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Prior to coming on holiday I emailed the team and were prompt at replying giving a whole list of dive sites. They did recommend I book before travelling because places get booked up quickly. I chose to book when I arrived (i wanted to plan other site seeing trips as well as diving) I had no real urge to go on one particular dive, all the sites looked great. Booking was simple all done through email and PayPal. Pick up was prompt and the journey to Padang Bai was fine (you have to accept Bali traffic) once at the dive site, I met up with the gas oil ratio calculator rest of the dive group, basically me and a family of four plus 2 dive instructors Jen and Frederik. A nice friendly little group Good thorough briefing then it was about a 10 minute boat ride to the 1st dive site. I was lucky to be buddied up alone with Frederik. Getting into the water was by backward roll (a first for me) overall 2 lovely dives, seeing a feathered starfish swimming/floating, mantis shrimp, sea horse and a huge hornbill turtle for gas relief while pregnant the first time- fab!! To summarise, great professional scuba company, good quality equipment, good caring and knowledgeable instructors, if you do have a particular site in mind to dive then take up their advice and book early. More Show less

While booking my in vacation in Bali I decided that I would pursue a long time dream of mine… to become certified. I researched a bunch of places, and found that ACDB was going to be close gas 76 to my hotel, and had excellent reviews. I have to say that the reviews do not do ASDB justice. The dive instructors that I had (Vlad Lizzy) were knowledgeable, but most important patient with us new learners. In the open waters dives I felt that we were well taken care of, that there was litter danger of something happening under the watchful eyes of our instructors. During our last dive we had two skills to complete… one electricity outage houston of which was the mask remove and replace while under water. This task can be a bit daunting, and some of us were very apprehensive about completing this task. There are no words to describe how amazingly Lizzy supported each learner to complete this task, and the excitement in her eyes after the most reluctant of us completed the task conveyed just how much she cared for the well being of each of us. Finally, the group of divers that I had the enjoyment of diving with was a great group of people. As an american diving on the opposite side of the world, it was such an enjoyable experience to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. By the end of the dive there was a nice bond that was evident. So… If you are thinking about learning to dive… and want to take a course have no reservations about using Adventure Scuba Diving Bali. Mike gas news in hindi

Before we went to Bali, my boyfriend and I, taken with the idea of scuba diving having never really considered it before, started researching diving school options and were really impressed with what we read about ASDB. Decision made, we booked on to the three day PADI accredited course … and then the reality of what we were committing to do really set in! I thought we were mad. What was really reassuring prior to doing the course was information sent through from PADI and the pre-reading we had to do. Whilst you do have to commit time to reading through everything, it is so worth it and really did prepare us well. On our first day, we were taken to the new pool venue which was great. Our instructor Jana was brilliant – really patient and gave clear instructions to help our group power outage houston today get familiar with everything! The next two days we were collected and taken to two dive sites for 4 open water dives. These were absolutely fantastic. Throughout, Jana ensured we all understood what was happening and helped us through the different skills we needed to grasp. The diving itself gas density at stp was just amazing. The shipwreck dive is absolutely wonderful and so worth the terror and effort of learning how to dive. Even on our second dive day when the visibility was poor, it was still such a cool thing to do. We are now certified PADI open water divers. It is not something I ever thought I would be able to do but I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Huge thanks to Jana for looking after us and instructing us brilliantly!