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understand ANY issue dealing with sex, and controlling it, is going to be viewed as bad. the various Sex addicted groups in our society will actually corrupt science to have "studies" show what they want to push…an open sex environment. Institutions that would speak against such are shunned. Thats going to be Religion, Marriage, Family, Males taking the lead in a family, Importance of fathers, traditionally Family orientated Television shows, Music entertainment, and news media. In order to get your sex addictive point across you need to attack all those people. So if youre into sex with minors, in order to get the "society" on your side, you will need to attack all those people. If your thing is homosexuality, same thing. What you want is people to start calling your actions…Natural. Just because people do them. Its "natural" and the term Natural, somehow implies, publicly permissible. Breast feeding kids in public was done using similar methods. Calling it natural…well so is peeing, can I do THAT in public? Masturbation alters the brain chemically, Yet SEX doesnt have that same effect upon ejaculation. In order to find such research, you have to look for the effects of sex on the brain. then research the effects of sex addiction. You see, The society has already agreed that sex addicts are bad, so they will post the real reaseach on it. Also they all want people to have sex more, so they post the research on that as well. Pit the studies against each other. You will find the damning effects of Masturbation That the sex driven 70s generation has effectively buried.

Hi pyhton35. Do you mean you have not had anymore back pains after batting off? Also, can anyone tell me the intensity, extent and duration of the back pain. Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, I started feeling penile pain by the urethra on a wednesday, Thursday and that Friday, Back pain became evident on a scale of 3-4 out of 10 as the highest. Been masturbating once everyday until that Tuesday night before the penile pain exist. Stopped masturbating after that Tuesday. Pain became worst on that weekend until Tuesday of the following week, I decided to go to the emergency room. My CT scan and urine test were negative. Was only given loads and loads of pain meds and discharged few hours later. Pain still there as I was sent home and couldn’t function well. Missed work that whole week. Yesterday, Saturday (10/27/12) I felt much better. Backpain was gone. Tried to take one of my esophageal reflux medicine (Omeprazole) and later that morning of Sunday around 3 am, jerked off again. Woke up at 9 am and l kinda feel the back pain again but just a slight one. Now, my dilemma is whether it was the masturbation or the Omeprazole that has been causing the problem.

Hi all, years back, i have a good friend who advise me not to masturbate cause his family runs a traditional chinese medical shop, his dad told him not to masturbate too much if not it will ruin the kidney, me who was a 14 years old rebellious guy just thought he was bullshitting and stuff, all e reports i read from internet told me masturbation is good and healthy bla bla bla. i just kept quiet for he is my good friend and continue to masturbate without him knowing (of coz we are not gays) Now i know that the media, westerners, western doctors are just trying to fabricate reports that is trying to change the world into some fking open minded society like them which is ruined and fk up. Please do heed my advice… Yr kidney is in yr hands literally (dont move yr hands so much) I am cutting and trying to cut down to once per week which now is better for my right lower back. In the past, i felt the pain when i touch it with my fingers… imagine the damage done to it. For our future and wife please do not masturbate that much. Do it in your own risk!