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I haven’t dived in 3-4 years and didn’t particular intend to dive in Iceland until reading k electric jobs about it on TA. Having been relatively rusty and unsure of the dry suit diving, I was reassured by Finni via email who was very helpful with his responses. On the day I was picked up by Nena and we spent the day chatting about diving and hobbies and other stuff. Nena was very knowledgeable and careful about my needs and relative rustiness and went through the differences of dry diving etc. We met Wouter at the site who was also taking 4-5 people snorkelling that day, everyone appeared to be having a lot of fun despite the rather treacherous weather! The dive itself was superb! silfra is beautiful, crystal clear water and seeing the rock formation from the tectonic plates is just so different from any other dives you would see on the sea electricity projects for grade 7! But what really made the difference is the instructor as Nena was so friendly and helpful, it made the experience so wonderful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in diving in Iceland as they are a great team! More Show less

The four of us are from Melbourne Australia, 2 60+ and 2 late 20’s. Before booking anything we researched heavily, the moon, the weather and the tours. This is very important to see the Northern Lights. We decided on the period 10th April to the 13th April as there was to be no moon and then chose the 3 day Extreme Iceland Northern Lights tour to Hveravellir. As it was the end of season it was only the four of us and the accompanying driver and guides on our tour. This was an excellent, beautiful and amazing adventure. We set of in a Beast, a large comfortable Ford with huge wheels and drove through the normal sight seeing of southern Iceland which in themselves are electricity laws physics quite unique and amazing, and then hit the wilderness, past snowy mountains, frozen lakes, lava fields, rocks, along snow covered tracks and across gas or electricity more expensive frozen rivers, at least we hoped they were. No, we were in very good hands. When we arrived we were not quite expecting what greeted us, the accommodation for our two nights was a hikers hut with many pine bunks and mattresses and a small kitchen, this explains why Tours brought everything with them, from gas for the stove, sleeping bags to food. They had hired the hut exclusively for our tour. Do not be put off by this for after the initial surprise we adjusted and enjoyed. The hut is surrounded by a magnificent Geo thermal area which provided the heating, water (most probably the best you will ever drink), and the best of all a natural Geo Thermal pool. Hot water pouring in one end electricity magnetism and electromagnetism and sparkling cold the other. We were in the true wilderness, no person for miles, surrounded by snowy mountains, massive glaciers and a wonderful Geo thermal area of geysers, steam and streams, amongst which you could walk. When not doing this we spent hours in the pool (for this I suggest you take some swimming shoes) relaxing, drinking and some even eating. All the time being well looked after by our hosts. Everything was so clean and clear, if you want ice in your scotch, break off the ice stalagtite from the rock, couldn’t be purer or cleaner. The first night we went to the pool after dinner, the traditional Iceland fare, lamb and veg grade 9 electricity unit review soup. Staring northward hoping for a sighting, about 1am there they were appearing and reappearing dancing across the sky, and forming large arch like structures in the sky. Went to my sleeping bag very happy having sighted the Northern Lights. The next day woke to a beautiful morning with fresh overnight snow and the sun appearing. We were blessed with lovely weather. Spent the day between the pool, walks amongst the thermals and of course a nanna nap. Dinner was served, beautiful Iceland Barbeque Lamb. Now the lights – not the pool as it was too hard to take photos. Braced the cold in eager anticipation, but went to bed about 1am having seen nothing. Fortunately the young ones had more stamina and woke us at 2.30 to experience the most amazing light show – we were so fortunate, a life c gastronomie’s experience. In all I can only highly recommend this tour. Make sure you clarify with them exactly what you will need to bring, from towels to a bath robe, a lot of things they will supply, but check before you come. One thing make sure you bring layers,outside it is very very cold, colder than you could imagine you need cover for everywhere, your head, face everything. Thank you so much for a wonderful amazing experience.

What can I say, this was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences if you are a scuba diver, diving in the gin-clear waters of the Silfra rift. Scuba Iceland is a top-notch dive operation, and Finni the owner/dive master made sure everything was perfect. He responded promptly and with great humor to my many email inquiries before my trip. My guides, Wouter and Nena were fabulous, providing help and assistance during the entire electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key day. This was my first time diving in a dry-suit and they made sure I was comfortable and at ease while I got used to the bouyancy nuances of the suit. I’m a big guy and how they squeezed me into that electricity off dry-suit I will never know! After we got the hang of things, Nena joined us for the second dive and I could tell these guys love what they do. We had such a blast! Silfra is a beautiful place that is hard to describe – the clarity of the water and the hues of blue are unlike anything encountered in the ocean. Nena and Wouter’s good humor and passion for diving made it a memorable experience – so much so we went out to dinner later and talked about our favorite dives around the world. I had a GoPro camera with me and filmed this unbelievable adventure – you can check it out on the Scuba Iceland website and see for yourself. Thank you so much Finni, Wouter, and Nena for an unbelievable and unforgettable life adventure in Iceland!

We booked this tour gas 78 industries on Iceland Guided Tours website but it is run by their partner company Extreme Iceland. Their information about the tour is very accurate so I recommend you take the time to read it carefully! We really enjoyed this well-run and interesting tour and highly recommend it to others! Our driver, Ragnar, picked us up from our hotel on time and was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire tour. On the way to the cave he gave us a lot of interesting information about Iceland and the things we could see. He told a lot of jokes throughout the tour and has a great sense of humour which added even more to the atmosphere. I think perhaps some people didn’t understand his humour when he made jokes about things like not remembering where the cave entrance was! The caves were only about 20 minutes from Reykjavic and we parked very close to the entrance. The cave is in a beautiful location, surrounded by lava fields covered gas ark in moss and ringed by mountains. When we got to the cave we were given a helmet, torch and gloves and left our bags in the coach. The entrance is easy to get into although some people found it a bit steep. Ragnar was constantly checking that everyone was ok. He obviously knows what he’s talking about and explained all about the formation of the caves, the different rocks and features and answered everyone’s questions. Exploring the cave was definitely worth doing. I’d recommend you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. The roof gets quite low in places but it’s pretty easy. Just don’t expect it to be like electricity and magnetism pdf going to a tourist cave in the UK! The bus stopped at a petrol station on the way back so that the people combining the caving with a visit to the blue lagoon could transfer to another bus. We were only there for a few minutes. I had some questions about the tour before we left the UK and the owner of Extreme Iceland was very quick and helpful in answering all of my questions. It’s made me want to do a longer caving tour next time I come to Iceland. Thanks Ragnar and Extreme Iceland! Note: if you’re travelling with someone who may need a toilet break during the tour npower electricity power cut, it’s worth being aware that there are no facilities near the cave. You really are in the middle of a large open area.