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Forget everything you thought you knew about whale watching, then go to Magdalena Bay during peak season in February. It was a trip of a lifetime for my family and we have traveled extensively. During two days out on the bay we saw whales in every direction, but the unique experience was having friendly young whales swim right up to the boat to be touched and petted. This happened both days and each of us touched several gas key staking whales. We have video of one baby whale playing alongside our boat for over two minutes. Otherwise, the overall scenery and wildlife of Magdalena Bay are outstanding. We stayed gas 99 cents two nights at Whale Camp and enjoyed kayaking, walking on the beach, and having a glass of wine on the deck in front of our tent overlooking the ocean. As other reviews have noted, the accommodations at Hotel Villas Isabella and Whale Camp are very basic. The staff speak little or no English. But the food is good and Captain Marco is a caring and gracious host. Magdalena Bay Whales gets my highest recommendation gas variables pogil answers!

Amazing time-definitely a to do if you are interested in whales. Please do not be as naïve as I was and think all Mexicans are bilingual. Next time I visit a foreign country, by myself, I will not only have a working phone but have an app on it to help with translation. Everyone at Magdalena Bay wanted to make sure you had a great time but you have to be able to tell them what you want or don’t want. They would make every effort to try electricity ground explained and understand what you were asking for. A nice couple picked me up and made my ride comfortable from La Paz Airport. The hotel was clean and comfortable. The restaurant area was right outside my door but did not interfere with my sleep. The water was hot for my showers. There was television but some of the stations had fuzzy reception. The hotel is not part of a resort but in a residential neighborhood. I had no problems with walking to a near by carryout. They did offer to drive me to town but I needed some exercise. I was scheduled with another couple who gas 37 weeks pregnant did not show on time. Captain Marcos made sure I got out on time and ended up in a boat by myself. I saw many gas bubbles in colon whales and got to pet a few. My boat driver was able to kiss one. I think the whales may have wanted help in getting the barnacles off. I did get one on my hand and understood why. They attach themselves and it had a sting to it. I would definitely recommend this trip. The service at Magdalena Bay was fantastic. It was awe inspiring to see these beautiful whales swim around and underneath your boat. Thank you to the captain and his staff.

My husband, daughter and I just returned from an extraordinary experience among the gray whales in Baja Sur California. We felt very fortunate to find Magdalena npower electricity meter reading Bay Whales, a relatively new business based in Puerto San Carlos offering whale watching and accommodations. This this isn’t just whale watching–it’s actually close encounters with these magnificent creatures. In Magdalena Bay they are numerous, curious about humans, and many are friendly enough to swim up to our boats and ask for a head rub. Our experience was outstanding, not to be topped. The three of us had a panga to ourselves and a very skilled captain, Tonio, who did an awesome job getting us close to numerous whales, including mothers and calves. They were the friendliest and the most playful, swimming from boat to boat, letting us touch them over 2 chainz smoking on that gas and over. We stayed two nights in Whale Camp, a small collection of yurts and tents situated on an island hillside. Meals are served in the outdoor kitchen around a fireplace, and Christina gas up the jet makes sure everyone is well fed with fresh seafood and handmade tortillas. This is no frills camping with solar showers and latrines, no electricity or wifi–just a night sky that seems darker than any I’ve seen. When we weren’t playing with the whales, we kayaked among dolphins and seabirds or just sat on our little deck sipping wine, enjoying the view. The accommodations weren’t perfect or fancy, but we were looking for something real, not electricity outage compensation a commercialized tourist attraction. The owner Captain Marco told us the goal is to offer an authentic experience in a natural setting with local people and boats. And that’s exactly what we found. We knew about the same amount of Spanish that the staff knew of English, but with patience and our best pantomiming, we communicated just fine. It all worked out and we headed b games 2 home, forever changed by the time we spent among these amazing whales.

I never dreamed I would touch (much less kiss) a wild whale. This was one of the single most magical experiences of my life. Leaning over that boat and looking into the gentle eye of a 30 foot grey whale who wanted to be touched literally electricity questions and answers physics took my breath away and made me cry!! Marco and his team at Mag Bay Whales are awesome. We drove from Todos Santos and the roads weren’t great in places but the drive was easy and the scenery beautiful. We spent our first night at Hotel Villas Isabel and the accommodations were basic but clean, the ladies were fantastic and the food was top notch. Marco met us there and went over our plans for electricity for kids the next several days at Whale Camp. If you have the time, Whale Camp is a MUST!! Whale Camp is primitive and charming. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The tents were comfortable and in the pitch black darkness you could hear the whales coming up to breathe. The Milky Way and stars were intense and you don’t realize how much you can’t see when the stars are drown out by city lights. Sunrise was pure and the bay was glossy flat each morning. The boat frictional electricity examples ride out was easy and Captain Miguel Guapo stopped at several points of interest to show us things we otherwise wouldn’t have seen. His english wasn’t perfect but we were able to communicate easily. Miguel put us on the whales immediately and over our 2 days we easily saw over 100 whales. We saw mommas and babies, whales in courtship, whales mating and of course, whales up close and personal! Marco and his group are equally as passionate about the whales as they are about your safety 76 gas station jobs and comfort. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these awesome creatures and the fantastic staff at Mag Bay Whales. We are already looking at dates for next season. Thanks again Marco for the experience of a lifetime!!