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I love trees (not as much as I love birds, but still, trees are awesome possum). Trees produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide emissions, and are a catalyst for fighting climate change. In addition, research has shown they can communicate with one another to warn fellow trees of threats over decades. npower electricity power cut Research shows that adding one tree to an open field can increase bird biodiversity by up to 80% (giddy-up birds).

We’ll break this discussion into two sequential blog posts. In this installment, we’ll have some fun connecting beautiful trees with great content – showing how science and art combine to inform strategy. In the second installment next week, we’ll apply more science to help make content that can flourish and endure (akin to a California Redwood).

Research is vital to any website and content strategy. gas arkansas Numerous powerful tools on the market can provide deep insight across critical aspects of content: Keyword research, competitive research, who’s talking about your brand, what are they saying, and when are they saying it. For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll focus on two examples of the many competitive intel tools on the marketplace.

• Interview internal stakeholders: Whether product development, sales, marketing or others, talk to all internal stakeholders to understand the challenges a product or service actually solves. 3 main gas laws Dig in with questions like: “How does that affect the client’s challenge?” “How difficult is that challenge?” and “What happens to the business or individual if it’s not solved?”

• Internal site search: With your newfound knowledge of customer needs, analyze current content inventory. Heavy focus on features and functionality without context to audience pain points can be a useful canary in the coal mine, warning you the content is likely falling short of audience needs. Products solve real-world problems. Make those solutions the cornerstones of a content strategy.

• Ethical eavesdropping: Listening tools, such as Sysomos, Meltwater or others uncover who is talking about the brand – and where they are talking. electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade Observe the words, phrases, and hashtags in play. Create word clouds based on tweets, social posts or other content arenas. gas in california Visualizing key terms in such a manner helps you tap the language that matters most.

Communication in the digital landscape is often disparate and consumed in short soundbites, particularly in social. In addition, only a small portion of your audiences will likely receive your message, particularly if you skimped on audience research to understand where people hang out online. Message consistency is essential to cut through the noise and deliver content that resonates with audiences.

On the organic side, strategists expect content to have sound crawlability and answer questions users type into the search bar. Everything comes down to data, such as page engagement, word count, keyword density, time on page, pages per session, take rate. 6 gas laws Lead gen campaigns will mature faster when optimizers and creators alike align on how data informs planning and measurement.

Content amplification is not a singular strategy. Running videos in Facebook to targeted audiences to generate awareness or build lists for a retargeting campaign – that’s amplification. Paid search campaigns that drive leads directly to Salesforce team via ebook downloads – content amplification. oil n gas prices Running a display campaign to folks who visited two pages within your site – content amplification. EVERYTHING done to drive people to the content is amplification.

Promoting your content – what the audience sees – across different channels to different audiences can be hard work for content marketers. Messaging can quickly become disparate and miss the point of your overarching strategy. Engagement, conversion, and purchase are dependent on trust. online electricity bill payment Customers who do not trust you will not engage more deeply with you or buy from you. Consistent messaging increases: