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My husband and I did the Lost City trek with Expotur at the end of January with origin electricity account Jorge L as our guide and Luis as our translator. Both were excellent and gave us loads of really interesting information throughout the trek, as well as answering our questions. Jorge was very passionate and knowledgeable – you could tell he loved his job. Luis made sure we understood everything 4 gas giants but also felt like he was part of the group and got involved in discussions, teaching us more about Colombia and sharing his own experiences. We were very well fed throughout the trip with plenty of fruit and snacks, as well as huge plates of food for every meal – thanks Albueiro 🙂 Pepe also helped our during our trip and was a good electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics support at snack stops and helped motivate the group as we trekked. The camps were clean with toilets, showers and electricity. The whole trek was brilliant fun – demanding at times but totally worth it. La Ciudad Perdida was fascinating to visit and the whole experience was very authentic, particularly when we got to speak with one of the chief’s from a tribe on our last night. Would 100% recommend Expotur, would love to do it all again! 🙂 More Show less

Guides: Dennis was our guide, José was our translator. They were both amazing gas efficient suv 2014. They were cheerful, informative, helpful. José cracked find a gas station close to me a lot of jokes and teased us a lot. Dennis knew a lot about the nature and people we saw along the way. They even told us ghost stories one night. They set a good pace for the hike, but gave us time when we needed it. I had a blast with them. Expotur: At 9 PM the night before I was supposed to start the trip… I fell ill to food poisoning, traveler’s sickness, who knows what. I knew one thing, there was no way I was leaving my bed the next day. So my boyfriend went in to Expotur and talked with them as soon as they gas bloating pain opened. We had to pay a small fee for changing it, but they allowed us to push the trek back. We learned you can make electricity out changes to your reservation up until 6 pm the day before you start the trek, which is an awesome policy. They were super helpful and understanding. The hike: Tough for sure, but do-able. Take breaks, drink water, wear good shoes, and you should be fine. There are hills, some stream crossings, and its hot. Can’t say much more than that. Bugs when I went weren’t as bad as I had heard. I got some bug bites, but I was expecting just monster swarms. It didn’t rain when I went either, and I couldn’t imagine the trek during elektricity club the rainy season. The trail doesn’t have a lot of drainages, so I assume it’s just mafia 2 gas meter kind of a mud river then. Oh, also the ground is super dusty. Accommodations/ Camp: Pretty good. I slept in a hammock one night, beds the other nights. Everything seemed clean. Showers and bathrooms were fine, cold water. I’d recommend bringing your own roll of toilet paper, just in case. There are dogs and cats that hang around, but other then one dog fight that broke out, weren’t disruptive. Food: Good! They offer c gastronomie brignais something of a vegetarian option if you don’t eat meat or whatever they are serving that night. We had pasta, chicken, beef, steak. During our hike, they also offered fresh fruits and snacks at some of the stops. I was honestly impressed by the quality of food, considering the accessibility of the area. They bring in everything with mules. Overall: I recommend it! The city is cool, the hike is an experience in and of itself. The views are decent, the water is beautiful. I would say go to learn about the history of the area and the indigenous people. It’s also a great way to meet electricity lesson plans middle school people!