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Disasters are rare special events that are similar to exploration events, but happen at the beginning of your turn and take several turns to resolve. Certain traits can make disasters more manageable by giving you an option to lessen their blow.

Seeking to draw out the legendary killer who lives on this strange world, you entice a group of teenagers to camp in the nearby woods. Unable to resist such tantalizing bait, Skullface emerges from the woods to a chorus of shouts and screams.

• 20% Nothing (nothing) – Such a magnificent killer can’t be left to rot on this backwater! Your psionic agents spring from the woods but their energies have no effect. Skullface slaughters the teens and then turns away, emotionless as ever.

• 20% Virus! (-5 ) – Accessing the first terminal that you come across, you find what looks to be a promising ship schematic. When uploaded back into the empire research network it releases a cleverly concealed virus that destroys many valuable files.

• 60% Imprisoned (frozen for 4 turns) – Tendrils of energy eagerly react to a new presence. With relentless strength they grasp and bind your commander down onto the altar. Unable to break free, you must simply hope the imprisonment will eventually end.

• 60% Amnesia (-1 xp) – The power surrounding the altar roils violently in response to the scan. Arcs of energy stream out and blast both the scanner and your commander. When they come to, they are unable to recall any of their recent battles!

• 50% Escape! (1 ship destroyed) – Soldiers quickly slap a slave collar around Ace’s neck and haul him up to the fleet for processing. Once installed as a captain he somehow disables the collar and escapes with the ship into a dimensional pocket.

• 40% Disaster! (planet becomes asteroids) – The mecha power on and quickly set to work mining… straight down! Quakes begin to shake the ground with increasing frequency. All imperial personnel flee just in time to see the planet’s core implode.

• 67% Erased (-1 XP, new trait: Curious) – Touching the Monlith releases a torrent of memories and images! Unable to endure it, your commander staggers backward clutching their head. After recovering, they realize all memories of the most recent battles have been erased!

Seeking the legendary killer of this strange planet, you enter The Maze alone. Weaving your way through mist you stumble into a conspicuously placed fridge. Stepping out from behind it, Skullface raises his chainsaw toward you in a wordless challenge.

• 20% Samurai Soldiers (Temporary +1 Siege; New Trait: Scientist) – Dispersing the serum as an atmospheric aerosol causes a planet-wide spasm of violence and destruction. However, a small cadre of super soldiers survive long enough to fight in your army.

• 60% Entrenched (Rebellion; New Trait: Scientist) Dispersing the serum as an atmospheric aersol causes a planet-wide spasm of violence and destruction. Maddened super soldiers slaughter the garrison and take control of the planet. It will be almost impossible to recapture, now.

• 50% Raiders (+20 credit income, not tied to planet) – Garot is initially defensive but soon reveals that he lost his hand to a Space Shark which he still hunts to this day. Pleased by this moment of connection he offers to raid your enemies.

• 66% Hellstorm! (planet destroyed) – Shaking with uncontrolled energies, the equipment of the lab sparks and explodes. Your guards rush you to an escape pod moments before the lab and its "genius" are consumed by a hellstorm of plasmatic fire.

Geologists investigating a series of earthquakes were surprised to find a colony of Silent Ones deep underground. An envoy of the colony makes the long trip to the surface, requesting that you attend one of their complicated religious rituals.