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Dive provo was great. If you do multiple dives, They keep your equipment after each dive and rinse your 3 gases in the air gear and have it already set up on the boat on your next dive day. all you have to do is put your weights in and go diving. At the end of your dive you put your stuff in a bag (you supply or they will give you one and forget about it) The staff was fantastic. the dive sights were great and they are not afraid to travel long distances to provide great diving. I have dove in places where the boat ride is 5 -15 minutes from there shop to cut down the expense of boat gas. Dive provo went to west caicos as well as french cay which were both an hour boat ride away just so not to double up on the same location. I have dove all over the caribbean and I would rank this dive shop as on of the chapter 7 electricity test best I’ve been to. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful and the service was great. Book early as they fill there boats 2-3 months in advance. They have 3 boats for sure and when you dive you can either follow the dive master or go out on your own with your buddy and do your own thing. We went out as 3 buddies and electricity human body saw sharks on most dives. I liked west cacois and my favorite west french cay. French cay is only accessible on calm sea days. Grace bay had a lot more lobsters and stuff but the other dives had better wall diving. all the diving was great though.

I am so glad my diving buddy I chose to do 3 days of 6 dives total a gas station with Provo Turtle divers. We are amateurs who just got certified in Mexico 1 year ago and were a bit rusty with all the safety and procedural stuff, but we felt completely comfortable with the wonderful staff and crew on all 3 days of diving. Our first and last days were in West Caicos, and our middle day of diving was at Northwest Point… all were beautiful sites and I am SO pleased I got to see so many caribbean reef sharks!! We lived at La Vista Azul which was within walking distance to the Provo Turtle dive gasco abu dhabi contact shop by Turtle Cove marina. We interacted most with Dave (who was driving the boat), Grant, Gary (soo fit and cute! lol), and Grant’s girlfriend Amy who was along for every single day of our dives 🙂 Between the two dives we’d have fresh fruit and bags of chips, and on the last day of diving there was even a cake from one of the married couples celebrating a diver’s 60th birthday 🙂 Everyone was happy and helpful, and I appreciated the small groups electricity a level physics of 6-8 people which were sometimes even led by two separate dive instructors. I had the pleasure of meeting Art Pickering himself and his adorable 14 year old dog who loved napping on people’s dive equipment and lick people’s feet 🙂

As a lover of the sea to get the opportunity to go snookling outside the normal was wonderful having been briefed on we’re we are heading…..we left from the shipyard area of the island headed out toward a reef…the sea was exceptionally flat giving everyone spectacular views . Once the boat was secured it didn’t take long for people who where snokle to either follow one of the dive staff …..the area because its under protection as a heritage site, as an old boat dating from around the shale gas in spanish 1800 century…..which also meant the tropical fish to be found were so stunning……after spending much of the day there with different diving staff taking you to two different locations in this area… people were relaxed and ready to head back…..on way a great surprise two dolphins joined us racing with the boat showing everyone how truely stunning they are…. showing off by weaving around the boat so everyone with a camera could get that c gastronomie mariage special picture to make that trip……so special. Thank you to all the dive team Nigel etc they made it perfect, with snacks, cool drinks.