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The good- on board the boats, all is A+. The DM’s are friendly and know the reefs. There gas x dosage pregnancy are rules in the marine park and aboard the vessel but these are in place for the safety of guests and the marine life. Even with the rules in place everyone had a good time aboard. Over the course of the week we had 3 DM’s on the boat. Their reef tours varied wildly – 1) speedy shark cruiser covered lots of ground, 2) serious hunter (lion fish), 3) uber bored and going super slow. Re: super slow – this is my only visit to X reef, I’d like to see the whole reef, not just this square 20′ area. The Bad: shop is totally disorganized. In advance worked w/ Clarise via email and confirmed additional cert classes, she then canceled closer to arrival (under staffed), but upon ideal gas questions arrival re-confirmed. Clarise is a bit miserable at the desk all day (bored?) and does not go out of her way. Throughout the week she was keen on a guy in our group. She joins our boat one day to dive with him. During 2nd dive ascent, she actually used the safety stop hang line @ 30′ as a stripper pole and did a little dance in front of the guy. While doing this 4 other people were hanging on – quickly gazing at the static electricity definition physics ocean floor. She’s just not who you want on the front line of your business. To note: the drying room is locked at night when the shop closes. I left my flip flops in my gear bag after last dive. Went to retrieve and door is locked. Was lucky and found someone with a key. Not a life crisis – just an FYI and they are accommodating.

Reef Divers is definitely a full scale dive operation with near state of the art equipment. The Divemasters are very knowledgable and courteous. The boats are big and nice gas and electric nyc but they cram 20 divers on. The boats are configured for 32 which would be insane. 20 was a little crowded on the boat but more so in the water. And to the Golden Girls group of divers – 1) you aren’t the only divers in the water, 2) the diving world does not revolve around you and 3) for God’s sweet sake, stay of the damn reef, please! The gas bloating divemaster’s implored us many times to not touch the reef – and I can see their predicament – if they single a couple of these ladies out that would likely blow their tips from a group 12 to 15 for the week. But seeing people literally lying on the reef to get photographs and observe made my stomach turn. I even held one ladies free flying spg as she lye on the reef to prevent it from wreaking havoc in the surge – thought she might get the hint, but no. DON’T TOUCH THE REEF. End of story. Accidental bumps occur but if you can’t do whatever you gas bijoux discount code are doing ( photography anyone ) then don’t do it. Learn buoyancy control. Pardon the tirade. Reef Divers is a bit on the pricey side as well and there is no free shore diving or get a discount on a package type deal. I did not stay with Reef Divers but it seems like half their business is from non- hotel guests. Perhaps it is cheaper if you stay. $109 for two tank boat dive, $129 with nitrox. Shore tanks are gas and bloating after every meal $10 and $15 for air and nitrox. Further, they are woefully under stocked for a full service dive shop. Don’t forget anything and bring backups. I give them four stars beacause the excel where it matters most – good, knowledgable and safe Divemasters that get you in the pool, show you around a bit and get you out again.

Trip Date: July 30-August 6, 2016 My store and a sister store had a large group of divers and non-divers on a weeklong trip to Cayman Brac. The diving was set up through Reef Divers that is attached to the Brac electricity lesson plans 4th grade Reef Resort. I have been running dive trips for almost 30 years, and this was the worst myself or any of my customers have ever been treated. I do not think most of it was intentional, but more a lack of common sense or wanting to think outside their very structured box. To start with, tropical storm Ed was just south of us on Tuesday, more on that later. When we arrived all of my divers went to check in and do the paperwork we all have to do. One of my customers did not have her certification card made before we went to Cayman. I signed her form with my name and gas 2015 instructor # and told her this should work. It works everywhere else in the world. NO SHE CANNOT DIVE WITHOUT A CARD, I explained to them that I certified her; I know she is certified, why I cannot sign for her, NO SHE CANNOT DIVE. I got on the computer and made her electricity tower vector a certification card at the hotel. First problem, solved. Sunday dives were ok. Having never met us before they took us to a shallow reef to dive, everyone did great. Monday, nice wall and shallow reef. The wind and waves were starting to kick up, so Tuesday, no diving. I understand this electricity edison, it was not safe. Wednesday, no diving, but let’s meet up after lunch and do a shore dive. This was the most confusing thing I have ever witnessed, we finally made it to the dive site, was an OK shore dive. Thursday, nice wall and shallow reef dive. Friday, we were going to go over to Little Cayman to dive Bloody Bay Wall, they charged us 35.00 extra, on top of what we had already paid for a week’s worth of diving. Why would you not apply the money they did not spend on Tuesday and Wednesday, and give it to us at no extra charge? The boats did not run for 2 days, thus no cost gas leak in car for gas, etc.! Their profit margin increased whit this storm that came through. I had three non divers that wanted to ride on the boat Monday, sure no problem, just have them fill out a liability waver, good business practice. They proceeded to charge them 35.00 each to ride on a boat trip that lasted about 20 minutes. The same individuals wanted to use the kayaks when they got back to the dock, yet another room charge. This was done by Charlise; I think that is her name. In all my years of diving, she has electricity distribution companies the worst counter presence/customer service of anyone I have ever met. I asked her about this and she said it was policy, how about thinking outside the box and taking care of your customers, who have just spent thousands of dollars with you!!! Saturday I went into the shop to tip my crew, she was there, and I did not even purchase a t-shirt power company near me because I did not want to deal with her. I do have great regard for Jeff and Stu the captain and dive master on our boat. These guys were very professional and helpful. The boats have so many rule’s, it takes the fun out of diving. Just to name a few: No jumping off the top deck, no beer on the boat for AFTER dive rides, do not throw orange beels over board or you will get a 500.00 fine grade 9 electricity formulas per person (a tropical, biodegradable fruit, really?) do not go past the rope on the fly bridge. I know Stu and Jeff were just following the rules, but so many rules make it very difficult to have a good time when the diving was just average (with the exception of Bloody Bay Wall). We will go back, but to Little Cayman and request Jeff and Stu to run the boat on a property the same owners have over there. This was a bucket list destination that did not live up to the hype.