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Ecstatic is the la gasolina mp3 word I would chose to describe my experience at the Cambodia shooting range on June 21, 2015. This range has seasoned staff and they made it possible to mark off my bucket list of sending hot armor melting aggression down range with the Ruchnaya Protivotankovaya Granata. RPG-7 with B40 grenade. Steven, the range operation manager, did one heck of a job from start to finish on our range day, and because of his efforts our Cambodia vacation was a blast on many different levels. The range staff provided myself and 2 other colleges the rock star red carpet treatment and were very friendly to all of us. I had researched and found this range online about a month before our trip and Steven worked very hard to facilitate all our request perfectly before we arrived. I selected him for his highly rated reviews on Trip advisor which proved to be spot on. It is my belief that Steven’s goal was to make sure that we all were successful in placing the projectiles on target, and we were completely satisfied with our range day. We gave Steven a very long and complicated list of firearms that we insisted on firing on during our range visit, and he delivered electricity powerpoint template them. Most of these exotic firearms we had only read gas and supply or heard about back home, and to get chance to shoot them was incredible. Everything Steven told us prior to our visit was accurate about his range and proved to be just like he promised. Steven was upfront about the cost and worked hard to give us the most bang for the buck. He was very honest, conscious, and only charged us for what we sent down range. All of our range expectations were meet and exceeded. His team respected and demonstrated safe weapon practices while on and off the range and we all felt comfortable which allowed us to focus only on what we went there to do. Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot some more. The entire event was a well coordinated demonstration of mass destruction, that I was happy not to be on the receiving end of. This is not the cheapest thing you can do in Cambodia, however it was worth every cent, and I will be doing it again even more next time. Steven provided us first class luxury transportation to and from our hotel, with cool refreshing beverages to combat the south east Asia heat throughout gas unlimited houston texas our range day. We spent about 6 hrs with him but we shot a lot of ammo. He arrived on time and got us back to our hotel exactly when he said he would. It was a unique to feel,smell, and taste the expelled gasses released from a B-40 rocket, as it departed from the tube down range. The targets Steven’s team assembled (the huts) for us were well constructed, and the effect was well thought out. The huts were gas welder salary internally decorated with 55 gallon drums with high octane flammable fuel along with some fork lift propane tanks. Also he threw In indoor plumbing with salvaged toilet bowls, for the effect just because. Steven gave us a great price for this setup. When my rocket violently impacted the target at an very high rate of speed the explosion a radiant red orange flume cloud that equaled to any Hollywood special effects movie I have ever seen. These targets were worth the price and, and enhances the story and video. You will not be disappointed, pay the extra gas stoichiometry worksheet answers. Steven had three go pro cameras that captured the whole violent event for us. He produced multiple angle shots with slow motion and instant replay footage that we could pin point the rocket entry point at the target. Even a overhead drone camera that captured the birds eye view. He provided us professional edited video of our range artwork. After showing my family the footage with their eyes and mouth widely open in shock, I just smile and say yea that is what I did on my Cambodian vacation, and just smile as big as I can. Oh by the way what did you do on yours? Steven also produced some other fun firearms such as the M-16,AK47, k57,M79,and the beast .50 BMG. We fired them all and electricity png put a lot of hot lead down range. I do not recall the exact amount of rounds we fired that day, but I suspect that we could have supplied an Army platoon . All of his weapons were in good mechanical working condition and and performed flawlessly. We chunked a few hand grenades as well which were interesting and made a good splash in the mud pit. His staff electricity outage in fort worth was very knowledgeable of the nomenclature of each of the weapons, presented a on the spot training class on each weapon and were ready availible to assist when help was needed. If you have any desire at all to gain the opertunity to safely handle some of the most powerful hand held weapons of the world, you should not hesitate to contact Steven at Cambodiashooting.com Sent from my iPhone

We had such a great time with Steven and Cambodia Shooting Range. The price is steeper than others but speedy q gas station you get a better selection of guns and he works with you on pricing above a certain amount. We had so much fun doing these and ended up with 2 hand grenades, m16, ak47, .50 cal, and a bazooka. A once in a lifetime experience because once the ammo is used up its gone considering all of it is leftover from the war. They are absolutely wonderful about taking your pictures and the video that is made for you is cool. Its an expensive outing especially since you get fired up and want to shoot more once you are at the range but it is so worth it. Be sure to talk to the guys who come to help, our main guide was a 2 war veteran which was really cool and he had great electricity 1 7 pdf stories. You also can stop by ATMs on the way out or back if you need to. Drinks are included which is great but no food, so bring snacks as you are gone over lunch. No special clothing is required I was in sandals and just fine. I also left my sunglasses at the range and Steven and his crew got them back to my hotel before we left Phnom Penh and was super great to communicate with via email. Great experience and great people!!