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I recommend Cooking Masala 100% because not only do you learn about basic indian cooking, but you also learn about Ayurvedic cooking, Indian approach to food and cultural fun facts. For instance, I told Amit about my gastritis and heartburn and he recommended the most wonderful ayurvedic remedy for electricity production this (which does not include allopathic medicine of course). Amit and Neelam speak fluent english and they are very open to share with you all of their secrets and really make an effort to make you feel comfortable and happy. I am not an experienced cook or anything, but after this class I certainly feel comfortable enough to make a variety of delicious dishes: from masala chai to chutney. In fact, I learned about Cooking gas kansas city Masala because when I was in the shop Scorpion Handicrafts, I had the tastiest masala chai tea I’ve had in India. Amit was there and he said that it was made from his spices and he offered to teach me how to make it. Thank you Amit and Neelam for this amazing experience! More Show less

I feel so lucky electricity word search printable that a friend recommended this cooking class to me, because I don’t know if I would have gone for it otherwise, but I’m SO glad I did. And then I went back to my yoga school and encouraged ALL of my friends to go back and do it and they were SO happy that they did. It’s a great way to really immerse yourself in Indian culture while you’re in Rishikesh, learn a lot, and eat delicious food! And- side note– their chai masala is hands down the best chai masala I’ve EVER had. EVER. SO GOOD. And then you learn how to make it! Amit and his wife welcome you into a professional kitchen in their home and are two of the nicest people I have ever encountered. You go through 4 or 5 recipes step by step and YOU do the cooking. We made a lentil fry, kofte (little dumplings) in a white sauce, veggies and a red sauce, rice, and masala chai. I walked out of the class thinking I could totally replicate o goshi judo what I just did on my own and am excited to make some yummy indian dishes! Also, Amit gives you printed copies of all of the recipes and you can email him for digital versions. Along with learning how to make the dishes gas 2 chainz, you also learn a lot about Indian food and culture, like whether it’s really okay to eat with your left hand, where the ingredients come from and why they’re used, and the background behind each dish. You also learn what substitutes you can use if you’re cooking somewhere without access to lots of Indian ingredients. Tip- I went with a group of 3 other friends (so four of us total) and it was the perfect group size. We got to chat gas stations in texas while we cooked and everyone got to participate in making every dish. Amit was great about accommodating food allergies/restrictions! We had one person who couldn’t eat dairy and another who couldn’t eat dairy or gluten and the replacement foods were wonderful! Just let him know in advance 🙂 They also sell teas and spices from their family farms, and after making the dishes their and drinking their tea I couldn’t help stock up on some for myself and for friends! His wife also sells beautiful saris and aprons that she designs herself. They’re incredible. I’d say we got there around three-thirty or four and the food was ready by 6, and then we ate at a really relaxed pace electricity outage compensation and ended up staying until 9 or so, but if you didn’t want to stay so long it could be much shorter. I can’t recommend this class highly enough. If you’re in Rishikesh traveling, do yourself a favor and take this class!