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You must run "update.php" as the web server user (depends on configuration, but could be e.g. www-data). Otherwise, it can leave temporary /tmp/mw-UIDGeneratorUUID-UID- xx files that MediaWiki may be unable to open ( phab:T55791). If you get a "Permission denied" error upon first visiting a Flow board you have to delete these files. Also, update.php will create {{ FlowMention}} to support Flow’s mention feature in VE (either @ or a toolbar menu provides a convenient auto-complete interface for mentions).

• required: $wgContentHandlerUseDB. Required for Special:EnableStructuredDiscussions and to avoid corruption if you change the content model of namespaces (towards or away from StructuredDiscussions) if there are already pages in that namespace.

strongly recommended: Parsoid for the option to store posts as HTML ( $wgFlowContentFormat = ‘html’;) which improves performance. This is how WMF wikis are configured, and hence is the most tested configuration by far. If you use MediaWiki-Vagrant, enabling StructuredDiscussions enables Parsoid and sets the format to ‘html’.

Again, the "domain" property is optional in the Parsoid configuration; it defaults to the hostname used in the uri property if not specified. The "prefix" property can also be omitted unless you are running an older version of Parsoid. Make sure the domain and prefix listed in Parsoid’s localsettings.js match what’s in your wiki’s LocalSettings.php.

StructuredDiscussions defines many actions such as edit-post and delete-topic (see the list in FlowActions.php). The permissions vary depending on whether the post is your own and whether it has been moderated. For example, by default users can edit their own posts, but only users in the ‘sysop’ group have the flow-edit-post permission to edit anyone’s post.

By default, StructuredDiscussions will store content in HTML. However, this requires having Parsoid up and running, as it’ll be necessary to convert HTML to wikitext for the basic editor. (n.b. to use VisualEditor, you’ll definitely need Parsoid, so if you do support VE, might as well set this to HTML right away)

WARNING: ONLY enable this on private wikis and ONLY IF you understand the SECURITY IMPLICATIONS of sending Cookie headers to Parsoid over HTTP. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that $wgVirtualRestConfig[‘modules’][‘parsoid’][‘forwardCookies’] be pointed to localhost if this setting is enabled.

Set this to false to disable all memcache usage. Do not just turn the cache back on, it will be out of sync with the database. There is not yet an official process for re-sync’ing the cache yet, currently the per-index versions would need to incremented(ask the flow team).

This will reduce, but not necessarily kill, performance. The queries issued will be the queries necessary to fill the cache rather than only the queries needed to answer the request. A bit of a refactor in ObjectManager::findMulti to allow query without indexes, along with adjusting container.php to only include the indexes when this is true, would get most of the way towards making this a reasonably performant option.

The default length of time to cache StructuredDiscussions data in memcache. This value can be tuned in conjunction with measurements of cache hit/miss ratios to achieve the desired tradeoff between memory usage, db queries, and response time. The initial default of 3 days means StructuredDiscussions will attempt to keep in memcache all data models requested in the last 3 days.

A version string appended to cache keys. Bump this if cache format or logic changes. StructuredDiscussions can be a cross-wiki database accessed by wikis running different versions of the Flow code; WMF sometimes overrides this globally in wmf-config/CommonSettings.php