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Disposal of liquid waste from human body is done by the excretory system. The system consisting of two kidneys, two ureters, one urinary bladder, and one urethra performs the work of collecting, storing and removing all the liquid waste products from the body.

Definition: Nephritis is the inflammation of one or both kidneys. Herein the organs of body get affected through autoimmune disorders. Out of the disorders, lupus nephritis is a potentially serious condition. In this, the auto immune system of the body attacks body tissues, organs and body cells. The result is pain at the start and body organ damage for continued diseases.

Treatments: Reduced size of stones tends to pass out of body without requiring any surgery. The treatment may consist of just taking lot of fluids so that the stones are washed down. In such cases, the fluid is collected for 24 hours continuously and examined in laboratory for presence of small stones. Painkillers may also be used for alleviation of pains for the patient.

Treatments: The malfunctioning valve between the ureters and the bladder is repaired with surgery. In case infection of the urinary tract is the cause of disease, it can be effectively treated with medicines. The medication is also effective in preventing the infection down to the kidneys. Surgical treatment is also required if the medicines are not effective.

Definition: The inflammation of the bladder is known as cystitis. The bladder is the storage place for the urine until it is discharged by voluntary action of body. The urge to urinate is not an automatic action and hence bladder always has some quantity of urine. The bladder is the place where bacteria can grow easily leading to inflammation of bladder.

Treatments: The treatment of cancer bladder is similar to the other cancers of the body. Intravesical therapy, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy is applied coterminous with the surgery. The exact sequence is best determined by the opinion of the treatment and there is no definite line of standard treatment developed in any of countries anywhere in the world.

Definition: Urethritis is the inflammation of the visible genital part. Urethra is tube carrying urine from bladder to outside the body. Since a part of body is exposed to elements, the possibility of infection from external causes is higher in case of urethra.

Treatments: The treatment is basically antibiotic. The exact organism that is causing the diseases is not known and hence a wide spectrum of antibiotics is used for treatment. It is difficult to treat this condition since patients tend to ignore or conceal for long due to sexual inhibitions. Hence the treatment takes longer time.

Treatments: Dilation of stricture, a process of cutting and removing the stricture with a laser therapy is a usual procedure in severe cases. When the area is severely affected, the treatment after removing the stricture is the reconstruction of the affected area. In not so severe cases, the area is allowed to be healed by natural process. The healing may take some days and during this time, pain killers and antibiotics may have to be used.

This is not expected to be a complete description of the diseases of the excretory system. There are many other diseases of the system and it is better to get treated professionally from a medical doctor every time some form of disease shows up in excretory system.