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# Configuration variables. Warning: These use DLP instead of DPL # for historical reasons (pretend Dynamic list of pages) $wgDLPmaxCategories = 6 ; // Maximum number of categories to look for $wgDLPMaxResultCount = 200 ; // Maximum number of results to allow $wgDLPAllowUnlimitedResults = false ; // Allow unlimited results $wgDLPAllowUnlimitedCategories = false ; // Allow unlimited categories // How long to cache pages using DPL’s in seconds. Default to 1 day. Set to // false to use the normal amount of page caching (most efficient), Set to 0 to disable // cache altogether (inefficient, but results will never be outdated) $wgDLPMaxCacheTime = 60 * 60 * 24 ; // How long to cache pages in seconds Use [ edit ]

DynamicPageList can be used with XML-like syntax in the wiki edit view. The parameters control the pages to list, order, and display mode. See the following sections for information on each parameter. For example, the following are the oldest five pages on this wiki that were recently moved to MediaWiki.org.

Lists the 12th to the 34th pages in the file namespace that are also in category foo, formatting them into an image gallery, with the date they were added to category foo in the caption in year month day format, and having the images have a width of 70px

category lists categories to intersect. DynamicPageList will list pages that are found in every category listed. A minimum and maximum number of entries to list is set in the extension’s source code. You may use magic words like {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} in the category name.

stablepages determines whether or not to include stable (flagged) pages when using Extension:FlaggedRevisions. The value can be exclude (don’t list), include (list stable and non-stable. default), or only (only list stable pages). Requires FlaggedRevs to be installed to work.

qualitypages determines whether or not to include quality (flagged at the ‘pristine’ level) pages when using Extension:FlaggedRevisions. The value can be exclude (don’t list), include (list both quality and non-quality), or only (only list quality pages).

addfirstcategorydate shows the date each article was added to category. The value can be true (display date), false (default, don’t display date), or a date specifier (ymd, md, dm, dmy, mdy, and ISO 8601). If many categories are specified, it uses the first category. The linked page names are prepended with the date formatted according to your local MediaWiki date display preferences.

Gallery mode also supports the options imagewidth (how wide the images should be in gallery, you may need to also set imageheight if using this), imageheight (how high the image should be) galleryshowfilesize (show the image size, like on category pages), galleryshowfilename (show filename like on category pages), imagesperrow (number of images per row in gallery), gallerycaption (caption for gallery).

nofollow sets rel="nofollow" on the links. This prevents spiders from getting to the page through the link from the DynamicPageList. In general this is useless, as spiders will either be able to index the page from other links, or not at all due to robots.txt/ $wgDefaultRobotPolicy. In general you should not use this option unless you know what you are doing, and have a good reason. The primary usecase is that on the English Wikinews, Google News considers anything linked from the main page to be an article.

This is a hack for wikinews. Previously, Google News only considered articles with numbers in them to be news articles [1], so this appends ?dpl_id= to the end of the urls on the list. You shouldn’t use this option unless you have a good reason to (however it won’t hurt anything). This replaces the showcurid option that is no longer supported.

It should be noted, that lastedit really sorts by the last time the page was touched. In some cases this is not equivalent to the last edit (for example, this includes permission changes, creation or deletion of linked pages, and alteration of contained templates). popularity is only enabled on wikis that have $wgDisableCounters set to false. As such it will not work on Wikimedia wikis. If you do not specify a category, some of these order methods will not work—specifically, categoryadd and categorysortkey fallback to created if there is no category clause.

Derived extensions [ edit ] Derived extensions: DPLforum outputs in forum style. Extension:GoogleNewsSitemap is like this but outputs an RSS feed. Extension:DynamicPageList (third-party) is a modified version with more features, but also more resource-expensive. Neither of the latter is used on Wikimedia’s sites. Version 1.8.4 of DynamicPageList (third-party) is fully downward compatible with the extension described here. So the way is open for a re-unification of the different development paths. This is not true any more for the current versions since version 2.01 of DynamicPageList (third-party) does not support ordermethod=sortkey. Extension:DynamicPageListEngine makes dynamic page lists available to Scribunto modules. Extension:Multi-Category Search provides similar functions.

This extension is being used on one or more Wikimedia projects. This probably means that the extension is stable and works well enough to be used by such high-traffic websites. Look for this extension’s name in Wikimedia’s CommonSettings.php and InitialiseSettings.php configuration files to see where it’s installed. A full list of the extensions installed on a particular wiki can be seen on the wiki’s Special:Version page.