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People who viewed the videos are pretty interested in your product. Even though ads autoplay, customers have to be a little bit interested to watch more than 3 seconds. gas stoichiometry formula But customers who completed your Facebook video are very interested. You had a lot of chances to lose them—and they stuck with the video! That makes them much warmer leads than people who simply watched part of it.

If you walk into a store where you’re a regular, the salesperson who knows you will greet you accordingly. You might hear “Hey, we got more of those organic pancake mixes in that you like!” If you were a new customer, on the other hand, the salesperson would greet you and ask what they can help you with, and if they have any questions about the business.

And, it’s hugely effective. ag gaston funeral home birmingham al This study from Facebook shows that the retail site Refinery29 had a much more successful campaign when they slowly introduced customers to their brand through sequencing. They showed all the ads to high-value customers. But even though they had a good pool, their ads were more effective when they used sequencing. Here are Refinery29’s sequenced ads:

Chatbooks provides a great example for what an outstanding video ad looks like. electricity invented timeline Baths and photo books have little to do with each other, but the ad is expertly crafted to draw you in, make you laugh, and even surprise you without overtly trying to sell you on a product. electricity transformer near house With nearly half a million shares, the engagement reflects the importance of video quality.

This is a big one. Since Facebook video ads are shown on auto-play on both Facebook and Instagram, you know that your videos will start playing with no sound as a user scrolls past. Not only does this mean that you can’t use sound to grab attention, it means that users may not enable sound to play at all – even if they watch for the full duration of the video.

Remember, almost nine out of ten videos are played without any sound. This means that the incredible CTA at your end means nothing if you haven’t backed it up with text. electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers Having an end-screen in your video with a “Visit our site to learn more” or “Purchase Your Toothbrush 500 Now!” can help guide your audience to the next step of your campaign, whether that entails visiting a landing page, subscribing to your newsletter, or making a purchase.

Aspirational videos are great for B2C companies, especially those that sell lifestyle products. The point of an aspirational video is to share content that makes people in your Facebook audience really, really want your product because they are envious of others who have it. This GoPro video ad is a great example of aspirational video content.

Velocity Black immediately hooks you — in this case, transporting the viewer to “the edge of space.” The visuals are stunning; the mood is epic. q gastrobar In case you’re tempted to scroll past, Velocity rapidly shifts to its next adventure scene, swimming with orcas in Norway, followed by a heli ski trip over volcanoes. The scenes absorb the viewer in adventure before you’re able to look away.

The white, bold words from the AM New York review stand out in stark contrast with the black background. Their alternating sizes help draw the eye down the text in dramatic fashion. Paired with actress Margot Robbie’s frightening, determined gaze; the viewer can’t help but internalize the intensity she brings to the film, and the urgency with which it demands your attention.

A bit of design goes a very long way when it comes to Facebook and Instagram video ads. You don’t need a professional video studio to produce a commercial that looks professional, given the various simple video editing tools out there. gas and bloating And adding even basic effects is one of the best ways to increase the conversions and engagement on the videos that you make.

Before Baked got in touch with Facebook Creative Hub and started making videos like this, they were uploading the same shots of coffee and pastries over and over again. After the video above, they saw a 40% increase in Thanksgiving pie purchases—proving to everyone that putting a little extra effort into the design of your video can have a big impact and drive a big return.

Overall, less than three days could result in a sample of results that are too few and/or scattered to really mean anything on a larger scale. More than 14 days could result in a lower ROI since most A/B split test winners can be determined before this two-week period is up. A/B test tip #2: Wait to confirm your results until you have at least 95% statistical significance.

Facebook lead ads are now available for desktop usage, but were designed for mobile. When viewers click on the CTA, a small lead form will pop up with as much information as possible automatically filled out. This makes it exceptionally easy for mobile users, in particular, to send you their lead information, especially if you have a pretty great lead offer as a reward for them.