Fantastic night out! not overcrowded, but expensive bar. – review of the glee club, birmingham, england – tripadvisor bad gas 6 weeks pregnant


I visited the Glee club on Thursday 10th December as part of my works gas giants Christmas party. Ahead of the evening, I had made it very clear that I required a Gluten Free meal. On arrival I made myself known and was shocked to receive an appauling reception, no starter – after 30 minutes of going back and forth managed to be offered some Gluten Free, but my colleagues had finished eating at this stage and the mains were shortly to come out. I was spoken to rudely and the desert I was told I could eat was clearly not Gluten Free and resulted in an allergic reaction. On contact with Glee club I have received nothing but arrogance of emails and an offer of any a small proportion of the night back as a refund – despite the whole evening being ruined. I was also told by Glee club that they are not a big chain so cannot be expected to be as well set-up for Gluten Free. I find this remarkable in 2015 when almost everywhere has a good handle of this allergy and ability to buy substitute foods is much easier and in common gas city indiana zip code place on almost all of the major retailer shelves. I would really recommend anyone with a food allergy to think twice ahead of booking at Glee Club. The comedy was OK but everything else was really bad. I am also visibly pregnant too and chasing members of staff and being spoken to rudely really leaves and horrible feeling towards this company.

Hello Gemma, First of all we would like to reassure all our customers that we have invested a considerable amount of time ensuring we are both up to date, compliant and accommodating to everyone who suffers from allergies and other food intolerances. We were fully compliant with the allergen regime when many restaurants nearby were still wondering what this was! We have a 5 star hygiene rating too. This Christmas we were proud to be able to offer Gluten Free options too. Sadly the implementation on this occasion was not satisfactory and we have been most apologetic. Mis-communications played a part – for example, our starters were for sharing and when we (albeit far too slowly) supplied Gemma with GF bread products, we assumed Gemma would be able to avail herself of the GF accompaniments provided as part of the sharing platter (hummus, salmon pate, chutneys, basil oil), and had ensured we provided separate cutlery too. This hp gas online was not satisfactory to Gemma either, so we attempted to assemble a whole new starter. Again, not satisfactory. There was of course a main course gluten free option, which Gemma herself described as ok. Finally we also provided several gluten free pudding options as part of a wide selection. Sadly these should have been clearly labelled and on this evening were not, and our newish staff member, being unable to immediately identify the GF items, sought the manager, who did then make a GF option available. We are horrified to be told that we simply offered an non GF option to someone who was seeking a a GF option. Nothing seems to be able to assuage Gemma, who prefers to assume we would do this and then lie about it. Indeed in our correspondence we have provided detailed product information provided by our suppliers (including ingredients and photo’s) of the items we had. This too is not sufficient, and we are being told that we simply did not offer these to her. We really have tried our best, and we accept that we slipped up badly being so slow with her starter and not having the puds labelled and the staff member better gas monkey bar and grill briefed. As soon as I became aware if this issue I attended the venue myself on several occasions and walked straight to the pudding section and asked for the GF options – thankfully on these occasions I was directed to the GF selections correctly. We learned from this experience. We have a new menu coming in February with even more options that cater for the gluten free community. We are keenly aware that today’s customers demand choice, quality and variety and are determined to play our part in meeting these expectations. I do hope readers will forgive us for our shortcomings but take comfort that we are continually evolving and improving. Kind regards.

Dear Saffron92 First may I say thank you for your feedback because without it we can’t improve. Our entire team work very hard to prepare and run Christmas shows, not least because we know how important it is for our Christmas group booking to have a great festive experience. The Glee is a very unique situation when it comes to catering. We have to serve hundreds of people, sometimes almost three hundred in approximately two hours. I will concede that we choose to do this but it does not negate the fact that we have a very pressured service. We spend weeks every year planning the menu, the seating arrangements and the overall experience so we are electricity bill cost per unit extremely disappointed when a group does not get the level of food and service they deserve. We have looked in to your review in great detail and there are a few comments that we would like to make. I appreciate our shows are late at night but our ‘Late Shows’ do not offer food and the only reason I wish to make this clear is that we have a loyal following who love our late shows and we would not want to mislead them. We have spoken to the kitchen and since your review we have been checking their food. I am sure you can see we have had another earlier complaint on Trip Advisor, and so should have actioned this earlier. Our kitchen team are only human and they have the capacity to make mistakes. Having said that, as managers, it is our responsibility to make sure these occur as infrequently as possible. The comments about your digestive system are a little hard on our kitchen team as I know we have not had any complaints of this nature and dare I say this could be attributed to anything you have consumed within that 48 hour period. Although our team could be criticised for presentation we are ambivalent to take responsibility for your digestive system. We make a point of asking customers every night how their food is and whether we can help, I am just upset that we were not electricity 2pm able to discuss your concerns on the night. This year we have had excellent feedback and so again I can only apologise that your party’s experience was not up to scratch. Our seating is one gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the of our biggest selling points and is designed so that everyone in the audience can sit and watch the show without having to twist their necks or turn their chairs. The tables are small but again we have found them more than adequate for the last 21 years. First and foremost we are a comedy venue and we I would like to thank you for your comments that we are doing this well. Our seating and service is all designed around our principle product, creating an excellent night of comedy. We would love nothing more than to have round tables for food service and then clear the tables away for the show but sadly it is just not possible and would cause unimaginable disruption. Your comments have been discussed with the team, as are all reviews and feedback we have from customers. We also have ‘secret diners’ visit regularly to give feedback on our operation. I very much hope that you will give The Glee another chance and I would appreciate it if you could contact me personally so I can make up for the disappointment of your experience with us. Kind regards

Dear StewClur Thank you for your comments, we are really pleased that you enjoyed the comedy and the experience of being at The Glee. However, you have our utmost apologies for the food you experienced. We believe strongly in giving people allocated seating and times for arrival in order to help serve so many people in such a short time. Due to the pressures on our staff I am afraid to say that on rare occasions we can make mistakes. On this particular evening we had large groups arrive up to half an hour late which made service even more challenging electricity units calculator in pakistan than normal. However, I would like to add that this is no excuse for you waiting so long. We would like to be clear that our shows start before 9pm so I would like to be sure of just how long you had to wait because from what I have read you appear to have been served before the show started. If this is the case then your wait may have gas constant mmhg extended to over an hour which is unforgivable and I will be discussing your comments with both our kitchen team and front of house team. It is our desire to serve good quality food to all our guests regardless of their dietary requirements. We have spent a great deal of time sourcing the ingredients for what we hoped would be interesting and enjoyable vegetarian food for Christmas and not just another nut roast! I do however feel in the serving of your particular Wild Mushroom Filled Rosti that we have failed to provide a suitable dining experience and on behalf of the team I apologise. There are no excuses for this and I would like to volunteer you the opportunity to come to The Glee on another occasion without charge. Please contact me and I will arrange this for you. Kind regards