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In this Fallout 76 Melee Build Guide, we’ll be showing you the basics. electricity out in one room This means we’ll show you the Stats, Perks, Weapons and Armor that you’ll need in order to pull off a successful Melee Build. Please keep in mind while reading this that you will be unlikely to create this exact Build, and that this should be what you are, more or less, working towards. The reason for this is that you often don’t get the exact Perk Cards that you need as you Level Up. A level 50 Build Guide is great, but if you can’t use it until level 50, then it doesn’t have much use right now. Fallout 76 Melee Build Guide

Melee Builds focus on close-combat damage, and thus need to be able to close the distance to their target rapidly, and strike hard and fast to take it down. While the concept isn’t overly complicated, it can be harder to pull off in many situations, particularly where there are many enemies with ranged weapons. In this Guide we’ll show you ways you can minimize the damage that you take as well as maximize the damage that you deal. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at Melee, then read on for some very helpful information.

The first thing we’re going to cover in this Guide is Stats, and how they effect Melee Builds. 76 gas card login Something many players are not aware of, is that each Stat adds a passive bonus. For example, each point of Strength will increase your Melee Damage by 5%, as well as increase your max Carry Weight by 5 pounds. This Stat therefore becomes much more important to Melee Builds than any other type of Build. The 3 main Stats you’ll need for a Melee Build are: Strength, Endurance and Agility.

Strength will increase your damage, but also your Carry Weight, allowing you to wear heavier Armor. Heavier Armor equals more protection vs. damage, which will be needed to close the distance to enemies without dying. Endurance grants you more Health to keep you alive while fighting, but more importantly allows you to Sprint longer, closing to targets faster. gas vs diesel truck Agility is needed to increase your Max Action Point pool, so that you can Sprint longer and use more Power Attacks. The Sneak Bonus is a nice to have, because you can kill enemies quietly in 1 hit much of the time. One-Handed Vs. Two-Handed Melee Weapons

All Melee Weapons have two very important attributes that you need to pay attention to. The first is Damage (of course), and the second is Speed. The first dictates how much you’ll hit for, and the second determines how fast you can attack. gas density units Generally faster weapons deal less Damage per hit, and slower weapons deal more per hit. This means it is generally a better idea to use Two-Handed Weapons than One-Handed ones, because you are more likely to kill your target in one swing, but there is more to it than that.

These Perks added together add up to 12 Perk Points, while the other Perks above add up to 33 Perk Points. electricity wikipedia in hindi This means you will need a total of 45 Perk Points, which leaves you a few extra to use on what you want. It is unlikely that you will be able to obtain this exact setup, so keep that in mind when you are playing. You will have to improvise with the Perks you have while working your way towards this goal. Melee Build Mutations

In Fallout 76 players can gain what are called Mutations, and gain extra bonuses, that more often than not come with some side effects. Mutations are obtained by gaining a significant amount of Radiation, which is not hard to do at all in the Wasteland. This is important for all Builds, because can make your Build go from good to great very easily. In this section we’ll look at some of the Mutations you might consider taking if you wish to play a Melee Build. Remember that you will need Starched Genes rank 2 in order to be able to remove the Radiation and maintain these Mutations, so they will most likely come into play later in your build.

Since this is a Non-Power Armor Build, you will need to find the best Armor that you can get and keep it in good condition to protect yourself from damage. Because of high Strength, and likely one or two Perks that reduce Carry Weight, you should be able to use the heaviest Armor you can find with this Build. This will afford the best protection possible, helping to reduce the damage you take. Since what you find is random, you’ll just want to look for the pieces with the best Damage and Energy Resistance on them. Legendary Weapon Effects (Armor)

Just like Weapons, Armor can drop with between 1-5 Legendary effects, and you’ll want to get as many bonuses on these Armor pieces as possible. There are many good ones you can get, and it is likely that these bonuses will outweigh the Armor protection of the piece you are wearing, should there be many. gas vs diesel rv Check out the Fallout 76 Wiki for the list of possible Legendary Armor Effects, so that you know what you can get, and whether or not what you have is the best Armor for the job.