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Mike’s resemblance to Rocky is striking. Actually far more striking than gas tax in texas the photos here suggest. His mannerisms are all Rockyesque; right down to the way he tips his hat and moves his hands. His knowledge of the movies is encyclopaedic. Not just arbitrary facts and figures. Mike offers context and significance with the detail: the intimate human stories of individual characters in the saga and the far reaching electricity units of measurement impact of the Rocky story that explains why it continues to resonate globally. But the magic of this tour is not simply created because Mike looks a bit like Rocky, moves a bit like Rocky, or knows a lot about the movies. When we visited Father Carmine’s window, Mike seamlessly entered character and performed the scene where Rocky calls out for a blessing before his fight electricity el paso apartments. He even did a turn as Father Carmine. He enthused about how that building and that window had not changed. For a moment I was transported. But gas bloating diarrhea then Mike breaks character (or so it seems) and he points out something that he feels is really important: ‘Rocky comes for a blessing to survive the fight, not to win, Just to survive…’ And this for me is what makes the tour and spending time with Mike so special. It is Mike’s absolute embodiment of the spirit and philosophy of Rocky that shows without question that you don’t need to be a champion boxer or body builder to be like Rocky or appreciate the movies or even get something from this tour. I am a huge Rocky fan so I was always going to love this experience but gas vs electric oven I persuaded a friend to come along. She is from the area but doesn’t like boxing and although she was aware of the Rocky phenomena she had never seen the movies. She really enjoyed the tour too! Mike, I think we may have converted her to the Rocky religion! We both thought it was electricity storage association particularly generous how you let us stop at Isgro’s for a pastry and drove around the block so she could catch up with her old school friend. You even insisted u gas station near me it was OK to eat the pastries in your spotless car! Is a mutual appreciation for an Italian pastry shop that has been in the same family for over 100 years actually part of the same Rocky philosophy we hold so dear? I think it might just be! Thank you so much for a great day.

Wow….where to start with this. This was without a doubt the best tour I have ever done. I have been a fan of Rocky my whole life and as part gaz 67 dakar of our honeymoon we spent some time in New York. My wife knows how much I love Rocky and that it’s always been a dream of mine to run the steps gas efficient cars 2016 and suggested we visit Philly while in NY. I looked around for tours and the Yo Rocky Philly tour seemed to have incredible reviews so I decided to book. Mike emailed me back almost immediately and confirmed the date and time. Mike met us at the train station and from the first moment we were hooked with his amazing positive personality. The stories that he has and told us throughout the tour are so amazing gas in oil causes as is the story of his life. I will not ruin it by elaborating but they are all so fascinating. We stopped at all the places used in filming including Micky’s gym, the pet store basic electricity quizlet, the bar from Rocky Balboa, Rocky’s first apartment, the cemetery, Adrian’s restaurant and many more including the famous Rocky steps and Statue!!!! Mikes knowledge is second to none and he would remind us with quotes from the film at each stopping point! He has such an engaging and gas vs electric water heater cost per year infectious personality. I will never forget running up the steps and having my picture taken at the top. I cannot recommend this tour for any Rocky fan. Mike it make it a tour you will never ever forget and you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much Mike.