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About 10 years back, I switched to a different dentist after avoiding going in for 18 months due to fear of dealing with a painful tooth. She was the first one who EVER suggested anything more than novocaine. Her recipe is: Halcion (a benzo) + nitrous oxide. I’d never had either before – well, aside from whatever they gave me to tilt the room for my nose surgery in 1989, and I think I had one dose of Xanax, once… but never nitrous.

On a more recent occasion, with just nitrous, I really, really felt like I couldn’t get enough oxygen while they had me hooked up before starting (they do it for a few minutes beforehand, to let it take electricity jokes puns effect). And I kept thinking I needed to move the mask off my nose…. but couldn’t find the initiative to actually do so. I did manage to make myself take every other breath through my mouth, so I got enough oxygen then. I need to talk with them about that before the next time. It’s actually a titch frightening to think that I could be so relaxed that I couldn’t do anything about slow suffocation.

Been knocked out multiple times in the electricity deregulation in california past year – got dx with colorectal cancer, stage 3 last March thanks to a Feb colonoscopy, have had a second colonoscopy, 2 sigmoidoscopies, and had a port for the chemo planted. All the times with the same gas-passer, procedure is I go in, vitals, they previous to the port set an IV and gave me a zofran, though I much prefer the port, a dab of Emla 2 hours before and I don’t feel that 12 ga needle being shoved in =)

In general, I seem to have been given ‘milk of amnesia’ – propofol and versed. Gurney rolled in, shimmy over onto the table, and out like a light to wake up in recovery. I also oddly pop awake pretty much immediately they get me into recovery, back in 95 when I had a procedure to remove a tumor at the Naval hospital in New London they had the corpsman sitting by the bed for each patient in recovery and the corpsman for my neighbor and myself were discussing New Orleans and were freaked out when I popped awake and started giving them suggestions as to where to eat and what some of the more interesting touristy things to do were.

Well, I did 12 infusions – nausea reasonably well controlled with zofran though [even still] the smell of italian sausage, peppers and onions frying up on a flat top is pretty much instant projectile vomiting – don’t even have to eat the stuff. Ended up with neuropathy in hands and feet, still hanging around. Did the 26 sessions of radiation with oral chemo, zofran works well but ended up in hospital with intractible diarrhea badly enough that it took them a week of IV going in full blast to rehydrate me because nothing would stop gas 1940 hopper the runs, including 4x a day of some anti diarrheal with atropine, 4 mg immodium and a dose of kaopectate [docs orders] and a dietary attempt at changing [yay for mashed potatoes and anything made with white flour like pasta, bread and crackers and almost no fat at all?] but the after infusion butt spelunking and after radiation butt spelunking showed nothing but scarring and the biopsies came out clear, so I am on treatment vacation for another 6 weeks and then we have to decide if we are going to play safe and I crap in a bag for another 30 years or so, or we risk me just monitoring really close and wait and see if I really am clear. I am hoping for no surgical procedure obviously =) but the nausea and runs have pretty much resolved as long as I stay away from higher fat options [the whole thing started with an idea this might be gallbladder related, so it may still have a gallbladder bile release timing issue.] I am now lowering from the 4000 calories a day I was passing through my system back down to my normal 1800 cal a day type 2 diabetic compliant diet … I still lost almost 30 pounds on 4000 calories a day. I had mental issues at breaking the diet I had been on for the better part of 37 years. On the other hand, I know exactly how much electricity facts for 4th graders sugar to add to 2 liters of water to make 1800 calories [from when I was spending much of my day vomiting and needed some calories in and water was about the only thing staying down.]

As to the versed + propofol, it is the versed that is the short term memory drug, propofol is the one that knocks you out. I had my port put in on mainly versed to make me not remember the long needles of local gas exchange in the lungs being shoved in, so I was on light surgical sedation – enough to make me loopy and relaxed like when I had my parathyroid operation.

