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I was looking forward for the visit here since Masasa Beach was promoted on many tour blogs as one the best white beach near Metro. I have a mixed feelings with the place due to our experience from transportation (going back), to the beach itself, the accommodation and other activities to do in the area. 1)Transportation Good – as a commuter it is very easy to commute from Manila (Buendia) to Batangas Grand Terminal(@Php157-Jam Liner). From the Grand Terminal, the jeepneys bound to Anilao Port were park at the backside gas bijoux discount code@Php40. The jeepney driver drop us on Anilao Port. Bad – The Port was already crowded when we get there since it is a Holiday (Labor Day). There is no waiting shed or particular area designated for waiting passengers. We pay 1st for the environmental fee of Php30 in a tent. The lady administering the ticket write #5 on the ticket which means our boat power company near me will be the fifth to arrive. Only around 7am the boats will accommodate passengers. That day, the boats arrival where slow. There are limited boats that goes directly to Brgy. Pirasan the nearby port in Masasa (which is 5-10 minutes walk) the rest of the boats gas x dosage pregnancy are bound for Tingloy’s Poblacion. Thankfully our contact person informed us of the Pirasan boats we are able to ask the boat barker to include us in the boat board for Pirasan because the fifth boat was only bound for Poblacion where in you need to ride tricycle and walk again to reach Masasa. The boat were already full although there are coast guards that check the boat loading I’m kind of afraid that we are already fully loaded with no enough life vests for all the passengers on board. Thankfully after almost an hour in the sea we arrived @ Pirasan Port (P100/head, P80 for Senior Citizen). Going back to Manila was just the same. 2)Accommodation Good – There are lots of transient houses gas leak in car in the area, it became the locals source of income. I already made the reservation on Nanay Tina’s, luckily it is very near the port. Their accommodation is per head (P300), with 4 rooms 2 common cr 1 kitchen. These are only fan rooms. Humble but comfortable and gas 93 octane the host are very welcoming. There are few transient houses that offers air conditioned rooms (I just don’t know the price). There is also a known transient house Nanay Rosie which is near the beach front. Bad – The electricity is only for limited hours though our host has generator like the other transients. I was awaken in the middle of the night due to discomfort, for more than an hour it was very hot, I don’t know if there is a malfunction or generator failure, the electric fan was not functioning. 3) The Beach Good – the electricity human body water is very clear, even in the port you can see the corals from the waters edge. Nice to swim specially in the front of Masasa Beach the sand is white though not that powdery, the beach is shallow and has a nice little wave in the afternoon. I definitely enjoy swimming. Bad – the seashore of Masasa is not clean with trash from food, drinks and cigarette butts. There are no available cottages so you need to bring your own tent or anything for a shade. The other part of the beach are rocky so you need to wear something to protect your feet. 4) Other Activities Good – Snorkeling @P100/head and Island Hopping (P1500 good for 3-5 person/boat, for 2 you can haggle electricity lesson plans 4th grade to P1200 but for more than 5 persons the boat rate will be per person P350-400 as per our boatman). Most of the transient houses have their own boats for rent. The island hopping is recommendable (good for 3-4 hours), we able to swim and take pictures in Sombrero (fish feeding snorkeling), Mapating and Sepoc-Marina Cove. Some transient also offers other water activities like banana boat, kayak, etc (sorry I’m not that particular with those activities) Bad – Visibility of trash among the gas monkey island/cove that we visited. 5)Others – Need to bring your food not much available on the Island prices in Anilao Port is quite high. Bringing of Tent, sunblock lotion and insect repellent is a must.