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We decided to book electricity outage austin with Arii Moana Tours while visiting Raiatea. The cost was approximately $88USD and included snorkeling, a pearl farm tour, a tour of a vanilla plantation, and lunch. The owner, Julien, worked very hard to make sure we had an enjoyable day. The highlight for us was a snorkeling spot in a channel near Tahaa. You walk across a small island and hop into the water in the channel. The incoming tide carries you along through a coral garden that is swarming with sea life. It was like an amusement ride. We are divers and have been fortunate enough to see lots of sea life before, but this was more than memorable. The colors this close to the surface made for great pictures. The boat stopped at a pearl farm where you are given a demonstration of pearl farming techniques and can buy some pearls if you are so inclined. We also went to a vanilla plantation for another demonstration. Lunch was provided during a break on an island and we were also able to see the structure/use of some traditional fish traps. Overall this was well worth the cost.

We booked the tour via Raiatea Lodge Hotel where we were informed by the hotel owner to be at the jetty at 08:00 and the trip will end between 16:00-17:00 where we will visit a pearl farm, snorkeling, lunch and visiting vanilla farm. He also advised us to take towels with and also good to have shoes for snorkeling and the mask tube we took from the hotel who provide it for free. The boat arrived at 08:00 and we were 6, and we went to pick-up another 4 people who joined us. Our guide name b games virus is Julien, a friendly personality and he is able to memorize each of our names after the first introduction! Such a charm skill. The boat is comfortable and has enough space for 10 of us. We were heading to the pearl farm where over there we were welcome by a lovely young lady named Maeva, and she gave us an explanation on how they prepare the oyster to produce the beads. It’s interesting to hear she explained the process, and we learned something, and she did explain well. She explained it in French as all of us in the group are French speaking. After we had gone inside their atelier and she showed us different types of pearls produced in the farm, and we also have the opportunity to buy their creations or the raw beads. The visit was around 45 – 60 minutes depends on the group movements what I can say there’s no rush here, and it’s good. After, we moved to the snorkeling gas bike alley area where it’s between two “motu”. We were swimming between the corals, and we have to walk 10 mins to reach the starting point for the snorkeling, and it’s really advisable to have your swimming shoes as some of us do not have this, and they walked on hot sand and stones which were not comfortable or else it was fantastic seeing all different sorts of fish. I even saw 3 various colors of fugu fish;the poisonous fish favorite sushi for Japanese! We were there around 1h30minutes and after we off to another destination for lunch. During the trip hopping from one place to another Julien never get us bored, he explained things related to the island such as the history of the different area, culture, the sea itself, activities and also different hotels and owner of the particular private island. Lunch we had a typical Polynesia food which was really delicious.The place where we ate called Motu lagonarium where you can also enjoy watching some animals that were around that area. After we moved to Vanilla Fram, a small family business who has their vanilla plant and they planted it in the traditional way. It was an excellent tour where the host starts with an explanation of the plant, the fruits and how they dry and use the vanilla pod. Follow by visiting the plants and end up at their open space boutique and we were served refreshment,small bananas electricity projects in pakistan, and coconuts. Overall, it was a great outing; Julien is an excellent guide as he treats us like his family. He is doing this business with his wife, and she was with us during the trip, and it was really electricity usage by appliance great as she’s taking care and entertain those who does not want to do snorkeling. If you would like to do this tour, don’t forget – to bring sun cream, anti-mosquito spray (for vanilla farm), shoes for snorkeling, towels, money if you want to buy something (Pearls Vanilla Farm, they accept credit card) and also cash to pay Julien after the trip.

We booked the day tour through The Raiatea Lodge where we were staying. Arii Moana runs an excellent tour and the owner operator makes every effort to ensure all the guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. We were picked up in a comfortable twin-engine launch that took us over to TaHaa’ in short order. Unfortunately we did not have any information on the itinerary in advance so we were ill prepared to take full advantage of all the attractions. We were told that we would be snorkeling and that lunch was included so we only took a small amount of emergency cash. We were ill prepared when the first stop was the Champon Pearl farm and we had no cash to purchase items. I took electricity towers in japan fins and snorkeling gear only to find out that we were doing a drift dive through the pass between the motu islands that did not require fins BUT water shoes were critical and I had left these at home. Lunch was tasty with Polynesian flavor and went down well with the rum punch that the host provided. Our last stop was a vanilla farm that was fascinating. The owner was highly articulate tour guide whom repeated everything in rapid fire English and French. This gentleman was well educated but had by choice lived in a very simple farm. Items produced on the farm were available for purchase. I would highly recommend this company, they also offer custom tours, but the standard one was well run and enjoyable.