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There is more than one agent offering the 100 Waterfall Tour at similiar prices but we opted to go on the Tiger Trails tour as they created the original infrastructure and are actively involved electricity flow chart in supporting Ban Don Khoun village by using local guides, boats and paying a significant proportion of the fee we paid to the community. This was one of our best activity days in the month we spent electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school in Laos. We had 2 hours on the river, time in the local village Don Khoun, a chance to sup locally distilled Lao Lao as well as a very well guided walk over the rice fields and up through 100 cascades to finally be refreshed gas oil ratio for leaf blower by an awesome cascade at the top with banana wrapped rice for lunch. A group of six, we were looked after by 3 guides who made sure we were fed, watered and rested along the way as well as supported to climb and descend in wet 3 gases conditions. The guides showed us how to whistle using leaves, to create a simple flute from bamboo and shot glasses for the Lao-Lao. We ended the day in the Pak Thoun caves a recent addition to the attractions in the area. A refuge for local people during The Secret War in 60s/70s gas unlimited it was used as a hospital, was hit by a bomb which destroyed the Buddha altar just inside the cave. We slept really well after worthwhile exertion

An easy hour by river boat south of Nong Khiaw the walk starts at a very simple Laotian village astrid y gaston lima reservations that has no road access and barely any electricity (I spied 2 very small solar panels and 1 crude run of river hydro machine. Sum total available power would have been less than 500 W. Most electric jugs needs 1000 W). A much more challenging walk up through the waterfall itself – took about 90 mins to get up climbing at a decent pace and just over an hour to get down. A decent walk gas knife lamb with a talkative and interesting guide. We were also accompanied by a guide from the … village. Watching his bush craft was interesting – he collected fodder on the way – made bamboo drinking cups without breaking stride and stripped and rolled up some vegetation that makes a decent rope. On the way electricity in indian states back to Nong Khiaw we stopped at a cave that was used as a secret hospital and munitions dump (good mix?) during the Vietnam War. An interesting view for those who don’t mind confined spaces from time to time (crawling electricity projects for class 12 only in parts). The cave runs into the hillside some 300m and 50 year old canned goods and supplies are still visible in the deepest grade 6 electricity project part of the cave.

This was an awesome experience. We chose to do the trek with Tiger Trails, who developed the trek with Don Khoun village, the boat is from the village, local villagers are employed as guides and a percentage of the price of the tour goes straight to the village. We were part of a group of 6 which was gas in babies treatment fun and kept the cost down. We had a one hour boat trip down river to the village where we met our guide and set out for about an hour before stopping for a snack. We walked another 10-15 minutes to the base of the falls from where we basically scrambled up the falls. There is enough challenge to make it fun, the guides made gas estimator sure everyone was ok and pointed out some of the local wildlife along the way. At the top we were rewarded electricity and magnetism study guide 8th grade with a refreshing shower and a simple but delicious lunch. We returned to the village via a bush track, sampled some of their locally distilled Lao Lao whisky, then headed back up river again, with a stop at Pha Kuang cave which served as a hospital and a safe place for religious artefacts during the US bombings of 1964-73. This was a really enjoyable one gas x strips ingredients day experience with good variety, the guides were friendly and helpful and our whole group had fun. It’s great to see tours like this which put so much back into the local community.