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Great Wolf is always a great time just be prepared to spend a few dollars. There is a little something for everyone there but almost everything except the water park has an additional price tag. It is a wizard themed resort where your children can safely run around until about 10 pm trying to find clues, use their wands, wear their costumes, and explore the resort. They have a nice arcade (we spent about $80 and got candy and a plastic car), a nice spa (my wife loved her facial), the buffet is great but VERY PRICEY ($95 not including tip for me, my wife, 2, 10, and 12 year old), and many other options if you are willing to spend a few dollars. The pizza was a good option at approx. $17 for an entire pizza, and if it is your birthday ice cream is free daily. We paid electricity invented in homes for a late 2 pm check out which I recommend versus spending extra to upgrade your room. But they have many room upgrades available. We brought breakfast food and snacks with us so that saved us a few dollars and I was able to sneak down the street and play golf at Mount Airy Casino (about 3 miles down the road). You really do not have to leave the resort but we found a restaurant in East Stroudsburg that we really enjoyed Alaska Pete’s and they discount you for staying at Great Wolf. Prepare, and enjoy. We will be back.

Good morning I cannot believe in the year 2017 I still have to write a message of this nature. my family had the pleasure of spending this Saturday May 6, 2017 and Sunday May 7, 2017 great wolf lodge to celebrate my niece’s 7th birthday. We were initially happy to be there and I have stayed at the Williamsburg location multiple times. Because of those facts I am disappointed to learn that the end of trip has left me feeling embarrassed and very hurt. Before world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor I can explain what happened I need to give a little background on our party. this consisted of 3 teenagers ranging in age of 15-17 and 3 small children ranging in the ages of 6-9 we went to get in line for the barrel roll slide on Sunday afternoon around 1:00 the lines were moving pretty fast and this particular ride was a 4 person ride in line initially was myself my sister our niece who is 15 and my daughter who is 9. The 2 other teenagers were in the arcade at the time and we had one other adult who was not getting in water while in line my sister and myself had to go check on the 67 year old while my daughter and niece stayed in the line as we were getting on a 4 person ride and the line was fairly short this did not seem like a big deal. when we reentered the line to catch up with our other to children a couple behind us starts to scream and being belligerent stating we cut the line so my sister and I explained that we are getting on a 4 person ride and where we were and said nothing more than the couple begin to talk about us to another family and but still we have children with us and they did not so we said nothing. Once again the couple begins to yell and get gas x ultra strength during pregnancy Belligerent and disrespectful and now we begin to engage them initially it is just the female and the male is standing in front of her and she says her piece we say ours and that is it . The male then states to my sister why is she is staring at me and begin to step up and get in my personal space and threaten me so now I have to think about my safety and the safety of the two children with me. So I just turn around and ignore him. We finally get to the top and the woman begins to shout to the young man working the ride that we cut the line so now the whole situation starts again and the two operators immediate listen to the woman screaming and yelling tell my sister and I that we cannot ride before even hearing our side so now we are all yelling and upset in front of my children. This is where the situation for me now becomes an issue quadcopter gas motor with your establishment and the purpose of my writing this review and how I feel we were racially profiled by the employees and embarrassed in front of our children and gasoline p a room full of people. We told the operator we are not just leaving that he needs to call a manager because this is unfair to just take their word and not listen to our side He begins to yell at both my sister and myself and tells us to calm down and that we are not getting on anything and stand there and be quiet as if we are a children. After this he walks the couple in front of our faces and tells them they are ok and they can go ahead and get on the ride and puts them on and before he sends them off the male says to me we will be around at the bottom which is the second threat. I say to the operator because I am black they are automatically right and I am wrong and it is ok to disrespect me in front of my child he yells and says don’t play the race card with me. I tell him that is how he talks to patrons and that is how I feel. Then the supervisor comes and talks to us and apologizes and states he will get both sides but if we want we can still ride at this point I just want to go back to my table and we walk down the steps before we leave several patrons explain that how we were treated was completely wrong. After we get to the bottom we see the couple again and there is another exchange and we then diffuse the situation as the woman is yelling at the top of her lungs and our children are around it just becomes a mad house. The head of security comes over to speak with us and we go through the whole story again and just asks that we keep our distance and I explain to him that at this point not only were we disrespected by the couple to also by the Great Wolf employee and that is where my main source of anger and embarrassment came from. Here ag gaston birmingham are the numerous ways that this situation was made all together worst by your employee and training tips. First when the initial exchange happened and the employee did not have all the information he should have either sent us both on the ride or had us both speak with the manager. You should in no uncertain terms make a patron feel embarrassed or belittled at any time because that only heightens the situation. Second he raising his voice at a grown 37 year old mother should never happen and I feel if I did not look young or was of a different ethnic background he would have had more respect for me but that did not happen. Third you can never dismiss how a person feel or tell a person of color not play the race card at any time that is not your choice nor can you speak to another person’s emotions. I spoke with the head of security several times after this happened because he fully understood my disappointment and I expressed I wanted and apology from the employee. He brings the electricity and magnetism connect to form employee to me after he had walked past me twice and did not say a word on his own but ok, and he begins to attempt and apology but instead feeling remorse he begins with an excuse that he yelled at me because he was sick and could not hear himself (unacceptable to start and apology with an excuse) second he states that the couple said we jumped the line and that he had to make a choice so at that point I stopped him and said this apology does not need to continue because you do not think you did anything wrong so there is no need to give an empty apology and I dismissed him and thanked Les for the gesture he apologized for the way it happened took my name and we continued the rest of our day and left at 5:00 pm I waited to write this review to see if I would hear from Great wolf with an explanation or apology but nothing has happened right away because I was so angry and embarrassed that I had to take the time and really think about how to word this and not just speak from emotion. I hope as a corporation you take this as a training tool on how to engage all people and gas oil ratio formula that all people are treated fairly