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My boyfriend and I had done previous Discover Scuba dives throughout the Caribbean (St. John, VI and Grand Turk, Turk Caicos) so we finally decided to get certified during our stay in Cancun. I am so glad we came across this dive shop because communication was great and so easy from the very beginning. Not to mention how competitive their prices are compared to other dive shops! We did the PADI open water certification course over 3 days wd gaster theory and cannot be more grateful for our AMAZING diving instructor, Keila. She was extremely thorough with us in everything we did, so attentive.. made us feel safe at all times. I also really yoga gas relief pose liked the fact that she always had us assemble and disassemble our own equipment (we were pros by the end of our course at this). When it came down to skills, she was so patient with our group of 4. Skills were meticulously practiced and mastered in the pool prior to performing them at sea and this really made all the difference. Keila’s calm demeanor made diving and learning such an enjoyable experience, especially when it came down to testing time and explanations of the dive tables. One thing I recommend for fellow visitors looking to get scuba certified is completing the written aspect of the course online prior to coming on vacation because you’ll be stuck doing a lot of homework (and this information electricity cost by state is IMPORTANT FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!!) Don’t take this info lightly and think you can just breeze by. I cannot recommend Scuba Cancun enough, especially Keila as your dive master or instructor (request her!!). She went above and beyond what customer service is about (even let me use her own full body wetsuit because I was too cold in the rentals). Plus she speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese! I look so forward to coming back and diving with Keila and the staff because of how welcoming everybody was. Not to mention they also gas efficient cars have their own paparazzi who comes along on dives and photographs your entire experience (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!). Saw a vast variety of marine life including turtles, rays, nurse sharks, and all sorts of colorful fish so you’ll want to keep these memories electricity lyrics. Thank you again Keila and staff for the experience of a lifetime. I long to see you all soon!

I did 2 days of 2 tank drift diving with Scuba Cancun. On the first dayI was given a rusty diver check out in the pool since it had been more than a year since I last dove. After that I was good to go and it was just a matter of deciding how much or how little work I wanted to do. Being old school, I like to set up my own equipment, but many others on the boat decided to let the staff do it for them. I recently injured my right knee in a skiing accident. On the first dive, I had trouble climbing back on the boat because I could not climb the ladder with the weight of my gear. The staff saw my struggles and for the next 3 dives they had me take off the weightbelt and bcd in the water so I could electricity merit badge pamphlet climb the ladder more easily. The divemasters were great. We saw an abundence of sea life from soft and hard corals, to angel gasbuddy va fish and butterful fish. We even spotted a couple of sharks, a sea turtle, a ray, some lobsters, a sider shrimp and a lion fish! Outstanding. My 4 dives averaged about 40 minutes at 50 feet.

It was long time ago my first fundive, holiday with my girlfriend. booking: I couldn’t book the dive by e-mail, because nobody replied me. So when we arrived, went there and booking directly. It was fast, good, and all information I had from the next daily dive. But nobody check my certification. Diving into the ocean: Equipment: It was a little bad for me, because of quality. BCD was liking from shoulder valve, Regulator mouthpice was broken. Dive: dive was fun and I had a good buddy, so no complain. Briefing was short and not so many info from divest, but the fun think, the guide told, he will not swim fast, and gas in babies home remedies he will the first, and behind him all divers. 😉 Diving into the ocean is great, but had big current. The guide and two other divers was running so I didn’t see any interesting, just some crabs, a bigger ray and some barracudas. Because of other divers and guide, after 35 minutes we had to go to safety stop and finish the first dive with 140 bar (2000 psi). Between two dives we had only 33 minutes surface interval, no food, only water. Second dive was more fast but gas up shawty before I told it, please don’t run. I know, it is not only the guide’s mistake. But when I can be slow, and I am a diver, I think the guide has to wait me, not I have to run behind him. Second dive, because short surface interval, after 30 minutes I had only 3 minutes till deco dive, so I can’t stay close to the bottom, we went to safety stop and finished the dive, but in my tank had 140 bar again. crew on the boat was very helpful, funny and I just wondering, all of them speak English (not like in Thailand or in Egypt 🙂 ) For me the sea was nice, dive day was not gas x strips walmart a good organized and short, that’s I say average. Diving in cenote: My girlfriend and I went together to diving at the second day. Check in the same. Filled form, nobody ask the cert, did/t check the equipment, just when we arrived to the dive spot. we had two groups, first group with 4 divers and the guide (OWSI and Full cave Instructor, he said many times 🙂 ) they went diving first and we had to wait for the guide. After 35 minutes the arrived back, but before we went into gas nozzle icon the water, made the weight check for diving. Because no fins for one of the diver in the first goup, she used my girlfriend’s boots and fins. When types of electricity generation methods they arrived, just she gave back fins to my girlfriend and we went diving. Amazing! believe me, one of the best divesites are cenotes! Nice light, colors feeling is the best, but the guide was running again (not the same as first day). Come on! I wanted take photos, videos enjoy the dive and I had to run behind the guide again! Why?? after 35 minutes back to the entrance and finish it with (yes, again) 140/150/130 bar for me, for my girlfriend and for the third diver. Of course the guide didn’t stop the dive, went back with the first group and we were waiting drinking, talking but after 30 minutes the first group arrived back so we went back to the water, and diving again. The guide told, we will going to different area, not same as before. BUT industrial electricity prices by state WE WENT BACK TO THE ENTRANCE AND WE DID THE SAME DIVE FROM THE OTHER WAY. Come on! I am not a beginner diver, please don’t cheat me! Of course I was angry and I didn’t give any tip for the guide. But back to the bus crew gas laws definition chemistry, they was good, friendly and helpful, thanks all. So the dive spot was nice, crew was good, but the guide because of cheating and running under the water, I have to say AVERAGE Sorry for it. Next time I hope, when we will diving togheter, you will be the diver, and I will guiding you. I hope you will feel more better than me after this two days.