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Had a great time at Glasgow Science Centre on Sunday. It was a little expensive to get in but there is a lot to see and do and the kids love it. There are a great variety of things to try and the new la gas leak how the body works exhibits were good. One thing to bear in mind with this exhibit is there are some real human body parts on show, and no warnings if you don’t want gas arkansas to see this kind of thing. There is a severed head and hand, while very interesting, I would rather have a warning before my kids look at these things first… Maybe it’s just me being funny. I will echo the comments of other reviewers in that a lot of exhibits were out of order, but it’s not surprising really as when masses of kids came in, I’m surprised more stuff isn’t damaged and must applaud the staff putting up with some of these brats!! Hehe I think gas pains 6 weeks pregnant reviewers saying it’s only for kids is a bit harsh, there was a lot of interest for adults too, and the centre has to appeal to the masses. If you want hardcore science go to a lecture or something! The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Cameras are allowed inside, I had a big DSLR and gas and electric phone number no-one came up and told me to put it away. You can get some good shots of electricity, water bubbles. Bring your own food or plan for lunch elsewhere as the food facilities are a bit rubbish as others have said… bit odd really as they could really capitalise on this and make more money for the centre. Woulda been 5/5 if the food was up to scratch.

I visited the science centre for the third time whilst on a nursery visit on Monday and once again had a fantastic time. The time before, i had visited with colleagues prior to our visit and before that gas outage with my boyfriend on a day trip. Every time i have visited i have had a brilliant time – there is just so much to see and do that even though i visited the same exhibits twice in just over a week i still found things i hadn’t noticed when i visited on Monday! This place is kids heaven – admittedly the exhibits are aimed at kids from around 5+ but even visiting with children younger mp electricity bill payment jabalpur than this will provide a great day out. Our nursery are studying a space topic so a visit to the planetarium was a must and was great fun electricity orlando – i believe they do two different shows – ours was aimed at the younger age group (understandably) but i would love to catch the other show next time i visit. The staff are very helpful and gas 91 knowledgeable and are really great with the kids. The bodyworks exhibition is the current temporary exhibition on the 3rd floor and was really interesting and very interactive. A little tricky for younger kids to ‘get’ compared with the previous exhibition i had visited, which was based around Alice and Wonderland but very informative. The facilities for children are great – lots of areas for free play and construction and the electricity dance moms song ‘soft play’ type area was a huge hit – an amazing water tray and large construction area (complete with movable crane and sponge bricks!) which are almost worth the visit alone with your under 5’s! We also visited the cafe on our trip prior bp gas prices to the school visit and found the food and service to be fantastic quality for a museum-type attraction (particularly compared to the national museum in Edinburgh which is nothing short of a rip off for very mediocre food!) and everything was priced reasonably too. We have loved the centre every time we have gone and wouldn’t hesitate to visit again (at least when the next exhibit opens as i’ve now seen bodyworks twice! hah gas pain in shoulder.) £9.95 an adult seems to be a lot of money but it really is a whole day out – particularly when you incorporate lunch and the planetarium. I’d also like to point our that this isn’t much more expensive than a cinema ticket on a saturday night where you are stationary in a room full of people for 2 hours, that sort of puts it in perspective! The ‘voluntary donation’ a previous, rather grumpy, post refers to, is, i’m guessing ‘gift aid’ – which the centre claim BACK from your payment provided you give them a few details. And why wouldn’t you want to donate to somewhere that provides such a fantastic gas quality educational resource thats accessible to any age?! Brilliant place, brilliant staff. Love it!:)