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BP17 / CAT2 When I was researching Iceland knowing o gosh corpus christi I wanted to drive the ring road I was preparing to book all accommodations and rental car myself. I was reading a travel book about rental cars when Tour.is was mentioned about how they set up car and accommodations for you. After looking into tour.is I was feeling like this would relieve a lot of potential stress dealing with numerous accommodations on my own. Of course a self drive tour could be done cheaper on your own but let me tell you how they saved my vacation from disaster. It’s days before our departure to Iceland when I receive a call from Tour.is regarding massive flooding that closed a portion of the ring road 1 in the south east. The reports were stating that the road would be closed for at least a week while they attempt to build a temporary bridge. I would not have come across these reports until it would have been too late had I done everything myself. Tour.is informed me that they already took steps to rearrange my tour by starting kansas gas service bill pay clockwise from Reykjavik rather then the originally planned counter clockwise which would have taken me straight to the flooded area within a couple days. They even rearranged every accommodation for me so there were no worries for myself or my fiancé. I was so surprised at how they took the time and care to ensure we were able to enjoy our self drive tour to the fullest. By the time we reached the affected area in the gas finder mn south east the temporary bridge was already built and we continued on our journey. Obviously the timing of our tour and the flooding worked in our favor by going clockwise but the fact that we were worry free was a huge relief. I highly recommend booking your tour through touris. The entire process of arranging a self drive tour was very simple. I had plenty of questions before booking and always had responses right away. We were picked up by the driver in the middle of the night at the airport who handed us our package and took us to the hotel. The package included our itinerary, maps wd gaster x reader and vouchers. Getting from place to place was not difficult but I do wish there would have been travel times included. Our first couple of days ended up being extremely long drives because we didn’t manage our time properly. There were too many museums on the itinerary x men electricity mutant for my taste but like any self drive tour you can do whatever you want. A few tips: The Vehicle – Make sure you get a proper 4×4. We received a 2017 AWD Kia Sportage fitted with 17” rims and low profile summer tires… Not ideal for the ring road or any other road in Iceland. We were lucky that we didn’t blow a tire or scratch the rims. Take the time to make sure you get a vehicle with lots of clearance and big all season tires. You will be pulling over off road gas house dance hall fairly often and will want to make sure you don’t damage the undercarriage. In the end we paid about 450$ in diesel. The package included an N1 gas card that takes off a few cents per litre. Make sure you get a SIM card. You can get one part of your package with Tour IS. They provided a pre-paid Vodafone SIM with 1G of Data (Unlimited text and talk). We only used about 400mb of data over two weeks. You can always top up the data if you need or find yourself an unlimited data plan somewhere. Use the WAZE app. Iceland has photo radar all over the place and WAZE will notify you so you can slow down and avoid a ticket. Food is very expensive. Luckily all the accommodations tour.is put us in have free breakfast (CAT2) but for the rest of the day electricity vs gasoline go to Bonus grocery stores and pack your own lunches rather than going to restaurants all the time. Gas station hot dogs are popular and cheap for a snack. Bonus grocery stores are the budget grocery stores (Look for the pig). Thank you Liga, Jonsi and Oli!!

Dear Johnb11 Thank you for your review. We are sincerely sorry that you are not happy with your tour. We do appreciate your feedback and comments provided both here as well as in the e-mail you sent us on departure day as feedback from our guests are of great value electricity kwh cost calculator to us to help us forever improve our service. There are a few points that we would like to address from your review. 1. Check in It is correct the guesthouse booked in Reykjaví k does not have a reception open 24/7 however they do provide a doorbell which connects guests directly to the owner by phone to let those that arrive early into the building by a buzzer so they can store their luggage until check in time. In order to guarantee an early check in the previous night needs to be booked. We mention the check in time under the electricity will not generally cause other info tab on our website as well as in the practical information guide sent to you on the day you made the booking (4 weeks prior to the tour) but we agree we could have communicated that more clearly and for that we are sorry. 2. Regarding Information provided We sent you information on the airport pickup, complete itinerary where all accommodation are listed, our 24/7 emergency telephone number as well as information on the airport transfer for departure by email gas stoichiometry worksheet 2,5 weeks before your arrival for you to review. On arrival the driver handed the travel documents in an envelope. The envelope contained the printed version of the documents you had already received as well as a map and vouchers so the 76 gas credit card account login information should not have come as a surprise as they were provided well in advance by e-mail. 3. Regarding the rooms not having a bathroom. We offer 3 accommodation categories to choose from. When you made the booking through our website you chose Cat 1 accommodation which are rooms at hotel or guesthouses with shared bathroom facilities and the price of the tour was based on that kind of accommodation. This was stated in the booking overview sent by e-mail when the booking was made through our website. The complete accommodation list was then sent to you 3 weeks prior to arrival and in addition to that the complete itinerary 2,5 weeks prior to arrival. At the top of the page in the itinerary it states the accommodation type, car type gas in babies at night, arrival date and booking number in Bold. Had you contacted us on day 1 once you discovered that you had booked Cat 1 accommodation with shared bathroom facilities by mistake we would of course have been happy to address it and change the booking to Cat 2 accommodation and add the price difference to your booking but unfortunately we only heard of this on the day of your departure. Our guest satisfaction is very important to us and as a gesture of goodwill and to show that we do care we gave you a discount on the tour refunded back through your credit card right away. 4. Regarding the driving distances. The comment regarding the exact driving distances is a valid point. With the tour description on our website you will find approx. driving distances for each day. The mileage shows driving v gashi halil bytyqi distance for a standard tour, excluding extra mileage to optional activities. We include a GPS unit that provides more accurate information on the route, distances and time as many visitors deviate from the suggested itinerary for visit to special interest sites or activities booked by themselves that we do not offer. Weather we should include the mileage in the finalized itinerary will certainly be taken into careful consideration. Again, we do appreciate your feedback and gas out game instructions we are sorry that our service did not live up to your expectations but hope that the above points provide some insight to our perspective one the matters brought to our attention in your review. Kind regards, Óli