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This was by far the highlight of our trip to Huatulco! We paid $215 I believe through our concierge at our hotel (Secrets) for one jet ski that both of us rode on. Our van picked us up at the hotel at 8:30 in the morning. All we needed was swimwear (wear it under your shorts/shirt) a towel or two, SUNSCREEN, sunglasses and a couple bottles of water in our small backpack. Don’t take much because it has to fit in the trunk online electricity bill payment of the jet ski. It was only about a twenty minute drive or so to the marina after we made a stop to pick up another couple. Van was very nice and was clean, and driver was nice, and gave us some history of huatulco on the way. When we got to the marina our driver took us down to where the guides and jet skis were. We took our shorts and shirts off and put everything in the trunk of the jet ski. Shortly after we were on our way and followed our guide Marcos to the various bays. They are pristine with crystal clear water and gorgeous clean beaches. When we got to the last bay, I can’t remember what it was called, we got off to snorkel. At first I thought it was not going to be a good location because the water was so clear and all I could see below was sand. But our guide took us out to a reef not far from shore and OMG were there a TON of different kinds of fish. Marcos would drive straight down with just flippers and a mask, and then come up with a puffer fish that we got to gently hold, it was awesome. He also electricity worksheets grade 6 pointed out a snake to us that was resting on the reef, and he also pulled up a few starfish. He didn’t take them out of the water, and he made sure to be gentle with each fish he showed us and let us hold. The puffer fish was by far the coolest. On the way j gastroenterol back, instead of going bay by bay like we did on the way out he took us out a bit further out to sea and we headed straight back and much faster. It was a blast to catch a bit of air now and then! Then all of a sudden we see Marco turn his jekski sharply and stop, dive into the water and he brings up a sea turtle. How he saw it going that fast is beyond me but it was totally cool. Just wanted to mention he is very respectful of the fish and their habitat. We got back to our hotel at around electricity prices over time 12:30 I think, as we didn’t make any stops along the way except to snorkel. (one of the beaches has a few bars if you want to stop for a drink on the way) I recommend this tour as it’s great value for the money (if you rent one for two people). I’d love to do it again on this vacation!! The snorkelling was the best I’ve ever seen!

My group of four decided to each rent a wave-runner and tool around the ocean while seeing the virgin beaches of Huatulco and the tour was everything it set out to be. Unfortunately the execution of the tour was lacking and also unexpectedly costly. The tour has a good concept. You get three hours on the wave-runners from 9am to Noon and you take your wave-runners out of the local marina by the Navy base and then go up the coast seeing large rock formations and about four major beaches. One beach has restaurants and tourists, but all the other ones electricity vampires are virgin beaches rich in sand and wildlife. After you see the scenery you get to drive fast on the way home and take on the big 10 foot swells on the open water. The ways this tour lacks is that we toured three beaches but just driving through them. No stopping, no swimming, but driving between some rocks, and not slowing down to look at the beautiful beaches. Then we came to a beach where the tour guides did stop and then went back and explained about the last THREE BEACHES! I don’t remember any names or history about them because I didn’t know I had to remember and distinguish between the last three, similar looking beaches. That’s when the tour took a nose dive. When we were stopped and were told about the last beaches one gas national average 2008 of the wave-runners would not start back up. So we had to WAIT for a long time (Not just five minutes, they literally had to switch out batteries and jump a wave-runner with another one) The whole time this happened my wife was pulled on the broken machine to the beach where she was just left to sit while the two tour guides tried to FIX the machine. Wasted what seemed like 20-30 minutes on their broken machines. Then at the last beach the wanted to Ground all the wave-runners so we could snorkel. By grounding they wanted us to hop off at the shore, one by one and then they took the wave-runner out back into the water and then raced it up the sand so it wouldn’t drift away. That’s all fine and dandy, but their hand signals weren’t very clear and they seemed to wave us all at the shore at the same time when they only wanted us one at a time (never explained this) so as we all were looking to beach our machines we were told electricity transmission efficiency to turn around and wait. During that time, while the wave-runners were not running my wife drifted into me causing a hole in her wave-runner. I’m not an idiot and know that these tours are VERY stingy about any damage and was upset that were just causes dome damage while waiting for these guys. The cool thing was, while on the beach, the tour guide pointed out the damage to my friend and when my friend explained it was an accident the tour guide said Yeah, it will be okay done with electricity tattoo book, we will be fine HOLY COW! He just said we were okay! Unfortunately the same wave-runner wouldn’t start AGAIN when we left the last beach so we sat for another 15 minutes before we could drive all the way back to the marina. Then it took a bad turn again. When we got to shore the SAME tour guide that told us not to worry about the damage came up to me and said that I owed him $150. I questioned how he KNEW it was $150 as we just got back to shore a minute ago. He said that some damage is more and some is less, but he KNOWS this damage will cost $150. He wouldn’t let up, wouldn’t leave me along to let me talk to my friend and just kept talking about the damage and standing next to me, really close to me. He made us pay for the damage and then called the shuttle to come electricity notes pdf pick us up. The REALLY crappy part was that when the shuttle came to pick us up it was 12pm ON THE DOT. So not only did the tour not inform us of anything and it was a slow troll through beaches that looked the same, their crappy machines broke down and wouldn’t start costing us 30+min of lost time, then they forced us to pay $150 without a receipt or work order and then STILL managed to hit their 12pm stop time thus shorting us time with their crappy machines. One last final piece of salt in the wound was on the way out I looked at the wave-runner that I was on and in the SAME spot I hit my wife but on my wave-runner was RED DUCT TAPE. $150 of freaking DUCT TAPE?!?!? I do not recommend ANY wave-runner excursion as they are the only place in town. Poor maintenance, bad tour and a mild form of Mexican extortion put a bad taste in my mouth.

We were very upset to see your comments on trip advisor. I am not sure if the person who sold the tour at the agency where you purchased, did not explain that the tour correctly, it is 3 hours. We drive up the coast make one stop for swimming or snorkeling and drive back in the open ocean. We do not stop at other beaches electricity history in india, they are rough and it is hard to get people on and off. We stop at a calmer beach for the snorkel/swim and back. We are sorry the battery broke down, it can happen on any tour anywhere there are machines involved. Our skis are 2014 models so they are not shabby, and we are not a shady company. We are a canadian and mexican hp electricity bill payment online owned company and have been in business for 10 years and work with all tour operators in Huatulco. I am sorry your wife crashed the ski, as with any vehicle you crash while on a tour, you have to pay for damanges, and they were much more than 150usd. If you are back in Hautulco another time please contact us, we would like to offer you a complementary tour on our boat, to apologize for any inconviences you had on the jet ski tour. Regards, Luis