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As we were staying in Ypres for the 100th anniversary of WW1, I found the best way to cram the surrounding battlefields in, was to book with a reputable professional guide/tour company. And what better than the very knowledgeable and passionate Jacques and his Battlefield Tours. Now being a bit of a war history nut and having travelled the World visiting eseva electricity bill payment Battle sites, I have to admit that when I was standing over the wreck of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbour watching oil bubbling up I needed no guide for this.. Standing on the Bridge over the River Kwai, I needed no guide for this either.. Even walking along Omaha beach, I also needed no guide for this.! And the point I’m trying to make is, when standing next to a freshly ploughed field near Ypres with neat hedgerows and little red tiled roofed farm houses. And without someone like Jacques standing next to you bringing the place to life and not just from text book but, from personal stories he’s obviously picked up from people who actually went through this horror….. …You then just wouldn’t have a clue you were actually standing on the British front line and the freshly ploughed field in front was no man’s land, with the pretty red tiled farm static electricity in the body effects houses being the German lines 100 yrs ago…!! This just sums up Jacques and his tour, and well worth the 42 Euros each. As we had hit the ground running after arriving in Ypres and went on the Extended Tour South Salient, and this was a real eye opener to be honest as Jacques set the pace and the tone for the whole afternoon with the right amount of information for everyone . We did the Bayernwald trenches, the Christmas truce, Messine electricity words Ridge etc, and of course we had a couple of Armchair Generals with us on our tour but, Jacques to his great credit just kept smiling politely whilst correcting them in the process. Which just sums this brilliant company up, no sweat, no hassle either, and without Jacques’s superb knowledge of the area not to mention the small things that you won arkla gas pay bill’t find in the local guide books, such as a small road we were on was actually used by a young Adolf Hitler when he was a battalion runner and he was wounded here and taken to a local church in Langemarck, and Jacques even took us down into the vaults that were then used as the German first aid post, truly amazing.! As we had already booked another tour with Jacques later in the week, which was dealt with very well by his very efficient wife Genevra on line before we left. This was the Grand Tour North Salient, and once again we met up with the friendly Jacques in market square, who took us on yet another trip down through this turbulent period in Belgium history, which included the famous John McCrae dressing station /Essex Cemetery, Tyne Cot, and the first gas no electricity jokes attack site etc. and if I’m being honest when we stopped at this spot next to a main road alongside a pig farm, Industrial site. I hadn’t a clue what was here until, Jacques explained this was the very spot the first gas attack happened with the French/Algerian troops in their trenches. Moving on there was a poignant moment when we later visited the German cemetery at Langemarck, and as we were standing Jacques just happened to produce a picture from his folder which showed a visiting Adolf Hitler in 1940, standing on the very spot my wife was now occupying, a spooky moment from Jacques indeed, that was something we hadn’t quite expected..! I have to admit without the brilliant Jacques and his historical knowledge we would have missed a helluva lot here, I can honestly say this was the best way to see around the Ypres battlefield sites especially if you’re short on time and well worth the money in my opinion. And it really takes away the gas natural fenosa need for having to stop and read a guide book every few minutes, meaning you can absorb more information. Would I use this company again.? Of course I would, as the wee man Jacques was so friendly in his approach he was like an old friend you hadn’t seen in years, and if you had any questions, requests he would go out of his way to accommodate you. When I mentioned I served in the British Army, Jacques took an immediate interest gas works park events in my service, asking all manner of questions, a nice touch I thought.? He even took the time to tell me about a movie called Beneath Hill 60 an Aussie film which I purchased back in my hotel room later, and have since watched it back home, a recommended watch I might add. As for us, we’re heading to the killing fields of Gallipoli in April ’15, for the 100th anniversary and I just wish I had the brilliant Jacques along with me ..? But, I will be booking him for the anniversary of the Somme in 2016 you can be sure of that..!

My friends and I have made a number of visits to the World War 1 battlefields and memorials, usually staying in Ieper. On this occasion our regular guide was not available so instead we booked a two day tour with Flanders Battlefield Tours. Although we based ourselves in Ieper, we wanted to visit the Somme battlefields gas meter car, so we set off early the first morning with Jacques as our guide. And what an impressive and thought provoking two days. Jacques was a truly informative guide and companion, adding colour and nuance to our reasonably extensive knowledge of the conflict. En route to the Somme (probably a 60-90 minute drive from Ieper) he was able to take us to the Worcestershire Regimental gas what i smoke Memorial at Gheluvelt exactly 100 years to the day of the battle that stopped the German advance just short of Ieper. The Somme itself is different countryside from Flanders – gentle rolling chalk downs and woodland. Although a long way from Ieper, Jacques was equally as knowledgeable about the area, the battles and the memorials. His French was pretty good too! We covered all the main monuments on the Somme, as well as some more out of the way memorials. Compared to Flanders we were surprised how quiet some of the locations were. If you’ve visited the battle fields around Ieper, I would strongly recommend a visit to the Somme and equally strongly recommend Flanders Battlefield Tours as guides.

With a day spare before our departure from Brussels our group of thirteen elected for a tour of Flanders given 2015 is the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the ANZAC’s. We choose Battlefield tours of Flanders based on their ratings in TripAdvisor gas prices in texas 2015 and could not have been more delighted with our choice. Jacques and Raoul are experienced and knowledgeable guides, excellent historians and as Jacques had meet and befriended so many WW1 veterans during his long career he relayed their stories onto us with such passion it was as though we were speaking directly to the veterans themselves. Our tour started with a visit to the Menin gate where the names of more than 50,000 commonwealth soldiers who’s last resting place is still unknown are listed. We then la gasolina in english went on to walk through the German trenches and bunkers at Bayernwald, had a good a stopover at Hill 60 where the monument to the Australian tunnellers has a link to WW2 (bullet holes in the brass plate) and then had lunch at a café at Sanctuary Wood (Hill 62) where we saw more trenches and WW1 artifacts on show in a private museum. In the afternoon we visited Polygon wood (3rd battle of Ypres) and then Tyne Cot cemetery (where two Aussie VC recipients are buried) before returning to Ieper via Hellfire Corner in time to catch the 5:19 pm train back to Brussels. In total the tour cost € 99,00 per person which included a packed lunch (€ 10,00 pp) and entry into both Bayernwald (€ 4,00 pp) and Hill 62 (€ 4,00 pp). The train journey from Brussels to Ieper took almost 1 ¾ hrs (via Ghent) and cost € 35,00 pp (2nd class) which we were able to book from Australia before departure ( If I had my time again I would recommend staying in Ieper for at least 1 night so you can actually gas constant in atm visit the township as the full day tour takes a full day so you actually don’t have any spare time to walk around the township or the town square.