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I get bloated after meals and can immediately feel my intestine fills with excessive GAS and Bubbles moving from one side to the other. This started 8 Mom Ago, when I ate a Burrito from 7/11 Egg & Sausage, ground pork.4 hr after, I felt someone pumped my stomach with Air and water like a pressure hose.I got Diarrhea for 3 days. Than, I los my appetite for 2 weeks and lost 8LB in a week. After that, My tongue became white!!, like a white coating! 2 weeks later after hearing,feeling my stomach filled with excess gas and bloating not digesting food. I ran to urgent care. The General Doc saw my white tongue and said it was not candida,it was a white coating only.

He took blood work. Everything came back normal, except for my liver enzymes. They were a little elevated. He did an X-Ray of my stomach and noticed my Large intestine,colon was filled with excessive gas. He couldn’t help. My bloating and gurgles continued in my intestine feeling water and gas moving around like carbonated water accompanied by Passing fowl gas and irregular stool movements.

I SAW a GI Dr named Sachar Female, she was really young, and from the get go she said, ‘lets do an endoscopy" So i did it, no H-pilory found after 2 months of taking the anti-biotics to kill H-pilory, no cancer, Except she said stomach was a little swollen/inflame!!. The sparkling gas and water and loud gurgles in the stomach continued every day, and I am not lactose and don’t even drink milk. I have always have the best metabolism in the world,but it change 8 Mon ago. I am 31 and not fat.

I gave up on her, so I saw another Dr Weiss an GI aswell, He said oh you have IBS here take this Dicyclomine 10mg every 6 hr. the bottle says for cramping. I don’t have cramping. That med did not work. I went back to him. He order a breath test for H-pilory and Overgrowth bacteria. H-pilory was negative, But The OVERGROWTH bacteria came back positive. So he gave me anti-biotics XIFAXAN 550MG 1 tablet twice a day for a week. I only took the first 3 days 2 tablets a day and then 1 tablet a day. I still have like 8 left, but this didn’t work. i still felt excessive gas with water rumbling inside. I feel gurgles or like someone is doing a colon cleanse in my intestine where they are filling me up with water and a lot gas moving around!! I stopped seen Dr Weiss.

Last Dr i saw was Dr MAchicado a GI. I took my endoscopy file he said u have just a little of gastritis,but we all have a little bit of gastritis is normal, is nothing u basically have. I showed the anti-biotics Dr Weiss prescribed XIFAXAN 550MG which i left 8 in the bottle. He said you’ve been taking these for a week stop!! he gave me a strong pro-biotic VSL#3 the living shield 225 billion liv lactic acid bacteria per serving. They were 6, I only took 4. Nothing helped. he order an Ultra sound a 3 weeks ago. I haven’t gone. However on 10/01/11 I was taken to the Er do to kidney stones. they did a cat scan and found a kidneystone. I’m sure if my stomach was bleeding they would have seen it on the cat scan. I went to the ER 10/08/11 an asked for for an Ultransound the tech said, Oh my God! U have a lot of gas inside! and you have a fatty liver. The Dr came back. He said, your CBC came back normal, the white cell bloods were normal. You have a fatty liver,but nothing big. I asked him to order me a stool sample which is pointless because they always comeback negative. I have tested 24 times for HIV in 8 months ever since this problem negative. Hep B negavative.

But why do I get filled with excessive gas and its been 8 months. I feel water inside too. My stools comes out smelling fowl!! sometimes constipated or diarrhea. I tried meds for IBS, Overgrowth bacteria and nothing!! I am worried extremely. What should I don now. i have seen too many Dr in 8 months.

Hi my stomach is always bloated after I eat like I am 5 or 6 months pregnant. It makes me feel miserable. I finally got to the point I did some research and I saw maybe a liver cleanse would work. I did it the cheapest way to do it is use magnesium Citrate which is really Epson salt use 3 cups of water with a whole bottle I think it is 10 ounzes or 1/2 cup of Epson salt. Then take 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil set it aside. U will be taking 2 ounzes of the olive oil and 3/4 of the water mixture do not add together u have to take separate. U might want to add some lemon or grapefruit juice to the water it will taste better I used lemon juice. In one hand drink olive oil in the other hand have the water mixture do this every 3 hours it will take some x to work do this every 3 hours I did not eat the whole day as u will feel full anyway.. when u do use the bathroom u will c gallbladder stones floating in the toliet this is good if u clean the liver of toxins it helps the intestines to digest. I could not believe how much bowel came out. Yesterday I ate a small salad and a can of tuna fish. The next day I used the bathroom more it must have been stuck in my intestines it really works u have to drink water. Today I took metamucil and drank a drink that gives me nutrients because I don’t want to dehydrate. I’m trying to rest my body before I start eating regular. I am feeling much better. Just let u know my tongue is white but it is only because toxins r being released from my body it will eventually go away. I wished I would have done this earlier. I think u should do this it helped me tremendously. Renee

I had h pylori over 4 years ago never been the same, i am sick on the sofa and it was not found for over a year and half..i now have erosive gasteritis..and wow i had to change whole diet, the h pylori once you have it you will always see in a blood test..they are testing me again for lots of things..also i am thinking to go to a doctor who deals with parisites..sick of being sick i cannot plan any days have to wait for that day..also tried to have another colonoscopy but threw it up on the first part of the drink because now of what i have..i just started getting my stomach hurts about 3 to 4 inches above my belly button, foul foul bowel movements..i either get diarrea, or contrapation..This really hurts and a hurt beat in my stomach aorta which i take a beta blocker for because my heart beats really fast..i now eat canalope, avocotos, mashed potatoes, (and i found some like seed things in some bowel movements) found out it was the little beans in the green beans..so now i am taking them out. eat things that are only soft..also i would not eat meat..i would have whole pieces of meat coming out of me.this h pylori from not catching in time kicked my butt..and yes it can cause cancer..oh yes at the health food store get (mastic gum extract) this is what started to get me well after the antibiotics..i am now trying to get another c.t. scan..also take from the drug store (cutlturelle) once a day that also helps..when you start hurting make sure you just drink for a day water.. the culturelle is a probiotic (helps with good bacteria and with the bad bacteria)..I know when these tests are done i am ready to try another down the throat and the colonoscopy..it is so easy to pick up stuff from the food we eat..i wash everything am so careful..keep a dairy and write down all symptoms..this does help..also i do get dehydrated like twice a year from it and have to go to the er..i ask to be hydrated, and a banana pak which is full of vitimins..i hope we all find help..good luck everyone..linda