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I haven’t blogged in while but it felt only fitting to use a dying format to say goodbye to a friend of 18 years, Big Brother. I do think BBUK will continue, like Glenn from The Walking Dead coming out from the dumpster ‘in one form or another’, and it definitely still exists in one form or another internationally, and for that, I’m grateful.

Big Brother on C5 is often slated, but thinking back over the moments we’ve had over the past few years, there’s been a lot of really, really good ones. I’ll leave it for the other fansites to take you on that trip down memory lane, but from Danny Wisker and his canoe to Kim Woodburn’s ‘adulterer!’ madness, it’s been a wild ride, both ‘civillian’ and celeb. I still don’t really understand why C5 is killing the top rated show it has, but they have made a lot of bad decisions recently (removing Lewis, for example). I won’t be tuning into whatever brain rot they put on instead. electricity austin BB is life, C5 is not.

Last night was such a (!) blast. We were invited to the house, met in the pub beforehand, and were sent more free drinks from a mystery benefactor than I should have drunk. Trevor Boris, aka Marsha the Moose, came by to say hi! He didn’t have to. Paul Osborne got Lewis and Mollie, hardcore BB fans onto the guest list with us, he didn’t have to.

We passed Brooke and Tomasz and got smuggled into the camera runs, and saw the four housemates sat on mental chairs up the corner. It didn’t feel real. gas in oil tank We went in the task room and Gaz stuck his hand in a mystery box full of goo and probably still hasn’t washed it. We were given a Big Coin each; what a treat! We didn’t expect these things. We were lucky.

Jarrod and Matt held up signs. I held Garry’s hand as votes were announced, and Gaz held mine, too. Mollie, Lewis, Gaz and I sipped on contraband vodka from my hipflask (wannabe edgy). Alfie was there, Chris, Jonnie… all friends I didn’t have but now have, thanks to Big Brother. We sang to All These Things That I’ve Done which played over the highlights, my favourite Killers song, and one I’d just put on my Desert Island Discs for work the week before. How did you know, Big Brother? How did you know? It was magic.

OK: so now I’m going to watch the episode as it’s such a blur when you’re there. It was a peculiar final, too short, the wrong finalists (debatably) and little fanfare or nostalgia, really. electricity word search If I hadn’t been there, I’m not sure how it would have felt to watch on TV alone. Looking at Twitter, the overall feeling was rushed, but I’ve sat through finals that have been too long, too.

Emma saying ‘time is most definitely not on our side’ = C5 shade. The eviction outfits aren’t great, I must say. We’ve seen them all before. Zoe looked the best, Akeem just looked like he had his work shirt on. I was surprised they had to do a two by two eviction on the final night but it was the right two to go first. Cian was fourth and Zoe was third. She seemed very happy to be going with Cian. When you’re there, you can’t hear a word they say in their interviews, so I was interested to see this.

Ooh the housemates going in to The Killers. gas city indiana post office How GOOD does Lewis look giving that peace sign, DAMN. Btw, shout out to Sian’s red hair, it looked fabulous. electricity hero names Nice to see all these clips of Lewis. Criminal he wasn’t there because of a joke (admittedly a really bad taste joke). Still gutted we were denied his best bits and interview. I paid good money to keep him in this house. Mind you, this highlights package is pretty Lewis heavy. At this point in the crowd we were SCREAMING ‘I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier!’ (Ooh, I just found a good fanmade Lewis best bits on YouTube)

Why they gave Lewis G the airtime to promote his single, I don’t know, but I enjoyed chanting ‘off’ and ‘who are ya.’ Disgusting to see Hussain there and not have Lewis there. Yuck. The only clothing line Hussain will be bringing out is in his mum’s back garden (sorry if someone already did that joke on Twitter, I haven’t looked that far down yet!)

Don’t get me wrong, I actually think Cameron was a good housemate, and an interesting and entertaining one. mp electricity bill pay indore The only downside is his previous behaviour, blatant gameplaying (coming out three times, please) and fake storylining (seeing a ghost, for example). But he was good to watch and bitch about. There, I said it. I hope he has learnt something, I really do and I hope he doesn’t spend 100 grand on Brexit stickers and Trump colouring books.

To all my BB fam, I know we’ll stay talking. I’ve genuinely made some of the best friends I have from people I’ve met, to people I haven’t, who live an ocean away. It’s the way we met and our common connection, but we will be friends regardless. We’ve been lucky to have the show for 18 years, nearly half my life. We’ll be lucky if it comes back. And if it doesn’t? We’ve got each other.