize that electricity lessons for 5th grade fact and have contributed more money than any other country to help in the process. That is prominently noted on one of the information boards., I am sorry you missed it. We are indeed far from town. The museum was built there because that is where the government allowed us to build it. Again thank you for your review. We will endeavor to correct what we can correct and make the museum a place of education and hope.