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When we decided to go to Costa Rica for our summer vacation we knew it would not be our typical beach style vacation. We started researching tours and whom to use and decided on Tomato Adventures. Mauricio (Tomato) was amazing from the easy of booking to handling all of the tours. We booked our airport transfers as well as the Zipline tour, water water rafting u gas hampton tour and fishing on the Ryan Lindy (a 36 Luhrs) with Tomato Adventures. In just a few days Tomato became a friend of my family and If I ever go back I will definitely book everything through Tomato Adventures. As for the tours, The Zipliine tour was amazing ( Alexis was our guide) and we caught some really big Dorado (Mahi Mahi) on the fishing trip (Jesus is the captain and is very friendly, knowledgable and speaks perfect english), but I think our favorite tour was the Water Water 6 gases Rafting ( Ask for Sammy for your raft guide). All in all this was one of the best trips that my family has every taken and Tomato is responsible for that. Thank you Tomato. Dan Russell

We booked a private Nicaragua tour for our group of 6 when we visited over New Year’s. My boyfriend had been texting and emailing with Tomato before we even got there, and we met up with him at our hotel to give him all our passport info and pay gas prices in michigan a deposit. He informed us that he wouldn’t be our guide since we were doing the Nicaragua tour our guide was going to meet us at the border. The morning we got picked up, we were confused (and a little annoyed/frustrated) because the driver brought us to the office in the morning and asked for the rest of our money up front, which we thought was weird because most tours we’ve been on like this you don’t pay until the end. My bf texted Tomato about it and luckily he was awake, he assured us that everything was fine and that was the procedure, and apologized. My bf and I speak Spanish and the driver didn’t speak much English, so we were able to sort it out in the end. Also, we were sitting in the van in the parking lot and some guy who was on the bus wholesale electricity prices by state tour (I think) tried to jump in our tour which didn’t help our mood much because we thought maybe our tour wasn’t actually going to be private. Also, we were at the Papagayo tour office and our van had the Papagayo logo on it, so maybe Tomato contracts out to them for this tour? Just a heads up in case anyone else books this tour. We didn’t know ahead of time, so we gave him part of the amount owing and had to stop and find an ATM on the way to get the rest of the cash out. It was annoying because the whole ordeal with having to go down to the office and then go around looking for an ATM probably wasted a good hour of our tour. I felt kinda bad for the driver because we were all a little cranky at that point. We met our guide, David, at the border and we were gas zone starting to lighten up a bit by then after dozing off a little. He explained the border crossing procedure to us and said that it might be long because of the New Year’s holiday. Fortunately we only had to wait maybe 30-45 minutes, so the bit of time we wasted in the morning didn’t seem as bad, we were expecting to have to wait over 2 hours. David was really friendly and had lots of information about Nicaragua. My boyfriend and I had already spent 3 weeks in Nica a couple years prior to this trip, but gasbuddy trip we were excited for the other people in our group to see it too because we actually like it more than Costa Rica (sorry!). After we had gone a little ways into the country, we stopped for a few minutes so he and the driver could get some coffee and we could use the bathroom and get snacks 76 gas station hours if we wanted. We drove to a crater lake (cannot remember the name for the life of me, it was NOT Laguna de Apoyo, I have been there before) first which made for some nice views, but it was raining a bit that morning so the pics we got weren’t the greatest. After that we drove to Masaya Volcano (we didn’t have time to visit this on our previous trip). Was not our first time at the caldera of an active volcano, but it was the first time we’ve ever been so close to the caldera – you are literally right on the edge of it. We’ve never been to one that was spewing so much gas that we actually had to limit the time we spent outside and I had to cover my nose and mouth because it hurt to breathe (we visited Sierra Negra in Galapagos before that and it was active but you wouldn’t know from looking). That being said gas in oil pressure washer, it was amazing. I wish I would have had a better panoramic lens than the one on my phone to get a decent pic of it. After that we went to the town of Masaya for lunch and to do a little shopping. We went to a touristy restaurant in the market which was included in the tour and was fine. On a side note, we befriended the restaurant staff when we started asking about where to get some cheap Flor de Caña. The one guy even walked with us across the street to the grocery store (he wanted to make sure we found it). David did honor our request to go to the smoothie place with the big tall chairs because we thought it was so cool last time we visited and wanted the others to see. A couple of the guys from the restaurant (I’m not sure if they worked at the restaurant or they were p gasol just hanging out) tried to help us shop and get the best deals in the market, but we politely told them in Spanish we wanted to look alone and we’d already been here before. If going to the market is a big deal to you, it’s much busier on the weekend with more shops open. When we were there on a weekday a couple days after New Year’s it was a ghost town. FYI: don’t buy any pottery from souvenir shops in Costa Rica if you’re going to Nicaragua – The stuff in CR looks the same and electricity bill nye is twice as much. We have like 8 vases now and I don’t think we spent over 150 USD for all of them together. After that we drove to Granada to take our boat tour of the Isletas. My bf and I spent a couple days on our previous trip to Nica, but we didn’t have time for the Isletas so we were excited. The Isletas were really cool and we all are in residential construction by trade so we really liked seeing all the neat houses that were built on the islands. David took us to see his monkey friend, Linda. He warned us ahead of time to hide all of our stuff because she is very curious and not gas in dogs to freak if she jumps on you. So of course, after going to see David, she comes to see me and I don’t like being in close proximity to monkeys so I was a little scared, but it was fine. She hung out on the boat for a little while, people on other boats were pointing and taking pictures of us with the monkey on the boat. David said he’s the only tour guide she will come see. After that we went back into the central part of the city so we could walk around and take some pictures. We had a couple hours to just be free and wander so we showed the others in our group some of the stuff we visited on our previous trip. We headed back to the border again after that v gashi 2015. It was a bit longer of a wait this time, but since we had nowhere else to go after that it was fine. David had to leave us at that point as well. The driver, Johnny, turned out to be a really nice guy too. It was kinda funny, watching him flirt his way in to free parking at all the gas examples stops. At the end of the day, it was still a great trip and we all had fun. The snafu we had in the morning wasn’t bad enough that I’d take a point off, everything else more than made up for it. Also, I’m sorry for the long review, but I figured details will help anyone thinking of booking this tour who might be on the fence. I’m writing this review under Tomato’s company because that’s who we actually booked with, but as I said, I think Papagayo might have fulfilled it for him or something specifically for this tour. Either way, I’d still recommend booking with Tomato.