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I don’t want to complain about my problem but I really need some advise and/or reassurance that I am not abnormal. I am too shy to ask my gyn so if anyone has a answer I could sure use it. 😳 my problem is that I have massive orgasims during sex and it is causing a lot of hurt feelings (mine not his). It is not so much the orgasims themselves it is the amount of body fluid excreated during each one. No I am not worried about a little wet spot, I am talking about the entire bed being soaked with the matteress still wet/damp hours later. This was never a problem when I was married as I only reached a small orgasim once in a blue moon. Each orgasim is so strong now that it basically forces my long term bf out while the orgasim completes. This makes it even harder for him to have an orgasim them normal along with comments that have hurt me deeply. Last night I was up for hours crying and he being the fantastic guy he is of course held me and apologized profusely. I really could use some help…Could this steam from some kind of medical condition? Or am I just blessed? 😕

It’s nice to know it’s not just me. I guess the real problem is that my boyfriend is very uncomfortable about it. For some ungodly reason he thinks that i’m peeing on him (that would be very gross). This is new to both of us. I’ve been trying to reassure him of the fact that i’m not doing that but I really do not think he believes me completely. Can I ask you what you do to control this? I know it’s really personal so you don’t have to tell me if you’re uncomfortable. I could really use any advise though as it is starting to affect not only our relationship and sex life but also my self easteem. I don’t think I can hear one more time "would you stop that already? Or "i think you may have some serious problems going on." I love him to death and so do my children but i’m not sure how much more I can take and still be happy. I don’t want to break up with him over something like this and to tell the truth I just don’t think I can handle any more comments. My marriage had been both physically and verbally abusive so it took me a long time to get this close to anyone again. To my baoyfriend’s credit he has none of these negative factors he just does not (or at least had not) always realize that I take these comments to heart many times but have a lot of problems talking about feelings etc. Etc.

I understand that what you are experiencing is a massive female ejaculation. The woman’s body in some cases can produce secretions similar to that of a man; however, there is no reproductive value to your ejeculations. There is no "cure" of sorts that I am aware of. The best idea is to discuss the issue with your boyfriend. If he feels uncomfortable about contuing after you have had an orgasm and are "soaking," then try to have an orgasm first, with a vibrator or oral stimulation. Does the majority of the secretion happen before, durring, or after your orgasm? As long as you are not too sensitive after orgasm, you should be able to "cum" first, clean up somewhat, then engage in intercourse so he can acheive an orgasm. Make sure that you discuss that with him before hand so he doesn’t feel cheated out of his orgasm. Let me know what esle I can help you with. If this all fails, make an appointment with your gynecologist and bring him along. Ask him/her to explain what you body is going thought when this happens.

Thanks for the info. I have talked to him tonight about it. He is still very uncomfortable about the whole situation. He said to tell you it is about a pint (i think this is an exageration) it is acidic, with a strong odor. He also said it is very clear and thin. Niether of us agrees that my having an orgasim first will help due to the fact that in the last 6 months (we’ve been together for about a year) this was not even an issue in the first few months of or sex life as it did not occur. I continually have more orgasims each time we make love. (last time he counted apporox. 8. He also said to tell you that he is 40 years old and it takes a long time for him to cum. We always have to make sure we have at least an hour where free before we can do anything. I on the other hand do not need this much time but fully enjoy it. It’s not like I get bored or impatient by any means. His solution is to give him a nobber every time and forget all about having good old fashioned sex in any other form. This is not something I am willing to do. An occassional nobber yes…Nobber only no.