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On arrival I was hugely impressed by the welcome the decor and the friendliness of all the staff. I booked to go at the start of service and there were already customers there. The menu was la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 extensive and varied. I chose the lunch menu. They bought a stunning amuse bouche which was a cold shell orange based taster, absolutely delicious. My starter was, after some truly amazing meals, the best starter I have ever eaten. A cuttle fish gas line jobs in wv dish with a variety of textures and amazing flavours, to be honest I wanted it repeated it was just so impressive. The next course was a scallop dish with beetroot, not usually my favourite vegetable but was delicious too. Main was a Pyrenees milk fed lamb, barbq’ed then slow cooked, so soft and beautiful matching flavours. The dessert was a lemon based chocolate r gasquet dessert with Douglas fir flavouring too, it was almost as good as the starter, but only almost! The petit fours were marshmallow and wonderful too. A fabulous gastronomic experience, one of the few that tempts gas definition physics me to break my no return rule! Toilets were spotless and well appointed. Staff are lovely and well trained to provide a perfect service Thank you all

This is the hardest review I’ve tried to write ! So much about ‘La Dame’ is right, and yet it left me feeling slightly underwhelmed. The service was faultless, with ALL the staff doing their very cheapest gas in texas best to make us welcome and involved. Naturally the food was of the highest standard and the extensive wine list would surely cater for even the electricity consumption most adventurous palate. So in what way did it disappoint ? The cavernous dining room, with its very high ceiling and stark decor seemed austere rather than warm and friendly. The staff were attentive and friendly but, as is so often the case, the coordinating attention of a friendly Maitre De seemed to be lacking. We lost count of how many different waiters visited our table so it was difficult to build up a real rapport (something I look electricity in india ppt forward when dining) For the art lover the food was a triumph. Each tempting morsel was truly a thing of beauty, however those with a healthy appetite may wish 850 gas block for more than a ‘Morsel’. This was highlighted when we elected for the cheese course; Five beautiful, carefully selected French cheeses, each one expertly described , so as to set the gas x strips directions taste buds tingling, but of the five your selection is limited to THREE. Understandable if they are serving you 3 of 4 ounces of each, but all five portions would hardly add up to a couple of ounces (but of course you can only choose 3) The wine was superb as was the opportunity to try good wines by the glass. Finally one last gripe; A great deal of attention was given to get every last detail right. The exceptional food, the beautiful surroundings the attentiveness of all the staff. And for this we thank you hp gas. One last detail that craves your attention, please. I know this less-than-formal generation feels that ‘anything goes’ and electricity cost per watt sadly you have to live with this, but at least the staff could set a standard. O.K. if you have to forego the ties, at least let the crumpled shirt collars see an Iron from time to time.