Exhaustion, dizziness after a ‘stomach flu’ cold, flu and viral infect k electric jobs


In any case, after a few days, my stomach symptoms began to subside, but since then I’ve been fighting exhaustion, weakness and vertigo (dizziness and lightheadedness). I’ve deliberately taken save electricity pictures it easy- drinking LOTS of fluids (mostly water, but have switched to a sports drink (Gatorade) periodically in an attempt to replenish electrolytes, and getting plenty of rest- as much as possible anyways (gotta pay the bills somehow). The stomach is still occasionally shaky electricity formulas physics- but I don’t think it’s necessarily related, and the symptoms are nothing like they were late last week.

I’ve dealt with prolonged bouts of exhaustion and vertigo before- last year around this time I came down with something that left me feeling largely the same as I have been this past week- and it was only until after the new year that e electricity bill I felt that I *began* to recover from it. At the time my ‘doctor’ assumed electricity jewels it was the flu- or perhaps an ear infection. Nothing seemed to give me any relief. This year I deliberately began taking vitamins (Vit.C) and supplments (Garlic tablets) to try and prevent getting ill again- and it seemed to be working as I was feeling fine (with a few minor exceptions) up until last week.

I’m not sure whether it was indeed the ‘stomach flu gas yourself’ that caused this. I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress lately- and I don’t handle stress well. We had our apartment flood with water (nothing too serious, but enough bp gas station to cause a disruption) twice in the past few weeks, had to replace a part in the car which cut into the finances a fair amount, plus we’re leaving in a few weeks for a family vacation- which one wouldn’t imagine would be stressful, but it’s been a challenge getting our finances gas in oil pan in order to cover our obligations before we leave (I’ve also been at my job just over a month- so I don’t qualify for vacation pay, which puts some of the pressure on too).

In any case- does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions of what it might *actually* be or how to find some electricity lessons for 5th grade relief? I mean- when you have aches and pains (something else I occasionally have had over the past week) you take Tylenol- when your stomach is upset you take Pepto- but what do you take for lightheadedness or fatigue (besides rest- which sometimes isn’t an option- and hasn’t done gas x coupon 2014 a lot for me either… I’ve been getting plenty of rest, but wake up feeling rotten and like I could go right back to bed for another 8 hours)?

I’m honestly not sure what to think about it at this point. I saw the doctor on Friday and he told me it was the Flu- but I have a hard time believing doctors these days since almost NONE of the diagnoses I’ve had in the past few years (from various youtube gas station karaoke docs) end up to be accurate- they throw me a generic prescription v lab electricity of generic antibiotics and send me on my way so they can collect their insurance money and tell me to come back (to collect more insurance?) if I don’t feel better in about a week.

hin-to-my-chest’ sore- but more like I have slept on it funny or otherwise pulled it. I did have a moderate neck injury when I was young, and considering that over the past few years my chief complaint has gas near me open now been lightheadedness/dizziness, I’m beginning to wonder whether my poor posture (I sit at a desk all day and almost every night) may be aggravating something to cause strain in my neck- pinching a nerve or something. But does that explain random aches and pains in your arms and legs? Maybe it does- but I don’t know.

Stress could still be the reason too- December seems to be an unending string of ‘things electricity for dummies pdf to do'(tm) that feels like I’m walking a tightrope to get from one end of the month to the other. And it doesn’t help when you have other, unexpected things trying to knock you down gas news uk- like your apartment flooding- or dropping a wad of cash on a replacement part for your car.