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We have been coming to Cabo for over 20 years. I feel like we have tried almost every car rental place…some good, some awful. But our experience in Feb. 2018 was the best EVER so I wanted to share that experience. I was looking for a vehicle to accommodate 6 adults. I found CaboSUVRentals on Trip Advisor. After reading the reviews I decided to reach out to the company online. I received a PERSONAL call from the owner, John Paul gas mask bong nfl. He was so professional and helpful, so I decided to give his company a chance. I am so happy we did. Here is what makes his company OUTSHINE over the others: 1. Before we arrived we received several emails with a wealth of information. How to use the toll road, driving tips, important phone numbers, etc. We were asked for our flight numbers, etc. so they could monitor our arrival. 2. One of my favorite parts, they don’t run or use credit cards so there can’t be any fraud. Client’s are on the honor system, the old fashion way of doing business. There is NO MONEY in advance. You pay cash when you arrive. That’s it! Pay and go. 2. This next item made our trip so much less stressful. No auguring at the counter over insurance and no worries!! In the past, we would leave the rental counter feeling like we were overcharged or we left praying we have the correct insurance to drive safely in Cabo. Not with Cabo SUV Rentals, EVERYTHING is covered! The written insurance policy cover anyone 21 or over, with all coverages the same as your car at home would be with 0 deductible walk away. Another plus, anyone 21 years or over electricity generation by country, is covered at NO additional charge. This was great for us. We were all adults so we could take turns being the DD driver. 3. Talk about service. The vehicle is brought to you curbside with NO WAITING for a shuttle. No dragging your luggage in and out of the van. No waiting in long car rental lines. They provided the same service on our return flight. We received an email the day before our departure checking to see if all went well. We confirmed our return flight information. All we had to do was return the vehicle full of gas, and off we went to the airport. Again, no dragging your luggage in and out of a van and no waiting in lines. 4. When we were picked up in the Expedition, Tony took the time to go through the vehicle with us, explaining how to work the lights, windshield wipes, etc. We were also provided a FREE cellphone that could be used worldwide. We were given two numbers to call, 24hrs a day, if we needed anything. They also provided music, maps, etc. The vehicle was a late model Expedition but it was spotless and everything was in great working order. We felt very safe the entire trip! 5. Cabo SUV Rentals is also located at the only restaurant around the airport. Two in our party were arriving later, so not only did we receive curbside service when we arrived, we were also to enjoy a great margarita, away from all the madness at the airport, while we waited on our friends. 6. Finally, the cost. I compared prices for a vehicle to accommodate 6 adults, at various rental places. Cabo SUV Rentals offered the best price (because EVERYTHING was included, no hidden fees), So in conclusion…if you are looking to rent hassle-free, stress-free, and spend less money… I highly recommend John Paul Phillips with Cabo SUV Rentals. WWW.CABOSUVRENTALS.COM Tell John Paul, Missy sent you!

I chose this rental company based off the reviews. I had had a bad experience with a large name brand company the previous year. The process to book and collect the car is different to the rest. The cost is fully upfront with no hidden anything’s. The Town and Country was fine gas city indiana weather but not newer by any means. We were a little nervous on the drive up to Todos Santos but it was a no issue.The cash only is a pain and we loose the insurance our CC provides and points.The pick up at departures instead of arrivals is great if you’ve ever experienced the arrival area. It is much quiter and no hassle from vendors. Make sure you have their phone numbers entered correctly in your cell phones before arriving with Mexican country code + 52 before their area code otherwise you’ll not be able to call them as they request. My Verizon phone auto dials +1 for the US when I click on links in their emails. The line at immigration and customs was horrendous and took us 0120 to get through. Tony called me and we were able to arrange the timing for collection. This is a more laid back approach to renting a car. They provide a local cell phone for your convenience and lots of tips on driving electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade and police. So, if you’re not an experienced third world traveler this is useful and less intimidating but the process is outside the norm. At the end of the day I am not sure the cost was any different to a large company with newer cleaner vehicles but the car and experience were fine. You still have to go over to their office/ bar to sign off and pay so no real time savings over others there. Watch for a scam at the fuel station by the airport, you hand them $500 peso notes and when you’re not looking they switch one for a $50 and try and get you to pay more. Count them out loudly one by one as you give them over. John Paul and Tony did a good job and we appreciated the experience. Cabo was great as usual and no hassles for us. Great food and whale watching, fishing and pool/ beach weather.

Don’t often offer reviews of trips we have taken, or places we’ve been, but thought Cabo SUV Rentals warranted one. My wife found Cabo SUV Rentals on Trip Advisor and was intrigued by the great reviews and the reasonable pricing seemingly offered. I called the owner John Paul whose personality seemed lager than the Los Cabos countryside itself and inquired about an 18 day rental for a party that would vary in size from 4-8 people. I probably left my inquiry too late, and after a little bit of mental juggling, John Paul assured me he would have a vehicle that met our requirements upon our arrival in SJD. After agreeing upon price John Paul emailed all pertinent information re: vehicle pickup, where we would be met(Departures” area) which was incredibly smooth, and required payment amount which was to be paid in cash at pick up, or via e transfer to his account prior to arrival. We chose the e transfer(Canadian dollars) as we were nervous about carrying that much cash and hoped for the best as both parties had never before done business! The transaction went uber smooth and pickup was so easy. John Paul’s “guy”, Tony, picked us up at airport and delivered us to Cabo San Lucas where we dropped him off and continued on to our resort. Tony was a super, nice guy who spoke excellent English (embarrassingly… I must say much better than our Spanish although my wife and I are endeavouring to be better at it) and gas x strips ingredients went over the vehicle and drop off instructions. He also gave us instruction on the cellular phone they give you with the vehicle that you can use to call John Paul, or Tony directly should you encounter any problems. Thankfully, we didn’t have to use it, but it was huge piece of mind knowing that it was there should we have required it. The suv, was an older, 2005 Ford “Eddie Bauer” Expedition that, despite being a bit older, was in immaculate condition, clean, and had air that froze out the back z gas ensenada seaters if they were too polite to tell the driver! We made trips to Los Barriles, and Todos Santos, along with numerous forays back and forth between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The Ford was up to it and was a beautiful ride for eight people with 3rd row seating. Any of our party could drive thereby removing the responsibility from one individual, which was a real relief. Upon departure, we were contacted two nights before via email with detailed instructions on drop off. We took the car to La Palapa (restaurant across road from airport) and were met by Marco who took us to the “Departures” area of “Terminal 2”. So easy! Can’t say enough good things about this experience… oh… and insurance was all in with the quote… no extra paperwork to sign. Will be contacting John Paul next time we are in Los Cabos for a hassle free, trustworthy experience that will leave you wishing you could do business like this on a daily basis. Well done, John Paul and crew. It was indeed our pleasure!