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The flying session was a gift from my wife and I was really looking cheapest gas in texas forward to it. Checking in was smooth and we were processed and suited and helmeted up efficiently. Then came the long wait until it was my turn… Each participant got under a minute’s flying time which was not enough to really get the hang of things. In fairness, it was my first time and I am nearer the upper than the lower weight limit but I spent the entire first minute’s flight trying to feel the air and to get my limbs in the right positions. Sounds daft but it’s only once you’ve done this wd gaster battle that you appreciate how good the instructors are at flying. Anyway, there was a long wait while all the others in our group had a go. At the second flight I was offered the high flying experience – £7 extra charge – which I accepted and paid. Yes, considering that was for perhaps 15 seconds it was vastly overpriced but it was the highlight of the experience: without it I would gas city indiana have been disappointed. Would I do it again? Yes, if the facility was closer to my home: 90 mins in the car each way was too far to travel for 2 minutes of flying. That’s nobody’s fault but it is worth considering for people who have to travel far. Another consideraton is that the whole thing is more suitable for lightweight people rather hp gas than heavyweights: a feather flies better than a stone. Main suggestion: ensure that the flying time is in a sensible proportion compared to travel and waiting. Otherwise you might be quite bored. For me, it was 2 minutes against 5 hours.

Thank you for your feedback George. We do occasionally get responses suggesting more flight time. We are wholly conscious that Indoor Skydiving is a premium experience, and thus we endeavour to make iFLY accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we have a range of experiences for first time gaslighting examples flyers, including slightly cheaper packages with less flight time, as well as ‘recommended’ packages such as our Air-born, featuring 4 flights. Many people who visit on our ‘2 flight experiences’ do wish they’d flown for longer, hence why we heavily recommend the Air-born. We’re sorry you felt there was too much waiting time inbetween turns in the tunnel. We can fit up to 13 people maximum in a session, however if you wished to go in a smaller session, we advise booking midweek during our gas x strips directions quieter times. If you need help booking into one of these slots, our Customer Service Team would be happy to help. We charge for the Hi-Fly because it takes specific, time consuming, dedicated and costly training gas vs diesel truck for our more experienced instructors to be able to fly our customers safely. It is not a skill they would need to learn for any other reason. You may have also noticed a change in the power during the Hi-Fly – it unfortunately almost doubles power usage, so this is another reason we charge to be taken up high. We are also always looking for new locations gas line jobs in wv to build tunnels and we will notify our customers if we build anymore. And, as you’ll have seen, we always position our tunnels in retail, dining and leisure destinations, in order that guests travelling long distances can make a day of it. Fingers crossed that any new tunnels built, will be closer to home for you. Kind Regards, Team iFLY