Factors that gave apc victory in gombe – news africa now gas laws worksheet answers chemistry


The soft spoken businessman is not new in the political environment of Gombe State having served as the commissioner of Finance from 2003 to 2010 when he showed interest to contest for the plum job in the State under the PDP in 2011. This eight gas constant for air year period was under the current Senator representing Gombe Central zone in the red chamber, Muhammad Danjuma Goje.

Shortly before the 2015 general election gas and water llc, when there was a spate of defections from the ruling PDP at the national level resulting in an alliance with other political parties that formed the APC, Senator Danjuma automatically became the Leader of the APC having being a former Governor and occupying the highest political office in the APC camp in the State at the particular moment.

The story completely electricity physics formulas changed in 2019, especially prelude to the election in 2018 after the party primaries. What many described as magic was the coming together of many strong party juggernauts coming together. Most of these personalities like Abubakar Habu Mu’azu coming together under the same political roof with Senator Danjuma Goje was nearly an impossibility. However, as political interest or convenience would have it, Habu Mua’zu, one of the strong contenders of the party’s Governorship electricity trading jobs ticket became strategists of wining the APC election together with Senator Goje in the APC.

Contrary to speculations, it surprised many that immediately after the party primaries, all these aspirants remained together, campaigned and worked together and are still together. None of them decamped a gas has or complained about the process of the primary election Another very strong factor that resulted in the APC success was the coming into the fold by Jamilu Isiaaku Gwamna, the PDP Governorship aspirant that was favoured to pick the ticket during their primaries.

The story of Jamilu’s defection to the APC started immediately he lost tropico 5 electricity the PDP Governorship ticket at the primaries. What happened before the eyes of delegates and Journalists during the primaries was that, inside the highly charged atmosphere of the New Banquet Hall of the Government House, Bayero Nafada, one of the aspirants, in anger called Governor Dankwambo into one of the side rooms in the hall.

To many political analysts, this is what actually broke the 9gag memes power of the PDP from retaining political power in the State during the 2019 Governorship election. Many static electricity zap see Jamilu, a well loved politician by especially the youths, whom he had empowered in terms of employment and many other philanthropic gestures, as the person that would have taken PDP to victory at the general polls.

With this anger, Jamilu and many of his supporters, barely 24 hours after the conduct of the PDP primaries, joined forces with the Inuwa Yahaya’s APC camp and swore to see the gas lighting urban dictionary end of Dankwambo’s preferred candidate during the general elections and even Dankwambo’s Senatorial ambition which election took place earlier than the Governorship polls.

Like the experience is, in many States in Nigeria, incumbents have always sharply parted ways with their successors because of political patronage and influence. And in this case, it is uncertain electricity in indian villages if Senator Goje will yield his very strong political advantage away. Senator Goje is still very strong politically and is good to go for any political office in Nigeria.