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We took the investigative tour around Sept 2012, with my family. It was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. The guide harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf (who I believe is also an elementary school teacher) spoke well, knew the history and the stories. She was obviously very interested in the topic because she took the time to look over people’s photos that we had just taken and shared many of her own. We have been excited to return. ( we live in Orlando and just drive up and back). This past weekend we had a free Saturday evening and I booked online. It was MY MISTAKE, but I purchased tickets for the Ghost Walk. ( I thought that was what we had done before–but I was wrong). The young man that guided the tour was NOT good and told us that he was new giving this tour. He does not speak well and was difficult to hear. His stories jumped around and were difficult to follow. He didn’t seem to express any interest an interest electricity and magnetism study guide answers in the subject matter and seemed to just want to hurry and get finished with the tour. He mentioned he was new to the area, so didn’t have any personal experiences to share with the group. Much of the time on the tour was spent WAITING. The guide would pick an area to speak and stand in the middle of the road, so of course when he would see a car coming, he would stop and we would all wait…and wait…and wait. The tour was so bad, that we seriously considered just leaving… This tour gas and water mix did not include the EMF meters or the thermal guns. Again, my fault, I scheduled the tour from my smartphone and picked the wrong tour. I feel bad giving this tour just an average rating. My first experience was so great, and the second experience was worse very poor, so average electricity 2pm lyrics it is. I HIGHLY recommend the Investigative Tour . You will not be disappointed !! However, skip/avoid the Dead Walk at all costs. Big waste of time.

My boyfriend and I recently went on this tour after checking out a few other ghost tours in the area. I chose this company because I didn’t want to just go on a story-telling walk, I actually wanted to do some ghost hunting (I’m a huge fan of Ghost Hunters like TAPS and have always wanted to do it). This company was the only one that offered real equipment to use as well as some free time at the locations to investigate. Our tourguide, Shelby, was awesome. She was a history major at the gas near me college and you could definitely tell that she wasn’t just doing this for a paycheck. She really knew her stuff and seemed to really enjoy doing the tours and sharing her personal experiences. We visited several different sites where she let us explore and use our equipment/take photos. We definitely found some activity that we wouldn’t have known about if we hadn grade 9 static electricity quiz’t had the equipment (a ghost they call James in the first cemetery came out to play, sitting on the tree limb above us so that the temp. gauges read 32 degrees instead of the normal base reading of 49-51, while also setting off our EMF detectors when Shelby asked him to, saying that he liked to play with the lights). Visiting the Fort at night was also a special treat and extra creepy. The tour itself lasted a little over two hours, we had a good group and were getting some activity. All in all, we had a great time on this tour. This is a walking tour, however, so people unable to stand/walk for long periods might electricity year invented not want to go on this tour. Nothing about it was strenuous, but you are walking through the cobblestone streets/fort for a couple of hours, so wear comfortable shoes (i.e. not high heels). Also, use the restroom first, because there are no other opportunities while on the tour. My boyfriend z gastroenterol, also a history buff, got to quiz Shelby about her knowledge of St.Augustine, and I got to indulge in a little ghost hunting. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants more than just a ghost-story ride in a hearse, or some lady walking around with a lantern. Request Shelby if you can! She’s fantastic!