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I was really looking forward to this trip and it was just as amazing as I expected. The boat trip out to the island is quite long but it was a beautiful day and it was gas house gang a very pleasant trip out on the waves. (This comes with a minor warning – make sure you take sea sickness tablets with you – as we got further out it got seriously choppy out there, and people started throwing up all over the place.) Anyway, when we reached the island we were equipped with our hard hats and gas masks, then boarded a small powerboat which a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of ferried us across to the little jetty where you had to climb out up a ladder. Once on the island we were guided around the main features which included enormous fumeroles, boiling mudpools, and the acid lake which you will need your gas mask for. The guides tell you about the history of the place and talk about the various features which was really interesting. Im happy to say we all survived! Then on the boat trip back we saw dolphins and flying fish which was lovely. I would recommend this trip to anyone electricity 101 episode 1 – Ive been to a few volcanoes in my time but this was awesome. More Show less

The ultimate NZ geothermal experience. This active marine volcano is fascinating, eerily spectacular and comes with a palpable sense of danger due to the steam, smell and noise of the active vents, acidic crater lakes, boiling mud pools and streams. Plus you have to wear a hard hat and gas mask (use optional; occasionaly the sulphur gases can be quite irritating and the mask can come in handy). Walking on the island is not overly strenuous and a wide gas bloating frequent urination range of ages were present on the day. The crew of Pee Jay V were very attentive, fun and made for informative guides imparting their knowledge of the geology and macabre history of the Island. The trip out to the Island itself takes 1.5 hours and la gas prices can be rough, so weather is a consideration. Many people were sea sick on our day, but the staff did their utmost to ensure everyone’s comfort. The boat was very comfortable and well appointed. Note that transfer from the boat to the island jetty is in small groups via an inflatable because the boat cannot dock directly. Some agility is required to climb gas cap code ladders onto and off the jetty. The overall trip lasted 7hrs and included lunch (pretty stodgy but par for the course), drinks and snacks for $175NZD. A unique experience and great value for money.

My partner and I went to White Island on Nov 29th with PeeJays White Island Tours (–) and come highly recommended. Price was $175pp including lunch and was more than worth it in my opinion. The head office, which is adjacent to the wharf, has a great cafe where we had breakfast before launching. The boat is well comfortable, clean and well appointed and the trip out to White Island took a little over an hour. It was very choppy that day natural gas in spanish and many people got very sick (over half of the 40 or so that went out that day), however my partner and I took a Hyosciene-based travel sickness medication (TravaCalm Original) and thoroughly enjoyed the trip out. Take a pharmacist recommended remedy and keep your eyes towards the horizon and you’re unlikely to have any problems. Passengers were fairied in small groups from the boat to the old jetty via an inflatable. These small groups then went on to tour the island for about 1.5 hours. The sights and the scale of the geothermal activity is amazing and breath-taking (sometimes literally, likewhen the sulfur gas tickles your throat). We walked towards 76 gas card payment the crater lake, stopping frequently to appreciate the many displays of violent volcanic activity. At times the you could feel the radiated heat from the ground. Our guide was excellent – giving a thorough history of human activity on the island in addition to the basic geology of the place. We walked around in a U shape and came back to the bay. Lunch was provided on the boat and a little coastal sightseeing was electricity physics ppt done before heading back to Whakatane wharf. If you are in the area, do no miss it.