But I’ve never found that dentists around here are eager to use the stuff. It wasn’t until the one I saw in 2006 offered it, that I even had the suggestion made to me. It simply was not used – at all – when I was growing up, or in my younger adult years. It’s made a HUGE difference to me. So when that dentist sold her practice, and the new one needed to do a filling, she was surprised when I insisted on it.

Aruvqan, I suspect you’re right about the Versed being the one used initially to make you forget. I’ve never had that combination myself, as when I had my wrist surgery they basically took me straight to the OR with regular general anesthesia after they did the regional block. Pretty sure that was Versed – and for similar reasons: there was a big needle (I gather; I have no memory of it) involved and really, surgery is tricky enough without having to do it while chasing the patient.

Sorry to hear about everything you’ve had going on. At least they caught it before stage 4 (I know 3 people whose husbands are in THAT boat). If you do decide to play it safe, is reconstruction an option? While this was for a different reason, of course, a friend’s niece went through colectomy (ulcerative colitis) and after a couple more surgeries, they were able to basically build her a new connection out gas bubble disease of small intestine tissue, so bye-bye baggie for her.

Sorry to hear about everything you’ve had going on. At least they caught it before stage 4 (I know 3 people whose husbands are in THAT boat). If you do decide to play it safe, is reconstruction an option? While this was for a different reason, of course, a friend’s niece went through colectomy (ulcerative colitis) and after a couple more surgeries, they were able to basically build her a new connection out of small intestine tissue, so bye-bye baggie for her.

Well, since it had already started to make a break for the outside world, the skin around the anal ring was involved, though in full kegel clench it was demonstrated that the ring of muscle was not damaged [never did become fully incontinent other than the raging diarrhea which at times depending on what I ate occasionally ended up explosive] however, it was the end 15 cm that is where the tumor settled – the oncologist is pushing for total surgical intervention but the surgeon favors the wait and see side electricity and circuits test – he said he didn’t see making me deal with 30 years of a bag if there wasn’t any known extant tumor remaining and the fact that it was involved in the skin around the butthole, there wouldn’t really be a way to rebuild.

So that was yesterday. Propofol wasn’t as unpleasant as Versed/Fentanyl, but I’m not a fan. They hooked me up to a lot of tubes, got me into position, and around noon said, we’re going to give you the propofol now, it will sting a little. The last thing I remember is the discomfort of the drug entering my vein (and perhaps it got worse after my memory turned off, because that wasn’t too bad.) I woke up more than an hour later. (after a 15 minute procedure) I think my memory clipped a little after I woke up, because the first electricity lessons ks1 thing I remember is sitting in bed with the nurse trying to get my attention, but my glasses were on. I’m betting I put them on before I was fully back.

By 3PM I didn’t feel dizzy and felt like I was recovered enough to watch light TV. I watched The Incredibles II, which is not a great movie, but it has beautiful animation, and it was about as much as I was up for. The weird depression lifted around 4PM. But I felt unwell for the rest of the day, and once again, had trouble sleeping. (That’s partly due to the discomfort of the procedure, perhaps.)

Well, I’ve gone under with amnesiacs several times. Never for anything that would cause extreme pain, like cutting, just uncomfortable stuff they need your cooperation on. The times I’ve done it were for dislodging food caught in my throat (this happened a couple times), and colonoscopies. One time my doctor was openly hostile to me, asking me if I was gonna pay him in not a nice way (I was uninsured at the time), and I woke up to one of the monitors ripped off leaving a painful red mark. I do think I was abused somewhat, just a bad feeling. It’s kind of scary what they can do, but I honestly have zero actual memory.

My doctors were professional and polite to me, and I had 2 doctors and 2 nurses in a tiny room for a procedure that took all of 15 minutes. I’m sure they didn’t do anything inappropriate. But I woke up with a profound sense that I had been violated. I think it was the disconnect between what my gut said and what my brain said that led to that feeling. (My gut knew I’d had a big tube shoved around in me, my brain was paralyzed and couldn’t form memories.) I had electricity word search pdf to reconstruct the procedure from the report, and from talking to the doctors about the timeline before the sense of violation lifted.